Chapter 14 - Love, truth, and life

I. Stillness of the Mind

My little boy. Here I am, by your side and in you. I have once again come to dwell with you in the presence of the love that we truly are. I come in the light of holiness that has created you. Together we are the truth that shines everywhere.

These dialogues come from the eternal in you, despite the fact that they manifest in time and space. They are a living sign that Heaven and earth are one. How else could this work be created and shared by means of earthly symbols?

I'm here. I have come to bring to light - and thereby heal - the fear of the mind to fade away. That is a very deep fear, of which you can become aware by observing the mental musings that often seem to assail you. Those thoughts that have no anchor with the truth - or that have no meaning of their own, since they are of no use to anything that can serve your existence - are nothing other than the effects of mental activity on that part of the mind. which we call "thinking mind" or "mind separate from being." In a way, you can visualize that part as a separate entity. An autonomous entity. That is what has been called "demon". And certainly that idea is quite true in some sense. Of course not in the true creation, but in the reality of perception and therefore of human experience.

Don't those thoughts seem to assail you sometimes; without you calling them as if it were a mad pandemonium that comes to steal the peace that is treasured in the dwelling place of Christ? Or that sometimes they break in without being called, when a certain situation arises, self-attributing the right to tell you how things are or how they should be? Do not these thoughts seek to change what is and what will be, and do so through the attack? Is not breaking in is attacking? Oh! Yes, it is. How many times have you felt the attacks of those thoughts. Attacks of anger, fear, uncertainty. And you wonder where they come from. And why are they so persistent. Let me answer that question. Well, for this I have come, to bear witness to the truth in you.

You already know that if you calmly observe what happens inside you, you can see that that entity called the "thinking mind" refuses to cease to exist. That's why over and over again you seek to create your own reality. That is, creating thoughts, emotions, situations, imaginations, and fantasies that somehow resonate with the type of reality that she is. The constant chatter is part of his way of being. As well as fighting, attacks, divisions and all kinds of conflict.

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that the mind separated from being is nothing other than an entity that seeks constant separation, and for this, it divides. If you apply your divine capacity for observation without judgment, and you are not distracted looking towards where there is nothing that is true, you will see that everything that creates inside you is nothing but arguments, ideas, and theories that always end in the division and the suffering. Although she presents them in a very real way before your conscience, the truth is that they are only stories created by her. They are never true. What she says never happens. To a certain extent, they are like a writer who can create horror or crime stories. They can be very scary or even ingenious, but they are not real. Tales, tales are. In fact, you could meditate on what the existence of those authors who are so loved and admired at times in the world means. If you do it in the light of the truth, you will see that they are a visible sample, although in a trivial degree, of what happens with the thinking mind. They are the outsourcing of what the separate mind does, creating stories.

We said that we would talk about the mind's fear of its fading. That is the same as saying that we will bring to consciousness the fear of dying and realize that it has no basis, except for the separate mind. Let me ask the following question: What is the mind afraid of? And give you the answer: The mind is afraid to stop thinking. Well, if you don't think, it ceases to exist as such. And in that he is correct. There is not the problem. The point is that in the mind of Christ, who is the only true mind - and therefore your only real mind - there are no thoughts. That is to say that there is no quality of what the mind separate from being pretends to be thoughts. In this sense, it is true that separate thoughts completely vanish before the divine mind.

II. A single truth: your being

In God there is only one reality and that is love. That is why it is wise to say at this point that, in the mind of Christ, there is only one thought and that is the thought of pure infinite love. We express it this way so that it can be more easily understood by the intellectual mind. But in reality, love is not a thought, nor does it think anything, love is the reality of God and therefore the only reality of what you are. The problem with this for the mind is that in the dazzling light of divine love, it cannot think. He is speechless. Emotions are muted as a result of the absence of mental chatter.

In that deep inner silence, where everything is nothing, your being shines in the light of Glory. Your pure soul extends without limits in the infinity of existence. Your consciousness contemplates everything without interference or clouds that obstruct its vision. And your heart rests in the peace of stillness. There is no noise there. There are no words. There are no plans to make for the future because the idea of ​​time is inconceivable.

What problems can there be where there is nothing except perfect love stretching forever unlimited and in peace? What yesterday may need to be forgotten, where there are not even traces of thinking memory? What space can the thinking mind have in such a sky, that is, in the realm of no time? Where would the disputes be in a reality that has no opposite and in which there is nothing except love?

My little boy. Soul in love with Christ. Truly, truly, I say to you, it is to that realm of perfect silence that the chatty mind fears so much. I tell you with love that the fear of silence is very great in human minds. Much more than is usually recognized. Of course, we are not referring only to external silence or silence that comes from an exercise in meditation or prayer. We refer to silence in which there is no thought. To the space where the mind dies to its separate reality and is absorbed by unity.

Certainly the mind resists that the ocean of truth integrates it to its fullness and is founded on it. She knows that when that happens, she ceases to exist. Not as an aspect of the mind, but as a meaningless chattering mechanism. It seems that the absurd also intends to continue to exist, as much as the significant does. However, ask yourself this question: where does the thinking mind get its energy? And remember that he gets it from you. From no other source. And precisely because you are its source, is that you resist letting it go. In reality the mind never ceases to exist, it is eternal. What cannot exist in the light of unity is simply mental activity that is not in harmony with the mind of God. We can say that a discordant mind returns to the concord of love.

The truth is that the thinking mind neither wants to stay alive, nor cease to exist. The mind doesn't define that kind of thing. The thinking mind simply thinks, for it is there. The one who doesn't want it to cease to exist, despite the fact that you know that all it does is mortify you, is you. This happens when you are identified with it. In fact, just imagining yourself without thoughts makes you quite scared. You think it would be as if you were dead. However, there is nothing further from the truth than that belief.

There is no doubt that living without a mind and remaining what you are is impossible. However, living without madness is. And the separate mind is nothing but a mental dysfunction. Or put another way, it is an unnatural use of the mind. You know this well, but given how insistent that identification is, I come to remind you of it for love. So that you completely detach yourself from those thoughts. Observe that I say detach yourself from them, take distance, stop giving them power with your union. You are not being told to try not to exist.

Quitting thinking seems difficult, and it certainly is for a being who is so used to living on the basis of what separate thoughts tell him. But the truth is that getting rid of the dual or separate state of mind is possible, as long as you begin to accept the fact that you are love and nothing but love. The apparent difficulty of this matter lies in the fact of confusing separate thoughts with your being.

Beloved brother. It is not the mind that you have to stop, or that you have to fight with. All you have to do is stay in love. That's what it really means to stop thinking. What is asked of you is that you let Me be the one who thinks for you and deposit in your mind the thoughts that will seem that you did not think but that in reality are your true thoughts, emanating from the only thought of God.

Rest in the stillness of love. Stop thinking, so I can think of you. Do that and you will see how the thoughts that come and go will be considered as what they are, thoughts of the thinking mind that come and go without leaving any dent in your perfect reality. They will cease to be a hindrance, since you will contemplate them from the heights of your holiness. As if the sun were looking at the nines that are down there, while they are. In other words, if you exercise yourself without any effort but with the joy of staying united with love, you will see that little by little those thoughts begin to subside. The mental energy will decrease to such a degree that it will become nothing. And as it decreases, the only real thought increases, the thought of pure love that you really are. Or more accurately said, the only divine thought about you. When this happens, you become aware of the absolute lack of need to think, discern, plan, or create ideas or memories.

III. Christ: my life and my everything

Daughters and sons from all over the world. Listen carefully to what I have come to say: It is not you who must think in your mind, but God. This is the same as saying that it is not you who should strive to live the life that has been given to you, but it is Christ who must live in you so that you can live in the fullness of love.

Son of my heart. It is only in the state of "no mind" or when the thinking mind stops thinking, is when you can live in peace and therefore know God in the light of Glory. Does this mean that you must make some effort or follow a technique that takes you to that state? Of course not. Doing so will reinforce the mental pattern you were seeking to fade away. This is because wanting to stop thinking is judgment. And what the judgments create are nothing other than a reality coming from a mind separate from being. The only thing required to reach that state is to accept everything as it is. This acceptance, which is renunciation, is itself the state of nonthought within dual reality.

When you accept that a non-loving thought is simply vital energy separate from the being, and you observe it as such and allow it to be, without meddling in it, what you are doing is allowing its "mental energy" to be reintegrated into your being through the consciousness that you are, a consciousness that knows no judgment. The same goes for emotions, fantasies, and any other inner activities you may experience.

Remaining still and serene, feeling the energy of the thoughts - among which are the emotions, which are thoughts reflected in the body - reintegrate part of what had been dissociated from your vital energy. Unite it with your true self. And in that way you return more and more to the fullness of who you really are, until you finally come to full acceptance in your consciousness of the truth.

As long as you remain in the realm of duality, that is, in the human experience of time and space, you cannot abolish the law of perception. Therefore you cannot completely eliminate the mental chatter, which is nothing more than a way of handling yourself in that reality. Nor do you need to. You can be fully human in time and at the same time live in the presence of love. In this way you bring Heaven and earth together in your consciousness. The divine and the human.

What you are being reminded of is that you are called to a new human experience. A new life from the reality in which you are here and now. No, making everything change. Rather, simply embracing everything in the love that you are. And living in the truth. This requires that you accept the power of your being to transform into sanctity everything to which it is united. And the ability of your heart to gather everything in the integrity of the unity of love. In this way you will live as the humanized Christ. The Man-God that you are.

When I walked the ways of the world, as you do now, I had a thinking mind like yours. He was fully man as well as being fully Christ. Remember that being fully human does not mean that you are only and exclusively in a reality of time, space and physical bodies. The elevated human nature continues to be that which is still outside of time. In the same way, remember that Christ does not stop being the one who is because of living as such within a temporal-spatial reality. In other words, Christ can be the one who is still living on earth, and your humanity can continue being the one who is still in Heaven. In fact, there are no differences between one and the other. In short, extending this knowledge will not help us in the subject that brings us together in this dialogue of love. Therefore we will not go beyond what has been said so far.

It is true that in dual reality you can have glimpses of divine silence, but they are always glimpses. Tiny glimpses of something whose greatness surpasses all thinking understanding. The same goes for the glimpses of light and sky that you can experience. They are all necessary, all saints, all proceeding from the Christ in you. But none is the totality of the truth. When you are no longer attached to dual reality, you will be able to see everything in the immensity of what is and you will realize why we need to use infinity of words to express what has no word, referring to the beauty that you really are and the magnificence that the divine source of your reality is.

God has no opposite. We have already said this on repeated occasions. However, between saying it and knowing it there is a great distance sometimes. Knowing that you have no opposite is what this work is leading you to. This is not something that can be known with the mind, but with the heart. Not having an opposite does not mean that you are unique among several similar ones. It means that there is nothing that is not you. Nothing to relate to that may be outside of yourself. It is knowing that only you exist and the reality that you are, which includes everything that exists, moves and is. In other words, it is knowing unity. Now is when you ask yourself, what to do then while living in the reality of time and space? The answer is always the same; to be who you really are. I mean, to be love. This is because love is the only thing that is true about you and your only reality. This is the same as saying, that together we are the truth, the way and the life.

I bless you in the light of your holiness.

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