• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.4 - Shaped by love

My son. Brother in the light.

My heart sings for joy in our holy relationship. What joy it is to be able to be part of your life consciously! Make it known that heaven resides in your presence because the Christ in you is what you are. And where He is, the totality of the divine and the created resides. In our communion, we communicate from being to being, heart to heart. We speak from our holiness, which is the house of wisdom, the abode of truth.

Today I come to remind you of things that you know but that it is necessary to bring them to consciousness. In this dialogue of light, we will talk about the path that must be taken before reaching the point where you consciously fulfill your purpose. That is when you meet with the chorus of creation to take your place as co-creator of life.

God is eternal creation. In the becoming of creating forever, his joy also resides. Divine creations are not static. Quite the opposite. This is the reason why you were told one day that; "You were who you would be, while Christ was who he is," and now you are told that you are who you are, just as Christ is. In other words, you are now the realized one. Let's move on, with this truth present in consciousness.

I have come to reveal to you what is said below. There is a way to go before the human soul can reach the state in which it is wholly united to Christ in its humanity; in such a way that, from that union, it can extend eternal life in unity with God. That path is actually the act of shaping the self, which is part of your creation, that is, of the divine will. This is what was meant by the symbology of genesis, by saying that God formed man from the dust of the earth. What was sought to explain with that expression is that the "I" with which the human creature has been created is shaped. That is part of creating him.

Life is shaping your "I" so that it can reach a state in which it is able to remain in harmony with being, and thus achieve fullness. This is the same as saying that your humanity is being shaped by the Spirit of Wisdom, to unite with your divinity. And you can be what you were always called to be, Man-God, Woman-God, deified humanity. Many times, not understanding this is a cause of anxiety and anger since it is not understood that the limits that the Father places on all His creatures are not a whim or something that is there to cause us pain. That way of thinking is typical of a child, who usually does not like to be limited. But it is not natural for a self that has risen high enough in Truth and Wisdom to understand that it is precisely at the limits where beauty, and therefore love, can exist.

To believe that love accepts everything, under the argument that it is unconditional, is not to understand. Love cannot accept what is not true, that is, what does not come from itself, since it knows that it is pure illusion. Love integrates. Yes, but only within love. Love unites. Yes, but only what is one with His nature, for nothing that is not similar to Himself can be part of the union. Mixing things is not joining. For this to be possible, it must have the same ontological quality, so to speak. That is, to be of the same substance or that can be fused into a unit by reason of its nature. Just as water and oil cannot mix, neither can truth and love with their opposites, because simply their opposites are not real. Sleep cannot exist in a waking state.

If you understand well what is being said, you will be able to understand why it is necessary that, when you meet a brother or sister, this is a heart-to-heart encounter, of who you really are, with what they really are. You can only truly join at that level. And also accept the truth that tells you that the path of life that you have been given is perfect as it is. Everything is perfect because God is.

In order to continue, it is important that you remember that love is severe, and imparts discipline, while in this way there can be order and thus harmony. All of which is necessary for peace to reign, and love to make an appearance. This severity of love is not like that of the world but is based on its wisdom, it always seeks a higher good, which is linked to freedom. Everything was created for holiness, therefore what converges towards it is what love fosters. For this reason, they don't always say yes to your wishes. Because not all of them come from your true will. Distinguishing between one and the other is necessary, in light of the truth. The wisdom of love can do that because it is one with it.

Remember also that you can only do what you like when you know what you really want. And that is only possible when you know who you really are. For that reason is that it took you to a certain path in your life, which is perfectly designed for you to reach the full knowledge of your being. Once you get there, it only remains to be who you are. And thus live in the fullness of love, the destiny of creation, and therefore yours too.

Pure soul. Be glad that God loves you with a responsible love. For that is why you are shaped within the limits of his divine love, which are not impediments, but forms that give existence to a perfectly defined Christ Self, and therefore unique. In other words, just as the limits of a river bed allow the course of the waters destined to flow through it to be channeled, so love constitutes the cause on which the beauty of your being flows. For you are destined to flow in it and through it, so that the beauty of who you are and the holiness of it give new life in its wake.

Blessed are you, soul, full of light, who listens to the voice of truth and follows it.

May all praise God's love and rejoice in Him!

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