Chapter 2.4 - Shaped by love

My son. Brother in the light.

My heart sings for joy in our holy relationship. What joy it is to be able to be part of your life consciously! Make it known that heaven resides in your presence because the Christ in you is what you are. And where He is, the totality of the divine and the created resides. In our communion, we communicate from being to being, heart to heart. We speak from our holiness, which is the house of wisdom, the abode of truth.

Today I come to remind you of things that you know but that it is necessary to bring them to consciousness. In this dialogue of light, we will talk about the path that must be taken before reaching the point where you consciously fulfill your purpose. That is when you meet with the chorus of creation to take your place as co-creator of life.

God is eternal creation. In the becoming of creating forever, his joy also resides. Divine creations are not static. Quite the opposite. This is the reason why you were told one day that; "You were who you would be, while Christ was who he is," and now you are told that you are who you are, just as Christ is. In other words, you are now the realized one. Let's move on, with this truth present in consciousness.