• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.12 - Come. Trust me

Beloved soul of God. Born of the light of the Father,

Here we are again, united in truth, embraced in the love that is eternal wisdom. Your Angel is by your side and in you. You are never alone. A universe full of love and kindness surrounds you. God Himself contemplates you at every step. There is not a single hair on your head that falls without his consent. I come to remind you that every moment you spend with Christ, you do it with me and with everything that is part of the holy creation. All light is present because of your unity with the truth, when you remain consciously united to Him.

Unburdening your heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is an act of communion that carries innumerable, unimaginable graces and blessings. Not only because you experience that you can express your sorrows and joys, and find comfort, but because miracles exist, and prayer is the vehicle through which they manifest. Remembering this truth is of great importance and a gift from heaven. In truth, in truth, I tell you, that many human sufferings come from the fact that the link with the Source of being is obstructed in their consciousness. By this, I mean that the incessant dialogue with the Creator of life has been cut off, since his son. Although never from the Father, nor in the truth. Remember that you cannot stop being united to the one who created you with, and for, love.

Living life with God makes a difference, not only because you experience the truth of His loving protection and companionship, but because when you consciously unite with Him, you are co-creating your reality in union with perfect Love and Wisdom without end. . The power of the Creator is something you are seldom fully aware of. Still, this power wisely sustains everyone's life. When you look at nature, you can see how powerful life is, how much force it manifests everywhere. That gives you an idea of ​​the power behind it. To that power that has given existence to everything that exists, and continues to do so, is the one that you join in prayer.

Devotion and prayer go hand in hand, in the sense that they are a unity. We will explain this. You may think that there is an inaccuracy in this statement since you can give yourself body and soul to social, political, moral, or other causes that have nothing to do with prayer, in the religious sense of this word. However, if we consider that prayer is an act of union, when you give yourself entirely to something or someone, you are joining with it. That union is itself a prayer. That is why it gives fruit. By joining a cause, you give it the power of union, which is none other than your will. All power resides in the union, because outside it cannot be supplied the fuel that allows the power to be transformed into act.

For you to exist, God, Himself joined who you are. If I did not do that, you could not sustain yourself in existence because there would be no power to allow it. This applies, not only to you, but to everything created. Nothing can exist outside of union. Therefore, devotion, if well understood, is the life of being. As has already been said, she is the act of joining what you consider valuable enough to give it who you are. By doing that, you give it your power and also your glory. Remember that the human soul is always powerful, and there is no escape from it. Nor is it necessary to escape.

Just as you empower that which you are attached to, God empowers that which it is attached to. And since he is united with you, he gives you his power and his glory so that you can be who you really are. The same is true of every creature. This is the reason why you can see how much force there is in nature, or in life. The life force that you are consciously witnessing through your humanity is minimum compared with the true power of Love, which has created you and continues to give you life. That power is you because you are its extension. When you immerse yourself in prayer, you meet him. And in doing so, you do so with the truth about who you are. In other words, with your power and your glory. For this reason, you extend it, since all extension proceeds from union.

Beloved of Heaven. It is Christ who is reminding you - you and the whole world, through this dialogue - where tenderness resides, where sweetness dwells, and where his incomparable strength, always united with endless bliss and unbreakable peace. And he does it, in order that you accept those treasures as yours, since they belong to you by birthright. Abide in Him, and the miracles will manifest themselves more and more vividly. You will be speechless before the acting love of God in your life. You will see things that no eye saw, no ear heard. You will see the beauty of love, and the protection of truth. In other words, you will be a permanent witness to God's love. A love that listens to you. Takes care of you. It assists you. A love that floods, not only your being, but your entire life. And that embraces everything that you love and are. Well, what you love is part of you and therefore of Him.

Hear him now, telling you from the depths of his divine heart.

Come. Trust me.

Thank you for answering the call of love.

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