Chapter 2.5 - Carriers of love

Beloved soul full of light,

If you fully knew the gift of these words, and the greatness of their source, you would cry with happiness. If you accepted - in all his magnificence - the love of your Creator, and with Him, of all His creation, your human heart could not withstand it now. That is the reason why Christ Himself expands your being, day after day, moment after moment, until he becomes capable of receiving more and more love, more light, more holiness, more being. In this consists the eternal and continuous divine creation. God is creating you and recreating you in His divine love, so that you can harbor His infinite reality. Truly I tell you that, as you unite with Him, and enter the abyss of peace and harmony of Him, you become more sensitive, more insightful. You see more.

I come to tell you from the Heaven of your holy mind, united with your pure heart, in the beauty of Christ, that this state of high sensitivity that you perceive in you is a gift from on high. It is the effect of being embraced by the love of loves. To live united to eternity. When you say yes to love, everything converges on it. Your thoughts turn to it. Your feelings too. To the point where you become aware that love is your food, your sustenance and your source. Becoming aware of this is something that the thinking mind, so used to seeking explanations based on learning about the world, finds it difficult to integrate. But it will. For your humanity is ready to live as the humanized Christ.

Beloved of all the world. This work, like everything that is revealed to you through this friendly hand, scribe from Heaven; the one whom Christ himself has called "a pencil in the hands of love" is addressed very especially to you, bearers of highly sensitive souls. Hearts capable of feeling even the smallest vibration of feeling. You who shed tears at the