Chapter 11 - Your Link with Divine Mother

My beloved children, I invite you to immerse yourself more and more in the unfathomable ocean of infinite love of My Immaculate Heart. In it there is room for everything and everyone. If you remain united to the love that lives in your being and transcends you, you will live fully. There you will find the answer to every true question. It is within your being where the truth lies. It is in your heart where the Father's love nests.

Each of you is a channel of light. It is up to you to allow the glory of Christ to shine through your being. No one is denied the divine essence that gave rise to it. No one is excluded from creative love. Give thanks to God for giving you life and, above all, for giving you the entrance to eternity.

God's generosity knows no limits. All that is His is given to all. Do the same. Give what you have received. Share your material and spiritual goods with others. Create a world where no one is excluded from your love. Everyone has something to give to others. Everyone needs something from others. This dynamic of both having and needing is what allows the force of giving and receiving as a unit to flow.

The old world was based on accumulating for oneself. That greed corrodes the human heart and must be left aside. The fear of not having enough leads one to skimp and treasure temporary things that imprison the soul. Be free. Do not stick to anything or anyone, except the truth that is always true.