Chapter 2.3 - Devotees of Truth and Love

Beloved daughter of Heaven. Soul born from the depths of endless mercy.

Today I come full of joy to dwell once more in your presence, in this particular way. Our dialogues are full of love and wisdom. They radiate light and beauty because they bear witness to the holiness in which we remain united forever. Our relationship is a source of joy to my heart. I thank you for allowing me to be part of your relationships, your life, your reality. I have been created to serve love, and in performing that function lies my contentment and fulfillment. What joy it is to know that God himself remains in perpetual union with each of his creatures. And that nothing can separate us from his love.

I have come to tell you - or rather remind you - that every created being reaches fullness by giving itself. I know this truth is known to you. Still, it is necessary to bring her into this dialogue, to continue moving towards a greater knowledge of the grace of devotion. Being able to give yourself with all that you are, to a direct relationship with Love that is the source of creation, that is, with the creator of life, is a treasure that has been given to us when we were created. It is not always seen as such by the thinking mind, but it certainly is.