Chapter 2.13 - The Joy of Devotion

Beloved of Heaven. Most holy Son of the Father of holiness.

Today I come before you, that we may continue to give words of eternal life to a world thirsting for wisdom and truth. We do so, remembering together the greatness of who we are. Remaining united in the joy of being as we were created to be. And in the happy recognition of the sanctity of our existence. Children of God. You are not simply the light of the world, which in itself is a great gift. You are the bridge that leads humanity from the age of reason to the age of the heart. That is what is being done here. If it is well understood, this is what it truly means to enlighten the nations, to bear witness to the truth, and to remain in the presence of Christ, in the times in which you live. To each time, its reality. I invite you to listen with love and openness to what is said below.

What else can give certainty of mind and heart but to give oneself wholly to one all-embracing and purposeful cause in truth and love? Beloved children of the Creator. With love, I remind you that the human soul is created for the infinite. And therefore, for that which proceeds from the eternal. Nothing that is of any other condition, quality, or reality can satisfy it, by reason of its origin and destiny. This statement of truth is true, in the strict sense of its assertion and meaning. However, there is something that must be adjusted in relation to the interpretation that you are accustomed to making of it.

To believe that the infinite, and therefore the eternal, is disunited from your humanity, makes you unwilling to dwell in Heaven. This is because no one wishes to lose what she or he is. Who in their right mind would desire such a thing? One drawback to accepting the ultimate reality of being, which is God, is that it seems that by joining Him you lose everything or almost everything. Perhaps you still consider that in His divine embrace you can find peace, because of your living and life-giving experience, in union with Christ. Or that you receive understanding and joy in multiple forms. And many, many other treasures of inestimable value. All this is true. You receive it, as the fruit of perfect love. But what you often fail to realize is that your humanity, such as it is, is as much a part of Him as you are a part of His creation.

Loving God with all your soul, all your mind and all your heart means accepting the fact that you are one with Him. When you give your body, mind, heart, and all that you are to someone or something, you become one with it. Once again, that is the true meaning of devotion, as we have said repeatedly so that the mind does not forget. By saying, your body, we are referring to your humanity as it is. This means your time, dedication, thoughts, feelings, desires, and other aspects of your present reality. This is how you become whole. In other words, you have no other way to attach yourself to anyone or anything other than what you are, that is your humanity.

For centuries, the world has been zigzagging between contempt for the body - and with it human nature - and its exaltation, to the benefit or detriment of a spiritual reality disconnected from the material, temporal and spatial creation. A Heaven there and Earth here. Both realities separated by such a great distance that they cannot be united. To believe in something like that is not only to establish a belief far from the truth, but it is terrifying. That fear should tell you something. If you were to become aware of that fear, you would simply come to a point where you would let that belief go, just like an autumn leaf blown away by the wind, never to return.

Listen to me child of holiness. All aspects of your humanity are important to God. To leave one - or some - of them out of the reach of His love is a mistake of great dimensions. Not because it is something bad or sinful. But because that aspect that is not allowed to receive the life-giving light of your divine being, is beyond the reach of the power that comes from the source of life. Naturally, that causes it not to receive the full force of the healthful energy of the divine being. Let me lovingly remind you that, in Christ, every wound can be healed. Every conflict resolved. Every lack of understanding, illuminated by His perfect wisdom. Every doubt, replaced by His certainty. In other words, there is nothing that love cannot do for you, to the benefit of your holiness and wholeness. This is why remaining united to Him is the path to sincere bliss and fulfillment.

I invite you to surrender everything to Christ, always. I assure you that - because of this - you will see great wonders in your life. The dreams of happiness that seemed impossible, or that had gone to waste, will become real. The longings of your heart will be fulfilled, far beyond what you are even capable of imagining and desiring. For this reason, I call upon you not to give up your dreams of greatness, nor your sincere longing to live in peace, harmony, and fulfillment; not only for yourself, but for your loved ones, and the whole world. Do not stifle the aspirations of your being, for all of them will be achieved in Christ, through Him and with Him, in a tight and abundant measure. You will attain the fullness for which you were created, as an immortal soul, holy humanity, a creature of perfect love. You will because it is no longer you who live, but Christ who lives in you.

Peace be with you, who hear the voice of love and follow it


Thank you for answering the call from above.

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