• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.2 - In the Arms of Love

Beloved soul of God. Blessed daughter of eternal light.

Happy is who trusts in the Lord and immersed in his infinite goodness. Whoever does that lives in holy unity. And therefore, in the truth. Everything in creation is united to the creative source of it, otherwise it could not exist. We have already discussed this. But here we bring it to consciousness in order to shed a new light on this knowledge.

True devotion is to remain in unity. That is, to give oneself entirely to the love that gives life. When you do that, with your body, soul and heart, you are living as God created you to live. For you have been created to live eternally in His arms. In unity with His divine being. Truly, truly, I tell you that every loving thought you think about God is an act of devotion, just as is every action and every feeling dedicated to perfect love. Beloved of Heaven. It is with your humanity - as it is - that you unite in true devotion. In other words, with all that you are.

Trying to exclude something from yourself, from union with Christ, is a mechanism that arises from not loving you with unconditional love. This way of loving is what we could call an imperfect love, since unconditionality is the essence of holy love, which is the reality of God. Unconditional and totality are the same. With love I tell you that you cannot live fully in the truth, but you live in reality. And since this is the totality of what it is, you cannot love with perfect love if you do not love yourself totally, that is, with a love without limits or conditions. This is for a simple reason; your true self - which is one of pure love - is unlimited. Remember that love does not make conditions. Be glad that it is so.

Beloved soul. Through what other means can we unite with our Creator of pure love, if not through who we are? What you are is the gateway to reality, to life; and with it to God. In other words, your body, mind and heart, that is to say everything that is part of you, is the dwelling place of Christ. It is there that you can find his divine humanity, and with it Heaven.

There is no other way to enter the kingdom and remain in it, other than what we are. For that reason, we insist over and over again on the importance of loving oneself with a love without limits or conditions. A love that is proof of everything. A perfect love. It is true that the word perfect can often be an obstacle to understanding this truth in the light of eternal wisdom. But it ceases to be, as soon as you recognize that the idea of ​​perfection you have comes from the thought learned from the world, and has nothing to do with the truth.

You are perfect as you are because you were created by God, the source of all perfection. And not only you, but every creature. This is why there is no reason to leave something of who you are out of reach of the Light of Christ. Keeping something of yourself in some gloomy vault of consciousness, in the hope that it will not be seen by Love - by not looking at it -, and thus showing yourself as an ideal self, is the basis of madness. It may not look so like that, but in truth I tell you that this mental mechanism is what gives life to the ego. And with it, to what does not come from the truth. In other words, it is the rock on which the house of illusion is built.

Perfect love is an expression that seeks to distinguish between the false idea of ​​love and that which constitutes the essence of truth. Again, remember that love is not a feeling, not an idea, or something you do. Love is what you are. Therefore, there is no reason to be ashamed of something that comes from you. If there are things from the past that you don't like, don't think about it. Do not think about the future either, because what you believe about him does not exist, except in your imagination. The future is in God's hands. With love I tell you that its reality has nothing to do with what you think it will be. Nothing you think about him is true. It was not in the past, nor will it be now or tomorrow. Rejoice in this truth. Open your mind and heart to the eternal newness of Christ, in whose greatness reality resides. And above all, remember that life belongs to love.

God is eternal present. Therefore, it is in it where you have to live in order to remain in the bliss of Heaven that you are. It is in him that you know yourself in divine perfection, and not in the judgments of a learning mind. It is there, in the present of holy love, where truth is effortlessly given to you, revelation shines in all its luminescence, and your holiness is embraced by your beautiful humanity. That is where you are the devotee of perfect love. You give yourself body and soul to the present of God. You are the eternal divine lover, united to the divine beloved of him. You are one with your reality. Because of this, you are forever happy. That is why you are incessantly invited to remain in unity. That is to say, that you consecrate every thought to love, as well as every beat of your heart, every desire, need, impulse. Every sunrise and every sunset. I mean, your whole life. Do that and you will be living in Heaven now, and you will attain the knowledge that is shared below.

Christ is the gift you receive, as the fruit of devotion. By receiving Him, you receive yourself into the truth of who you are. Since all that is His belongs to you, by birthright, and by His divine will.

Blessed are you who with you

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