Chapter 2.11 - The house on the rock

Beloved of the light. Daughter of holiness,

Today I come before you, with my hands full of blessings, and my heart overflowing with joy, for the gift of our holy relationship. For the time we spent together in these dialogues from heaven. And the Grace of being part of your life. I want to tell you once again, do not worry about anything, your Angel accompanies you wherever you want you to go. And with me, in union with you, there are always Jesus and Mary, the cause of our joy, and the convergence of our being. Where they dwell, love always lives. And with it, life without end. In them resides the happiness of our souls and the fullness of our being. To Christ, all honor and all glory.

Daughter of heaven. Listen to what I tell you next. What surrender can be more desired by the heart, than that which is made to love? What, the most loved by the mind, if not the one that gives itself to the truth, the only source of its certainty and therefore of its peace?

Surrendering body and soul to live in love and truth is now the goal of your life. The path that together we will travel with joy and in fullness. By doing this, you are accompanied by peace and bliss that know no limits. Thus you find, not only an incentive for life, but the path itself becomes your joy and full realization. You find the path of eternal life, by which you begin to walk from now on. You see the sky clearly. There are no clouds on the horizon, no stones to trip over. Now you walk through meadows full of greenery because you have accepted that love is your destiny and your reality. And that the truth is your home and your light. When you set a goal like this, all conflict disappears, because in it there is only certainty.

My love. You were created to live in the truth and extend the love of God because of who you are. When you learn to do that, that is, to live in union with this truth, and to express it with your life, nothing disturbs you, nothing scares you. Everything is transformed into becoming without judgment. You rest in the unchanging serenity of being. You remain in the stillness of the soul. You radiate holiness. Simply put, you are happy. Here you find the true meaning of the expression, "to build the house on the rock", or "to be like a tree planted on the banks of the river, which bears abundant fruit and its leaves never wither." There is only one certain foundation and that is the truth, the foundation of creation. And only one fertile reality, love. This is because that, and that alone is what God is.

It seems that we speak of two separate things, but both are a unit. To some extent, and for the sake of simplification for understanding, we can say that truth is God in your mind, while love is Himself in your heart. Undoubtedly, He who is the One from which everything that exists emerges cannot be two different things. Even so, we use different words, to express the same reality, in order to respect the language of the mind and the heart, and thus allow their integration in the wisdom of Christ.

I invite you not to read these words only with your mind, but to put your heart in them. That, as you absorb what is said here, remain very much within yourself, and be aware of your feelings, reactions and thoughts. That way; you remain in the state of union, which is where Christ dwells. Do not apply your reasoning to what you are told here. Do not seek to understand things through the intellect. Simply let truth and love, from which this work springs, do in you - with you and for you - what heaven has ordained, as a blessed gift of the eternal goodness of the Creator.

God's word is miraculous. Creates, because of his divine power. Therefore, do not create worries, thinking about what you will do with what you receive here. The Spirit of Wisdom that dwells in you and me, will guide us gently through the valleys of peace, we will walk together along paths full of beauty and holiness. Remember that the secret of this work, as of everything that is given to you to share as a scribe of heaven, a pencil in the hands of God, is not in what is properly said, but in the union with the One who is its source. . Truly, truly, I remind you once again, that the soul knows how to recognize the voice of the divine lover, king, and lord of hearts. He sings, vibrates, and is happy to hear it, just as if it were a child who listens to the voice of his mother, or a wife who rejoices in the presence of her husband.

Spending time alone with Christ is the goal of these writings, just as it is of all work that prompts the Holy Spirit. In other words, your goal is to stay in unity. Which is the same as saying, in the presence of love. What other purpose can be more important than this, if it is the goal of your existence and the reason for creation?

Be glad you are receiving these words from Heaven. Sing a song of gratitude to God for this gift. And recognize in you, the holy capacity to hear the voice of the Lord, source of endless life.

I bless you in the sanctity of being.

Thank you for answering my call.

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