• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.8 - Light of life

Soul that you live in the truth. You who seek knowledge from above, because you know that there is that which is beyond what the bodily senses perceive and can be understood by the intellect. Let me dwell with you in this dialogue of love and holiness. I thank you for your devotion.

Today I come to remind you that our union is perpetual. That I am always by your side and in you, in perfect unity with Christ. However, between being and being there are big differences. With this, I want to remind you that everyone has a direct relationship with their source, that is, with the Creator. But the way this relationship is expressed; it differs from one another, just as the ways in which our brothers and sisters relate to each other in the world are different. There is no relationship equal to another, because there is no soul that is identical to another. Similar yes, same no. This is why everyone experiences the same things, but does it in a different way.

The wound has been said to be an illusion. And it's true. Still, it is necessary to understand the following, about this matter that so afflicts the human heart. This knowledge is expanded in this part of our dialogue, and not before, because it was necessary for you to experience the resistance that may exist, in relation to the idea that pain is not real. And by making yourself aware of it, you can transcend it, and in this way go with certainty towards the chasm of holiness, where the wisdom of love dwells.

When we say that the wound is an illusion, we are referring to the fact that it comes from the deep belief in inadequacy. Only those who feel insufficient can harbor the wound, that is, identify with it. This applies to everyone - including you - when somehow you seek to obtain more value from suffering. The belief that you are not loved enough, beautiful, abundant, intelligent, and countless other attributes that you think you lack, is the source of identification with pain, and with it the attachment to suffering, which creates the drama of the world. This is the reason why this revelation has reached human consciousness, which includes everything you receive from Heaven, and you share through the symbols of the human word.

The purpose of this work - in all its extension - is that the word of eternal life, which springs from the heart of God, enters the depths of the human mind and heart, so that the idea that you are little , or that you are an unworthy and insufficient being, be vanished. And in that way, the truth about the holiness, magnificence and greatness of who you are, shines again in the soul, just as it did in the origins of all origins.

Truly, truly, I tell you that all greed, lust, gluttony and other thoughts and actions that create misery and unhappiness, have their cause in a deep feeling of inferiority, or worthlessness that is in the human heart. That is where the cradle of fear resides. Why else would you covet the goods of others, or want to accumulate more wealth, knowledge, pleasure, power, or anything else, but to fill a void that seems never to be filled? What is that void if not a bottomless pit created by the idea of being insufficient?

It is true that the greatest fear of the human soul, before awakening to the truth, is its own light, and immeasurable power, but this is also due to the belief in inadequacy. For believing that it is a miserable sinner, it cannot avoid feeling like a stranger in the house of holiness, even though that is the true and only abode of its being. In other words, those who feel insufficient make it their identity. In doing that, they do not identify with anything that is abundance, purity, fullness, and the other treasures of the kingdom, despite the fact that they are the kingdom and also its treasures.

Can you understand a little more now, why it is so important that you take the time, to be consciously in union with Christ? Beloved soul of the soul of Christ. Remember that outside of Him there is nothing that is true. And that when you disconnect from the divine reality of Him, you separate from your being, because both are a unit. As an effect of this, the idea that you are what you are not, replaces the truth about your reality, that is, your identity. You all need an identity. That is why one has been given to you in your creation. Still, denying who you are is always an option. And of course, one that does not bring happiness, since what you are and endless bliss are the same. This is because the joy of being is the fruit of holiness.

I invite you to always remain united to the love that you truly are. To open your spiritual ears and your hearts, to listen to the voice of love every day of your lives, and even at every moment. That way, you will never forget who you really are. And you can live in harmony with your nature, which is one with that of Christ. Not because of what you have done, or because of what you do with your works, but because of pure divine love, a blessed gift of God's Mercy.

I call you to remember often what you are reminded of below. I assure you that in this lies the truth that sets you free. Make of these words a joyous litany of love. Carry them in the silence of your hearts, as if it were a pregnant woman, who carries within her womb her most precious treasure, the gift of a new life.

My Source and I are one, as one is the wind and the air, moved by it. Together we are the light of the world. There is no darkness in me, because my being shines in the Light of life. My humanity - and all that I am - belongs to love. Therefore, my heart sings joyfull, I no longer live, but it is Christ who lives in me.

I bless you in the holiness of who you are.

Thank you for answering my call.

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