• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.1 - Love is Union

Beloved holy creature, born from the entrails of perfect love, and therefore its extension,

I come again, full of sincere joy. Clothed in the light of the glory of holiness. Which is all mine, as well as all yours, and of every creature that comes from the heart of the divine Mother, creative source of life. She is the one who makes everything exist. Without her divine love, we would not exist, because we would not have a source from which to flow. In a similar way to how the spring that obtains crystalline water, from a source located on top of the mountain; thus the life of your being proceeds from the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of all creation. Without Her, nothing could sustain itself in existence. Life would dry up, as would happen to a spring that stops receiving the waters from above.

Once you have understood, by the revelation of the wisdom that dwells in you, what is the purpose of your existence, what follows is to develop the capacity - so to speak -, to remain constantly within the unity of consciousness. of the truth. That is to say, of Christ. Remember that He is the truth, as well as the way and the life. Being one with his divine Being, you make yourself true, way, life.

My love. Meeting with the truth is meeting with love. To remain in it is to remain united to your true self, which is one of pure love. Love is what you are, holiness is what you extend. Light is what emanates from your being. Living in permanent union with this truth is what we are talking about. I assure you that when you are accompanied by her, you dwell in the peace of heaven. For this to be possible, it is necessary to let yourself be loved. Open the mind and the heart to the reality that is beyond the world of the physical senses, and the thinking mind, although without a doubt your humanity participates fully. Everything you are is part of the union, if you live in unity. There is no need to leave anything out of the motherly embrace of love.

In the realm of time, every child has a mother and a father. This is a reflection of the law of heaven. It is not exclusive to the physical and mental aspect of your present reality. It is the universal law of existence. Every creature has a creator. Otherwise, it could not have arisen. This truth is something simple to understand. Usually everyone agrees with her. However, what is not usually thought about, nor is it customary to be part of personal consciousness, is the fact that what was created carries within itself, everything that was given to it from its creative source, and therefore remains united to it. . This is true in all aspects of who you are. Both in the body, as the mind, the heart, the soul and the being. In other words, everything that exists has a source, and it carries within itself everything that comes from it, it is the carrier of its reality.

Certainly, you can distance yourself physically and emotionally from your parents in the world, or from whatever you think was your security, and met your needs, even those you claim to love. But this is not so on the plane of being. The creature cannot be separated from that which constitutes its creator, because it would cease to exist. Say it simply, what you are goes with you wherever you want you to go. The Creator of life does not create things at once, but is eternal creation without end. He gives life to every moment. He creates and recreates all things endlessly. That is why it is eternal novelty. Mystery of a love that has no beginning or end, and yet is the beginning and end of everything created. Eternal life-giving reality. The only thing that can be separated is your way of thinking, feeling or being. But not what you are, nor your existence. Said clearly and as a blessed reminder, you will always be united with love. Whatever you do, and act as you want to act. Life will always be united to you.

Life is eternal. It has no interruptions, nor can it stop flowing for a while and then continue to do so. There are no intervals in its eternal flow, because there is no such thing as the non-reality of God. If she could be interrupted, everything would cease to exist; the universe would collapse because its source would not exist.

Can you begin to see how untrue the belief that you can separate yourself from eternity is? Precisely because you cannot, there is a deep longing in your heart to remain in unity with your heavenly Mother, who is also your eternal Father, your Source, your reality. Therefore, beloved creature of love, the question is not whether you are separated from the Light of life or not, but whether you are living life as the orphan you have never been, nor will you ever be, or you live in the truth of your perpetual filiation with the love of loves, in whose reality you dwell forever. And from whose source the wonders of heaven constantly flow to you, which are your inheritance and your truth.

Now I ask you to meditate on what this dialogue reminds you with sweetness and love. Keep these words in the silence of your heart. Do it with peace and serenity, and for the simple joy of remaining within the embrace of holy love, whose ineffable beauty belongs to you. Do that, and you will be meeting the truth. In that meeting, you will experience the joy of divine union. And I assure you that you will never want to lose even a moment in the feverish fantasies that you could be absent from heaven, or separated from your heavenly Mother.

Blessed are you, who listen to the voice of love, follow it and share it.

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