• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.3 - Devotees of Truth and Love

Beloved daughter of Heaven. Soul born from the depths of endless mercy.

Today I come full of joy to dwell once more in your presence, in this particular way. Our dialogues are full of love and wisdom. They radiate light and beauty because they bear witness to the holiness in which we remain united forever. Our relationship is a source of joy to my heart. I thank you for allowing me to be part of your relationships, your life, your reality. I have been created to serve love, and in performing that function lies my contentment and fulfillment. What joy it is to know that God himself remains in perpetual union with each of his creatures. And that nothing can separate us from his love.

I have come to tell you - or rather remind you - that every created being reaches fullness by giving itself. I know this truth is known to you. Still, it is necessary to bring her into this dialogue, to continue moving towards a greater knowledge of the grace of devotion. Being able to give yourself with all that you are, to a direct relationship with Love that is the source of creation, that is, with the creator of life, is a treasure that has been given to us when we were created. It is not always seen as such by the thinking mind, but it certainly is.

Through the ability to unite with Christ with your mind, heart, body, and everything that is part of you, you become one with Him. Because of this, you not only participate in Heaven, but you make yourself Heaven. in his love. Can you begin to understand why your role is to bring Heaven to earth, or in other words, bring both kingdoms together in the consciousness of the created so that they are accepted as the unity that they are? For this, you have been given the gift of devotion.

Beloved soul. There is no distance between Heaven and earth because there is no space to travel between who you are and your full acceptance. Some may argue that it is true that there is no place to locate the recognition of the truth, which we are talking about. But still, there is time between one and the other. However, this is not as true as it appears to be.

There are no differences between what time is and what space means. Both are the same, although they are perceived differently. Remember that we have already said that there is an inseparable unity between matter, space, and time. They are part of a given reality. This is true. But it is also; the fact that that which is not subject to any of its aspects or conditions, cannot be limited by them. Those three aspects of earthly reality are limitations, just that. And as such, they have no power over that which was created outside of time, space, and matter. God has no limits nor can the infinite extent of him be obstructed by anything.

The existence of the limits of earthly three-dimensional reality is very useful to the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of delimiting your identity. They do not have to be something that is lived with pain, or that causes frustration. They are simply chosen means of achieving the full realization of your individuation. As such, they are perfect. They are there to fulfill the will of God, that is, that you know yourself in Christ, that is, in the truth, and enjoy your holy uniqueness.

You may wonder why we talk about these things when we talk about devotion. We do it because that's what it's about; that you live as you really are. That is possible when you remain attached to who you are. This is done when you give yourself entirely to your true self, which is one with God. That is why you are invited to love God above all things, that is, with all your soul, with all your mind, and all your heart. This is not an established mandate to create a heavy yoke on the well-beloved sons and daughters of divine love. It is simply a call to love yourself in the divine unity that you are, and thereby be aware of the love that you truly are. In doing so, you radiate light, holiness, beauty, and the other treasures of the kingdom.

To love God is to love yourself since the creator cannot be conceived as something separate or different from his creature. The soul knows what truth is. Asking you to love God above all things is to remind you to love all things in Him. This means that you love with the only love that exists, that is, his divine love. Remember that there is no other love than that of God, just as there is no other truth than that of Christ. And that both dwell in your being since they are its source and the only reality of it.

God doesn't need to be put on a pedestal. You neither. In fact, he doesn't need anything, just as you don't. All he wants is that each of his creatures eternally enjoys the happiness that has no end because that is what they were created for. His will is for you to participate fully in the infinite joy of his divinity. And know that this is only possible when you live in the truth. What you do when you recognize your true identity in Christ, you joyfully accept it and give yourself to it body and soul. That is when you become the jubilant devotee of truth and love that you are, and that are all things.

Now we can understand to a greater degree, the union that exists between devotion and being. Between the direct relationship with God, and the realization of the purpose of your existence. Both are one because only in love are you as you were created to be. And only by giving yourself completely to him, is how you reach the fullness of your being.

Blessed are you who know and accept this truth.

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