• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2.9 - Fullness and devotion

Soul full of light,

Thank you for answering my call. And for allowing me to be a conscious part of your relationships, and with it of your life. My love for you is so great that there is no human word capable of expressing it. I love you with the only true love, that of God. I have come to remind you, through the revelation of the truth, that in your being there is the reality of heaven. This is why it is perfectly possible that we have a sentient relationship, just as you can with any creature and aspect of creation.

Through this dialogue, we will continue to spread knowledge about devotion. Remember that, for the purposes of this work, we consider devotion to any dedication that you make of yourself to something or someone. Naturally, this happens when you consider that there is an object valuable enough to put who you are at its service and union. This can be an ideal, of any type, a person, a thought system, or an idea, among others. In short, anything can be the object of your devotion. In other words, no one voluntarily gives himself up to something if he does not consider it worthy of it.

Pay attention to what is said here. What we are doing is bringing to consciousness your ability to give yourself entirely to a cause, person, being, or thing, both physical and immaterial. Truly, truly I tell you, you have had your devotions in the past. And you have them in the present. In fact, they are all devotees in one way or another. This is because devotion is part of the reality of the soul. Either you become devoted to the truth or to the illusion. Either fear or love. Either to the all of everything or to nothing.

Daughter of holiness. As a pure soul created by God, being devoted to truth and love is what you are called to from all eternity. No other devotion will give you peace or happiness. The reason for this is that - as you already know - the truth is the only safe haven for the mind since only in it resides certainty. In the same way, it is only in love where the heart finds rest and tranquility since it knows only in it one can live in the fullness of being. This universal call to devotion does not mean that you have to go around the world looking for proselytes, or sisters and brothers to convince them about what you know. No. None of that is part of this demonstration. To confuse devotion to love and truth, with the desire to impose ways of thinking and beliefs, is to confuse love with fear.

To you who receive these words, I say. This is an invitation to become aware of where your devotions are placed. To do that, you simply need to ask yourself: What are the sources of your joys? What things do you consider valuable enough to give you lasting happiness and inner peace? What makes your heart sing with purity? What is it that you consider being of such high esteem; how to give your life, soul and heart?

If you listen to your heartbeat, you will realize what things you are giving your devotion to. Remember that you always give yourself to something. And that what you dedicate yourself to, body and soul, is either love or fear. There is no third option. It does not matter how these alternatives are manifested. On the plane of truth, form is not content. In his kingdom, what is different is not confused with what is the same. It is evident that a life given over to fear will produce different fruits than one that is given over to love. Dedicating your thoughts to love and truth will make you surrender all that you are to Christ because where your devotion is, your heart is. And with it your treasure.

Daughter of holiness. You have traveled a path full of graces and blessings to get here. Truly I tell you, you have grown in wisdom much more than you are capable of recognizing now. You are closer to Heaven than you think. Be glad that it is so. And it rests in the certainty that we will continue to advance towards a greater knowledge of the love of God, the central purpose of this manifestation that comes from on high. Holding hands, and united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we will continue our journey into the wonderful depths of beautiful love. There where the light of life shines sovereignly in your being. And the beauty of holiness is the essence of everything that exists, moves, and is.

We are going together towards the center of truth. In other words, to the full memory of love that has no beginning and no end. The first and only true love of the soul. God's love.

Thank you for answering your yes to love.

May peace be on you.

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