• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 11 - Your Link with Divine Mother

My beloved children, I invite you to immerse yourself more and more in the unfathomable ocean of infinite love of My Immaculate Heart. In it there is room for everything and everyone. If you remain united to the love that lives in your being and transcends you, you will live fully. There you will find the answer to every true question. It is within your being where the truth lies. It is in your heart where the Father's love nests.

Each of you is a channel of light. It is up to you to allow the glory of Christ to shine through your being. No one is denied the divine essence that gave rise to it. No one is excluded from creative love. Give thanks to God for giving you life and, above all, for giving you the entrance to eternity.

God's generosity knows no limits. All that is His is given to all. Do the same. Give what you have received. Share your material and spiritual goods with others. Create a world where no one is excluded from your love. Everyone has something to give to others. Everyone needs something from others. This dynamic of both having and needing is what allows the force of giving and receiving as a unit to flow.

The old world was based on accumulating for oneself. That greed corrodes the human heart and must be left aside. The fear of not having enough leads one to skimp and treasure temporary things that imprison the soul. Be free. Do not stick to anything or anyone, except the truth that is always true.

Love and truth are one. Blessed is he who understands this great wisdom. In it resides the salvation of the entire world.

Some of you value others for prosperity that is transient and has often been achieved at the expense of love. You rarely notice the damage done to achieve things that seem worthy. I invite you to join the essence with the form. Not all forms are in harmony with love when trying to reach certain goals.

If the means are alien to love, so is the end. If the end is alien to holiness, so is the means. The perfect love is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of everything that is real. To believe that the means can be separated from the ends is to live in separation. This is contrary to the truth.

In true divine creation, there is no separation. Everything is unity in love. To consider that an end justifies any means is a lack of understanding in the light of divine wisdom. In love, there is nothing that is not loving. The mind that is governed by the truth remains united to love because it recognizes that it is a unity with the heart, the throne of perfect charity.

In the beginning, there was no idea of the need to accumulate. This emerged as the daughter of fear, which comes from the lack of love. Only those who wish to be special seek to accumulate for themselves. And only the fearful can conceive the idea of being special. This is because the desire to be special is the desire to be superior to others. This disorderly desire, because it does not come from love, is caused by a deep feeling of disability. In other words a deep lack of love for oneself.

Those who remain in love know that they have everything because they dwell in the house of truth and in it lies the wisdom of heaven, the abode of true knowledge.

You were created by the creative love that God is. This makes you co-creators. You have the ability to create your world. Put it at the service of love and you will be creating your heaven. Do not drown your hearts by filling them with things that you do not really need or desire. Go light for life. Be detached. Be generous. Extended what you are. Give others of your time, your talents, your joy, your wisdom, and your sincere love.

As long as you remain attached to my Immaculate Heart, I can work in you equally. We are a unit. This has been determined by the Father of all, who has created everything within the unchanging union of love. Nothing can exist outside the unit. However, although you are united to Me as every child is with their mother, it does not mean you will receive My love and enjoy My presence. For this, your disposition is necessary as it is in every relationship.

Children of My heart, I am calling you to be increasingly aware of our divine relationship. In it you will find the treasures of heaven.

Come, you who have given me your Yes. Come and feel the sweetness of My love. Let the wisdom of heaven be given to you through our sacred bond—the bond with the divine Mother, the union with the source of being. Just as one day I was carried in a glorious body and soul to the heart of God, so will you be in due time. And also all those who choose love.

Rest in the peace of the unity of our hearts. Let nothing disturb your heart as a child. This Mother who loves you with saving love, and who has been an instrument to give life to the human Christ, embraces you and envelops you in the tenderness of heaven.

The beauty of God belongs to you. The feelings of the beauty of Christ are yours by birthright. Claim them now and forever. Don't be interested in just gaining more knowledge. Put aside the desire to accumulate information. Rather, focus your attention on the love you are able to give and receive. Realize that both are the same.

Who loves more can receive more love. And who is open to receive more, gives more. Giving and receiving are one and the same. Loving and being loved is a unit.

Trust my love. I am alive. Love made me eternal. The truth raised Me to heaven in My blessed transit. I bless you from the Kingdom. I hug you from the heart of God. From My being, I protect you every day of your life because of your choice to allow Me to be a refuge for your mind and heart.

Stay in dialogue with Me as much as possible. Do not believe that they are a hindrance to your life but quite the opposite. In them is a power that shapes human life.

Truly, truly, I tell you, my children, it is better to pray than to do. Always remain in Me, as I remain in you. I am the life. I am Maria.

Thanks for answering My call.

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