• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.5 - Carriers of love

Beloved soul full of light,

If you fully knew the gift of these words, and the greatness of their source, you would cry with happiness. If you accepted - in all his magnificence - the love of your Creator, and with Him, of all His creation, your human heart could not withstand it now. That is the reason why Christ Himself expands your being, day after day, moment after moment, until he becomes capable of receiving more and more love, more light, more holiness, more being. In this consists the eternal and continuous divine creation. God is creating you and recreating you in His divine love, so that you can harbor His infinite reality. Truly I tell you that, as you unite with Him, and enter the abyss of peace and harmony of Him, you become more sensitive, more insightful. You see more.

I come to tell you from the Heaven of your holy mind, united with your pure heart, in the beauty of Christ, that this state of high sensitivity that you perceive in you is a gift from on high. It is the effect of being embraced by the love of loves. To live united to eternity. When you say yes to love, everything converges on it. Your thoughts turn to it. Your feelings too. To the point where you become aware that love is your food, your sustenance and your source. Becoming aware of this is something that the thinking mind, so used to seeking explanations based on learning about the world, finds it difficult to integrate. But it will. For your humanity is ready to live as the humanized Christ.

Beloved of all the world. This work, like everything that is revealed to you through this friendly hand, scribe from Heaven; the one whom Christ himself has called "a pencil in the hands of love" is addressed very especially to you, bearers of highly sensitive souls. Hearts capable of feeling even the smallest vibration of feeling. You who shed tears at the beauty of a flower, or can feel that your breasts are afflicted when seeing a loved one leave, even knowing that he will return, because you know the grace of love that is presence. And you know that you yourselves are a blessing.

You who weep in silence at the contemplation of the pain of the world. And still, your souls are capable of not breaking down, and continuing to sing a song of hope and gratitude to life. You, sensitive souls who have the ability to give a friendly smile, even in the midst of your pain, because you smile with the smile of Christ. And you know that sometimes love demands to draw a veil over the truth. You whose way of feeling and perceiving reality is so different from that which arises from an intelligence without love. These drops of Heavenly dew are addressed to you, pearls of inestimable value. From on high, they fall on you as a divine gift to fertilize the earth, by joining your love. And in this way, the flowers of holiness grow in it.

As your Angel, in union with every Angelic being, and therefore with God himself, I tell you that I have known you forever. And I know that your way of feeling, your capacity to love, and your way of seeing things, are the means that the Creator has chosen to co-create the new earthly kingdom with humanity. You are co-redeemers of the world, together with Jesus and Mary. For this you have come to it, to give love with your mere presence. To illuminate with your existence in it. I assure you that you do not need to do anything in particular to fulfill your mission. You simply need to be what you really are. Stay united to your being. In other words, be the devotees of the truth that sets you free.

You know the truth, since in it you were created, and it constitutes the essence of what you are. Do not settle for less than God himself, that is, eternity, for your nature cannot be satisfied with anything below it. Fly the flight you were created for. Leave all musings and doubts in relation to your path. Truly, truly, I tell you that you are perfectly fulfilling the Will of God in you. Your lives bear witness to the light of Christ. Your souls bring divine Grace to earth. Not according to what your thinking mind thinks, but because of the truth of who you are. Just as there are many abodes in Heaven, there are also on earth. You are the abode of the sweetness of love. And therefore, those who harbor within themselves the delights of the Immaculate Heart.

Blessed souls who receive these words. Embrace your sensitivity. Love it for what it is, a gift from your divine Mother. A treasure of inestimable value. Show the world what it is to love with purity. You know how to do it, because you know what the truth is. You are aware of the union that exists between life and love. Between joy and holiness, bliss and eternity. You came into the world with that knowledge. Give it to it, for he needs it like never before. For this you have come to it. To testify to the love that you truly are. A love that constitutes the reason for life. The source of being. The foundation of existence. And from whose reality springs sincere joy, peace that has no opposite, and joy that knows no end.

Listen to what I tell you below, sensitive souls who have said yes to love, and welcome these words with consent and humility. God has set His gaze on you. It is through sensitive hearts that the new Heaven and the new earth are created, because in their reality only love exists.

Rejoice, devotees of holy love. Christ himself dwells in your hearts. Rejoice in this truth.

Together with all creation, I thank you for your yes to love.

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