• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.14 - Unlimited Trust

Dear child of God. Soul that you shine in the light of Heaven.

Today I come to dwell in your presence, in this particular way, to pour out unimaginable blessings on the sons and daughters of holy love. Truly I tell you, that love will finally shine forth in all its glory and fullness. Do not worry if you feel that in your lives things are not as you had thought they should be.

Sometimes your plans, although founded on peace intentions, do not lead to where your being yearns to be. Do not worry about your future either, it is in the hands of God. Follow the inspirations of your hearts, and remain united to Christ. If you do that, nothing can harm you, because you will understand - and you will experience - that what you are cannot be touched by anything other than perfect Love.

The power of love is great. You know this. However, many times you consider as love what is not love. In doing so, you become disappointed, feeling that he has failed you. But daughters and sons of holiness, love cannot fail, nor abandon, nor cause pain. The only thing it can extend is sincere joy, serenity of spirit, and wholeness. When you somehow feel that love is elusive in your lives, recognize that this is not love, nor was it, nor will it be.

Only in union with your true self can you experience beautiful love, and thereby extend who you are. The joy of unity exceeds any human measure. That is what you really looked for, when you went in search of love. But since in the past you searched for it where it cannot be found, now you continue with that fear of losing it - or experiencing - the suffering of life's disappointments. But, my beloved ones, remember that you are no longer living in the old but in the new. You do not need any substitute for the truth. You have recognized what God's purpose is in your lives. That fills your being with joy. And with reverence your hearts, before what you are in Christ.

Your Immaculate Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus remain by your side and in you. Do not forget about it. Sometimes the patterns of thought and emotional response, which were attached - so to speak - to your minds and hearts, are reactivated. That makes what you have already left behind forever is recreated in your inner experience. Don't worry about it. They are simply patterns. They are not real, nor will they last beyond what they have to last. You do not create any concern in your souls, be they moral, spiritual, material, affective, intellectual or any other. The past has passed. It is no longer here. And it will not return. Because infinite Mercy has transmuted it from the nothing that it was, into more awareness of the truth, which has given great fruits for your being. Don't look back. Neither forward. Fix your eyes on Christ.

Love is not looking for the guilty, or followers who pay for their sins and faults. None of that comes from your being. He, who is the Lord of life, Mother of the living and Source of endless joy, only calls you to let him enter more and more into your lives. Until you get to the point where you are completely absorbed by His divine reality. For this, you are incessantly invited to let yourself be loved. To give the universe the opportunity to show you every day its infinite love, his endless benevolence, its embrace of ineffable light.

Everything you need to be whole resides in Christ. When you consciously unite with Him, you allow yourself to be absorbed by the divine essence, cause and end of holiness; from which arises the perfect creation of the Father of perfection. Sisters and brothers from all over the world, listen with joy to what I have come to remind you. We have a God who loves us with a love without measure. Unmatched purity. And an abundance that we are not even able to measure. Not only you - as beings of human nature - but all of creation, including angelic and archangelic beings. No one is capable of encompassing the infinite Mercy of perfect love. That is why I want to invite you not to limit the goodness of your divine Mother. She the one who has given us life, and continues to give it for all eternity. Unimaginable forces of purity and holiness spring from her. At her heart resides the strength of the universe, the eternal wisdom, and the tenderness of a love that knows no boundaries. Walk with Her, just as I do, your Angel of light who loves you unconditionally.

Love invites you to lift your heads, raise your holy bodies, extend your arms and open your hands. Heaven is calling you. From its heights, it is pouring out inconceivable graces towards humanity. A shower of blessings is falling from the heart of God towards the earth and its creatures. It reaches all living beings. And also to all universal creation. Let yourselves be inundated by it. Open your hearts to receive the miracles of Christ's love. And the blessed grace of the Embrace of Mary, cause of our joy, refuge for souls that seek peace, consolation for the afflicted, and joy for hearts that live in love. In her you will find the treasures of the kingdom, for her Immaculate Heart is the source of beautiful love, always in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the foundation of the beauty of holiness.

Rejoice in Mary. Surrender to the love of God. You will not regret it. Truly, truly, I tell you that nothing is impossible for perfect Love. Give your lives to Him, more and more. And you will see great wonders. You will be happy, even here on earth. And the beauty of your holy being will be revealed, to the joy of those who seek the truth. In other words, you will begin to live your heaven from now on and for all eternity. Well, for this you were created, to enjoy eternally in the love of God.

I bless you in holiness.

Thank you for answering my call.

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