• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 10 - Tough Love

My sons and daughters, human relationships can be elevated to divinity.

You, as a human being created by God, have the ability to be transformed. Not only in your body but in your conscience. This reality of your capacity tells you a lot about yourself. Let it transform for love. Allow the spirit of God to make you be what He has intended for you to be. You can be changed. A new world can be created. Because of this truth, holy admonition is often necessary.

Today I want to invite you to reflect on the need sometimes for tough love. When love tells you that something should not be done or stopped, or when it exhorts you to change, sometimes you get angry. This is due to an attachment to the ego's own thought pattern. Only the ego can feel threatened. Only pride reacts. Love responds. The reason why you often react angrily to the admonitions of Christ is because you make a false interpretation between what is a wake-up call and what is an attack on your dignity.

In the world differences tend to be resolved with aggressions and violence of all kinds. The ego has done that for centuries. It does so with the purpose of nullifying the difference. When someone comes to show the ego that it is wrong, that what it does, thinks or says is not holy or kind, it becomes angry and directs the anger to kill what it considers its adversary.

The ego is a constant mechanism for making enemies. Everyone and everything is its adversary, according to its false criteria of thought. And naturally, since the ego is a fear-based thinking system, anything it perceives as undermining its way of thinking will be perceived as an opponent and it will try to eliminate. Although for this it must make a false judgment and nail it to a cross.

Love only speaks to love. It knows no other reality than holiness and truth. Therefore, when it speaks to you, it is not speaking to that part of your mind that is not real because it was not created by God. It speaks to your true self. However, when it does, the ego perceives a threat. It does not know what it is, because it is ignorance, but perceives that it can be attacked. It reacts. If you become aware of this mechanism in your life, observe how your interior reacts to the words, acts, or omissions of others. Then you can understand with simple clarity what we are talking about here.

If instead of giving free rein to react to the impulse from the ego, you allow that inner energy to be integrated into the silence of your heart, and feel the peace of Christ that dwells in your being, you will transmute it into greater awareness of wisdom. In that way, over time you will vanish the ego of your minds and hearts and heal completely. Again, the one who reacts is always the ego. Love only responds.

Reacting and responding are not the same. In fact they are the opposite.

There is a dimension in this matter that I wish to share so that you become aware and free yourself completely. Given the false but widespread association that the world makes between admonishing and attacking, and the habitual habit of the ego to use anger to avoid criticism, you often do not want to admonish those who need to be admonished, because you do not want to face their anger. It takes effort to have to face the reaction of your sister's or brother's ego and perhaps you don't know how to do it with love.

The warning is always a loving correction. It is born from the truth that the heart cannot silence. But it is always linked to the purpose of love. Being tough does not mean being angry. When the eyes of your spirit clearly see that this is true you are not attacking your brother or sister but showing them that the path they are traveling on will lead to a sure precipice, That vision is revealed to you so that you express holy love by urging your brother or sister not to continue taking steps in that direction.

Would a mother who loves with responsible love cease to admonish her child if they intended to fly a plane without having any idea how to do it? Would a loving mother stop taking her child to the doctor to be cured by giving an injection, despite the fact that the child does not like it and might scream and kick full of rage?

Love can be fierce, but it is always love. There are many things in the human heart that must be corrected, straightened, and healed like unhealthy habits, false beliefs, limiting ideas, fears, painful memories, ignorances, disabilities, trends that do not help happiness, and many other things. All of which can be transmuted by love. It is important that you know that all these things are nothing but vital energy separate from being. Gathering them again to the love you are is the meaning of the atonement. And with that you reach the fullness of love.

Not infrequently it can feel like love throws you like water droplets into boiling oil. Do not reject that gift. Illuminating the world means that the veils of ignorance are uncorked so that, seeing they can be free. You are sent to your sisters and brothers so that the light of Christ that dwells in you may be seen. If you act from the truth that it is always love you should not concern yourself about whether others accept you or not. Or when you are speaking for love, if your brother gets angry with himself or with you.

I assure you that anger is simply the first reaction. Behind it there is the desire to live in the truth. Sooner or later, depending on his will, the truth that has entered into him through your loving admonition, coming from the fierceness of love and the sweetness of My heart, will bear the fruit of light. Perhaps in the first few moments of receiving it, or maybe a few minutes later, or maybe years later. Never mind. In all cases, it will create a new holy love. Remember that the word that springs from the heart of God is never sterile. I assure you that if your brother does not want to receive the truth that is given to him and expressed through your holy admonition, another heart will do it for him. And finally it will return to your mind a hundredfold with a luminescence, harmony, and holiness.

My children, I invite you to unite the truth that lives in your hearts with love and equanimity. To recognize the union that exists between the fierceness and the sweetness of love. These act as wings that give flight to the spirit and guide the mind that wants to live in the truth.

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