• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.30 - I walk by your side

Beloved all. You who receive these words from heaven. Not only those of you who are aware of them, through the symbols written, heard or represented. Rather, all to whom this work is intended, from all eternity. I make this clarification, so that you know for sure, that the voice of God, manifested in these writings, reaches everyone. It does so in a way that is a mystery to the thinking mind, but not to those who know that there is much more than just what intellectual reasoning is capable of understanding.

I come to tell you, by the will of the Mother of life, what is given to you below. Listen to me with love and an open heart. Receive these revelations for what they are. A blessed gift, given to you by She who is the source of all true being, and of all holy existence. Do not stop at the words, or the names. Absorb them with the soul. Let the spirit that flows from them embrace you, and give you the peace that you long for. You, who have been chosen in the plan to receive them, know whose voice it is that speaks to you through them. You know it because you are daughters and sons of the truth.

In the lands of holiness there are lights that never go out, and they brighten the vision of souls. Colors of ineffable beauty, from which music and song emerge. The forms do not limit, but they demonstrate. The identities shine clearly in the immense divine realities. Unity is the delight of spirits. The wisdom of Christ, the foundation of its endless bliss. In it, the truth shines like a perpetual sun. Love is a gentle wind that refreshes and embraces everything. From within the divine firmament, melodies of gratitude flow. The sovereign of peace, Mother of the living, walks in union with all creation. From her Immaculate Heart emerge unimaginable Graces, which are given to every living criature, because of her purity and divine perfection.

Everything is given in fullness, to the soul that embraces the truth. For this reason it is that it becomes heir to Christ, since he is the truth. Truly I tell you, you cannot even imagine the greatness of your reality, as God has created it to be. You are called to great things. Very big. To ineffable realities. To something that is beyond any assessment. I invite you never to forget about it. You may wonder what all this is about. Or even, what is the reason why heaven has called this helping hand, which lives united with a heart full of devotion to love and truth, to be a pencil in the hands of God. I answer you.

In a world where minds are so entertained with things that have no value, because they are not eternal, nor do they serve holy love, it is necessary that works like these exist. The love of our Father and Creator is infinite. In his inexhaustible goodness, he gives to the earth, countless heavenly manifestations. He does it so that those who have awakened to the consciousness of love, can travel the path of the world, without ceasing to constantly receive the gift of hearing his voice, and vividly feeling his presence in their lives. Love has called you. They have responded. For this reason, remain united to his humanity in a sensitive way and vivacious. It also manifests clearly, so that those who have not yet awakened to the divine truth of who they are, have the opportunity to do so.

There is not a single earthly step of the daughters and sons of God that is not contemplated and embraced by divine love. My presence in your lives bears witness to this. I'm here. At every dawn, every noon and every night. I walk by your side at every moment. I will work with you, if you go. See him with you when you sleep. I remain praying with your souls when you come to prayer.

I invite you to make devotion to love and truth the food of your lives. I assure you that you will be surprised every day by the miracles that you will receive as a result of your openness to listen to the voice of Christ and follow it. You will have no doubt as to whether what you hear comes from heaven or not. The truth resides in you. Love dwells in your hearts. Holiness shines in your souls. Take the test and you will see. Let yourself be surprised by love.

Thank you for answering my call, and allowing me to be part of your lives.

I bless you in peace.

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