Chapter 2.1 - Love is Union

Beloved holy creature, born from the entrails of perfect love, and therefore its extension,

I come again, full of sincere joy. Clothed in the light of the glory of holiness. Which is all mine, as well as all yours, and of every creature that comes from the heart of the divine Mother, creative source of life. She is the one who makes everything exist. Without her divine love, we would not exist, because we would not have a source from which to flow. In a similar way to how the spring that obtains crystalline water, from a source located on top of the mountain; thus the life of your being proceeds from the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of all creation. Without Her, nothing could sustain itself in existence. Life would dry up, as would happen to a spring that stops receiving the waters from above.

Once you have understood, by the revelation of the wisdom that dwells in you, what is the purpose of your existence, what follows is to develop the capacity - so to speak -, to remain constantly within the unity of consciousness. of the truth. That is to say, of Christ. Remember that He is the truth, as well as the way and the life. Being one with his divine Being, you make yourself true, way, life.

My love. Meeting with the truth is meeting with love. To remain in it is to remain united to your true self, which is one of pure love. Love is what you are, holiness is what you extend. Light is what emanates from your being. Living in permanent union with this