Chapter 2.32 - Love is certainty

Sisters and brothers in Christ,

You may have wondered, for what purpose do we bring - to these writings about devotion - the matter of the difference between what is real and what is not, as we have done in the previous passages. I answer you out of love.

It has been said that devotion is to give oneself in body and soul. Also, that is a matter of degrees, since you can give partially what you are. A little to this, a little to that. Thus creating a divided loyalty. Ultimately, this is what you are always doing, as you cannot avoid join something. Being is union. This is why you are always bonding. Even those who choose a life of "absolute solitude" are joining, for example, their ideas, the experience of not having the company of their peers, nature, and their body. In short, it is not possible to live outside the union.

If the union and the being are a unit, then the fundamental question is what you are joining. Or in other words, what do you keep within the unity of what you are, and what things outside of it. I assure you that this is where all the difference lies. In true devotion, the soul surrenders entirely to reality. That is why prayer is a source of healing. Because in it resides the union with that which comes from Christ. And since He is the truth, when you unite tourself with His consciousness of pure love, you abide in reality.

Nothing that is outside the truth can be real, because it is simply not part of God. For that reason, it cannot be loving or benevolent. And much less, peaceful. What peace can there be where there is no kind of perfect certainty? Some may argue that reality may be what each one interprets of it, and from that interpretation arises the certainty - or conviction - of their own understanding. However, in your experience, you know very well that this is not true.

There has never been a decision, based on the interpretations of the separate mind, that has not led you to the point where it is replaced by a new way of looking at things. What was desirable yesterday is no longer desirable today. What one day was the source of happiness, another day becomes the basis of pain. Perhaps not all experiences have gone from extreme to extreme, but you have certainly witnessed the instability of the mind's interpretations, and how changing and oscillating is its way of understanding.

You have also experienced the following. What yesterday the thinking mind affirmed as true, even with almost reckless certainty, today it presents as something that simply is no longer the case. It makes way for a new interpretation, which is seen as true and firm, as the previous one, even being totally opposite. What happens in those cases? Some will say that it is normal since it is the result of growth and maturity. "One does not think like a child when he or she is an adult," says the world. But beloved of Heaven, how can one be at peace in such a changing world? How can you live happily, staying in a realm where reality is constantly changing, and therefore nothing is safe in it? It is simply impossible.

The oscillations, in terms of the way of seeing things, that comes from the intellectual mind, when it is considered as the source of truth and revelation, engender fear. This is because there is uncertainty in them, as happens with the unstable balance of desire, to which it is intimately linked. The lack of certainty is something as alien to being, as is the illusion of the truth. For this reason, it is that in this dialogue we bring up this matter. So that you remember that only living in reality is how you can remain in peace, and therefore be happy. And that the only reality is that which comes from God since He is its source and existence.

To remain in Christ is to live in reality. Outside of Him, there is nothing that is true. This is the same as saying that the only reality created is the being that you really are. There is nothing else. In it, you will find forever the certainty that comes from love, and you will live in peace. How to do that? Living in the truth of who you are. How can something like this be achieved? Loving God, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your heart; and to others, like yourself, with the same love with which He loves you, and all things.

Now you ask, and how can you live that way? Here is the answer, which you know very well because in you resides the wisdom of heaven. There is only one way. Letting yourself be loved, so that love will constantly pierce you. And in this way, do for you, in you, and through you, what has to be done, or not done, by reason of its nature. In other words, abandoning himself entirely to love. Therefore, so that you do not forget it, and carry it in your heart every day of your life, I say to you, that you receive these words:

Forget about what you have lived, and confidently throw yourself into the arms of love.

Blessed are you who hear the voice of Heaven and follow it.

Thank you for answering my call.

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