• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.10 - The face of Love

Beloved soul who lives in Christ, king of creation and center of divine reality. I'm here. I come to dwell with you in this dialogue of love and truth. I do it full of joy and holiness. In the purity of my angelic heart resides the glory of the Father of Heaven and earth. From the One who has given life to everything that exists, he moves and is. And also the beauty of the Mother of the living.

God is father, mother, son, sister, brother, friend, and many other things. And at the same time, it is none of it. The name of God can be whatever you want, as long as you remember that it is an eternal relationship of love, to be the creator of endless life, and of everything beautiful, holy, perfect. The names that are used in the world do not have the power to grant identity. Only the divine being, from which comes what you are - and what we all are - is capable of doing something like this. In other words, what you are has been arranged from all eternity by the Creative Force of the Universe, of which we are a part as a blessed gift of infinite Love.

No human word can define what is beyond all limits. In such a way that, it is possible that when wanting to name the origin of creation and its destiny, you find limitations in the language. This has already been discussed. And you have experienced it in many ways. One of which is the difficulty in putting the mystical experience into words. However, we bring it here, so that you remember that there is a temptation to pigeonhole the life of God and being, in definitions and structures, despite the fact that perfect Love does not have them. God is the being without attributes that gives life to everything and from which every creature manifests itself. Without his divine being, nothing would exist.

You may wonder, why repeat - once again - this matter of the names of God, having been so treated throughout the centuries. We do it because it is necessary that there be no doubt about where it is that you are called to put your devotion. Like everything that comes from the soul, it is you who chooses the object on which to place its powers. Everything in the life of your being needs a goal. Not just the feelings.

But, every movement of the soul, and also of the body. Without destiny, nothing would exist; because creation is in everything similar to its creator, regardless of whether its creatures deny the truth or not. Remember that God is the source of meaning. Being himself the purpose of things, everything that emanates from his divine being must have a meaning. In other words, you are a significant being because you were created by God.

Sense means direction. That is a goal or destination where to go. This unchanging aspect of being is present in every aspect of creation. Listen with love to what I tell you below. You cannot stop expressing your capacity for devotion. What happens, when the human soul feels that it does not have a goal, is that it has put that power at the service of nothingness, that is, of illusion. Because of this, the power of devotion is divided, having to be deposited in several parts. Or rather, go towards several goals. That causes its delivery capacity to be divided. That is, do not give yourself entirely to anything. From there come the states of apathy and lack of energy, which the human heart often experiences. And also the search for goals that make no sense in relation to the realm of truth.

Now I ask you out of love, that together we ask the following question, and we remain silent before it. Without giving any answer. Simply bring it to our consciousness. In it, love will answer it for itself.

Where am I willing to direct my devotion?

The power of devotion is great. You can see its effects on the evolution of human history. And in your own too. Being aware of this is of great importance for this work since what it seeks is that you focus your devotion on what God has provided for you from all eternity, in such a way that you can live in harmony with who you really are. How could devotion not be powerful, if what it means is that you put who you are at the service of what you decide to join? You are powerful, that is the reason why everything on which you lay your will is clothed with power. It matters little, for the purposes of this dialogue, whether what the human soul surrenders to is real or not. It will always have an effect on personal experience.

I am inviting you, beloved soul of God, to honor your power, your light, and your glory once again. That you accept, what you know very well; how powerful you are. That you stop being afraid of it. And gently deposit that immeasurable power of which you are the bearer, in the arms of love. Once this is done, rest in peace, in the certainty that he will do with it what your true will, in perfect union with God, disposes of in holiness.

Sisters and brothers from all over the world. Your vocation is Love. Your destiny, the Truth. Your goal, Holiness. This is the reason why Heaven calls you, through these writings, to be joyful devotees of the Holy Trinity. For the Father is love, Christ is truth, and the Spirit is holiness. Do this, and Heaven will open wide before your eyes. You will be the living expression of God's love; the living face of Christ, the end of your being, and of all creation.

I thank you for answering the call from the high. And for your yes to love.

I bless you in the light of truth.

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