• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.27 - Praise of Love

Beloved of Heaven,

Come with me, your Angel who loves you with perfect love. Come worship Christ. Be his perpetual worshipers. I invite you to join in the praise of creation, the fruit of all true devotion. Out of love, I tell you that you have been created to be perfect praise. Indeed, that is what your being is. Praise each day; morning, afternoon, and night. Make your lives praise of love. I assure you that when you praise the living and life-giving Spirit, the source of all existence, your hearts widen to love more. Your minds abandon fear, to embrace the certainty of the truth. And your being sings and vibrates to the beat of endless bliss. This is because praise is the being's natural response to love.

Daughters and sons of light. This is a call for you to treat yourself to the truth. To claim your inheritance right now. And to make your own, the treasures that God himself has given you from all eternity. Do it through praise. Praise with me, and with all creation, life. Be grateful for all the good that Christ has done for you, and he does us all, because of his infinite goodness. Put no limits on his divine love. See that the doors of his unfathomable mercy are wide open. Immerse yourself in it. Meditate on the vastness of it. Throw yourselves into his arms. You will not regret it.

You who receive these words, remember that you are carriers of the wisdom of Heaven, for it dwells in your being. By virtue of this, you know that the goodness of the Spirit of God creates and recreates all things out of love, and for love. Her benevolence has no opposite. Make this knowledge the food of your souls. In it, you will find comfort and the perfect answer to every question. Everything has been created by love. In it it exists, it moves and it is. There are plenty of reasons to be happy. The sons and daughters of God know that they are not alone, that they can remain eternally within the dialogue of life. That is, in direct relationship with the Source of beautiful love.

The Life-giving Spirit, eternal renewing of life, makes each day a new creation. May hope to be reborn in hearts at every moment until it is no longer necessary, so it is replaced by perfect certainty. By His Grace, we are unceasingly recreated in love. I invite you to take this truth to the depths of your hearts. To become one with her, in the silence of your holiness. By doing that, you will get great benefits for your souls. You will remember that Heaven is with you, wherever you go. That there is no need to walk the roads of the world, as if you were solitary beings, unimportant to the universe. That simply is not true. How could it be, if God Himself is one with you, and for His sake, you are one with Him?

Here is your Angel. With me, there is Heaven all. Because of this, there are also Jesus and Mary. Alive and present before you, and in you, just as they are in me, and in every angelic being. We are unity of holy love. Creatures emanated from the light of life. Minds shining in the beauty of holiness. Hearts beating to the beat of love. We live forever in the eternal bliss of truth, and the joy of perpetual peace.

Become aware of my presence in your lives. Of the innumerable miracles that Heaven has given you throughout your existence in the world, and of the countless graces received. You all receive a flood of blessings, from the moment of your physical conception. Thank life for it. Grow in your expressions of gratitude, so that in this way you grow in love.

Sisters and brothers in holiness. Isn't it true that a being who is heir to Christ by Grace, has plenty of reasons to be happy and live in peace? What evil can prevail over him? Who could take the sky away from him? What could be so powerful as to rob you of God's love? Nothing. Nor nobody. Those who were created for love will dwell in it forever.

Blessed are you, who are witnesses of the Second Advent of Christ, co-creators of a new earthly kingdom, whose foundation is love and truth. I thank you for receiving my messages and sharing them.

I bless you in truth.

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