• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.7 - Incense of Love

Daughter of the Father of lights,

Here I am, by your side and in you. United forever in Christ, with whom we are one with all creation. I come to bear witness to the incessant dialogue that exists between the soul and its Creator. I do it through these dialogues. I thank you for giving your time, humanity, and love to the service of heaven, showing the world the direct relationship with God. So that everyone may remember that in their hearts there is the wisdom of holy love, and the beauty of Christ, for in them he dwells with all his divinity.

Oh, blessed souls! Humanity so loved by God! If you meditate more frequently about the gift that means that you are the dwelling of Christ, the doubt would soon leave your minds and the fear from your hearts. I invite you to reflect on this truth, and remain in silence with it during the journey. Truly, truly, I tell you that you will derive great benefits from it, for whenever you unite with the truth, your souls absorb the flow of divine union, and the Spirit of God breathes new life into you. Your being is renewed in love.

Blessed soul of the Father. I come to remind you that one thing is to live a life, and quite another is to be life. In this difference lies the distance between illusion and truth. Heart full of light, it is time that you begin to accept alive and joyfully, that you are the life, the truth, and the way, just as Christ is. You know, because it has been shown to you - and with it, you have remembered it - that all the statements of Jesus, in relation to himself, were not intended to reinforce his identity. He knows - and he always knew - what he was, and what he is. These definitions were given so that the world can hear the truth saying out loud, what is each one of the men and women who walked, walk, or will walk the paths of the world. And that knowing it, they are free. For this truth to be manifested, it is necessary to live in union with Christ, in such a way that the truth constantly infuses its vital force, love, and light in the mind and heart. And from there, it spreads to everything created.

Daughter of perfect love. Don't just accept these words. Try and you will see. Join the love, and you will know that what you are reminded of in these dialogues is the plain truth. Your mind will happily recognize it, because it knows what the truth is. And your heart will be filled with joy because it recognizes love when it makes an appearance. Be in silence next to the beauty and benevolence of your holiness, at least for an instant, and you will see how the whole sky spills over you. Try and you will see. Join the truth of who you are, and you will have given yourself life without end.

Truly, truly I tell you that it is perfectly possible to live inspired and to receive without interruption of time, place or circumstance the light of the wisdom of love in your humanity. That is what Jesus and Mary have demonstrated for you. They came into the world to teach with their existence, that there is a superior Being of pure infinite love, who holds in his loving hands the destiny of creation, and to whom everything belongs. And that, living subject to Him - not as two that are together, but as one - is living in harmony with the truth, source of happiness, and fullness of the soul.

My love. Son of the thrice saint. Let me remind you that the secret of prayer does not lie in thinking a lot, or saying a lot, but in loving a lot. This is because only love is capable of uniting within itself what you are, and extending with you beyond yourself, without ceasing to be what it is. By doing this, it fulfills for you, with you and in you, the purpose of your creation, which is nothing more than to be the living face of God's love, and the perfect extension of his divinity. Can someone who has that purpose be hurt by the thoughts and deeds of the world? Or rather, what is perceived as hurt, is it the result of a misunderstood interpretation of the eternal truth? Listen to this sweet truth. In holiness, there can be no wounds, because there can be nothing other than love. In the truth of who you are, there can be no suffering because there is only Christ, eternally united with the perfect creation.

Can you see now, in a greater light, why true devotion is so important? That which consists of remaining united to the love that you truly are, which dwells in you and in all things?

Child of heaven, when you are in the presence of love, every wound is healed, every kink is straightened, every ignorance is replaced by wisdom. Not because the Holy Spirit cauterizes the heart, or heals what was sick, but because you meet with the truth. I invite you, beloved of God, that in its presence, do not deny what you perceive as painful experiences, nor the joys that you think you experience, but rather; remain in front of its divine face, with all that you are being in the present. Give it all to it, in such a way that he takes care, such as it is its role to do so. I assure you that, by giving everything that you experience in your mind and heart in the present, you are giving yourself completely. You make your humanity an incense of love, a pleasant perfume placed on the altar of truth. As a result, you joyfully realize that the one who receives everything you give to love is your being, which has never been hurt and never will be because it remains eternally united to Christ, the source of all perfection and holiness.

Beloved of the whole world. Receive with joy what I tell you below from heaven of our holy union.

The truth is the ointment of wounds because, where she lives, there is always love.

I bless you in the light of holiness.

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