• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.26 - Christ is Novelty

Children of holy love. You who receive these words. You may wonder why you have to wait in time to enjoy the New. I have come so that together we can embrace this question and allow beautiful knowledge to give us the perfect answer. Remember, before continuing with this dialogue, that a question like this makes sense only to a mind that has not yet detached from the old mental and emotional patterns. But it lacks such, for those who have welcomed mystery and chosen love as their only source. The mind that knows, that there is a reality beyond what the intellect can explain, and has joined the heart, no longer experiences doubts about the truth, nor about divine benevolence.

As has been said, the being was created with, and in, perfect knowledge. This includes not only knowing about what it is, but about everything that is part of God's purpose. Naturally, knowledge about the plan of expiation, the incarnation of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom, is also part of it. It is true that the thinking mind cannot yet put it into words, since it uses a language that has no anchor to express the newness of Christ. This is because the human word, as it now manifests itself, uses learning from the past to explain things. Where have you learned that honey is sweet, if not in the past?

Soul created by love. Let me remind you that, in order to live in the truth, it is necessary to renounce your own interpretations. And make the truth that it tells you to come true: do not endow God with any attribute that you understand, because nothing you understand is part of Him. First we embrace this truth. We bring it to the silence of our hearts. Wherever the light of the holiness of being that we are, envelops her in the beauty and peace of Christ. Once that is done, we take another step towards recognizing the second part of it. We accept what love tells us next.

You have the right to know, for you have been created by perfect wisdom.

Once we have united both parts of this expression of truth, we let go of everything that the thinking mind knew as the fruit of what we learned. We shed the old. We let the heart speak. We hear. We plunge into an expectant silence. We enter the mystery of life. Wherever the voice of God speaks to us of love, of holiness, of endless happiness. And we give free rein to the dialogue that manifests itself in our being from heaven. We entered the temple of unity. And we realize that divine reality cannot be something that is subject to time, space, or any other type of limitation.

We know, because the truth tells us, that God is infinite and therefore eternal. His kingdom is here and now, in every place, moment and circumstance. In all existence. Since nothing that is not His can be true. Nothing that does not come from Him can find a place to dwell. We know it because the heart tells us. We are sons and daughters of the truth. We know - since we were created in perfect knowledge - that divine reality has no opposite. That she has never ceased to exist. It has not been overshadowed, nor veiled. Nor separated from love and life. We know that only God is real. And with Him, his perfect extensions, among which we find ourselves, you and me, forever loved by heaven.

Here we are, sisters and brothers in Christ, united in the holiness of our being, remembering the truth about the eternal bliss of God, which cannot cease to exist forever. Recognizing that divine power cannot be obliterated, nor attacked. All power, all honor, and all glory belong to Him.

Truly, truly, I tell you that you can start living your heaven on earth from now on. Every time you remain in truth and love, you are living in the kingdom of Christ. Every moment in which you immerse yourself in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, always united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, you are walking the eternal path of the new earthly kingdom, and dwelling in eternal bliss.

Souls full of light, love is calling you to make a whole heaven. To do this, you simply need to love with the heart that God has given you. No one can love in place of another. I invite you to accept joyfully; what knowledge reveals to you, by reminding you that love is the foundation of life, the fullness of being, and the source of creation. Remain in the truth, and you will be, not only living in the new earthly kingdom from now on, but being the kingdom yourself.

I bless you in peace.

Make the holy wisdom of Christ the source of your knowledge and action.

Thank you for answering my call.

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