• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 2 - Union

I am the heart of Mary speaking to you. I am the concord that dwells in holy hearts. I am the source of life. I am that part of you that makes the world a sacred, pure, and holy place. I am a heart full of divine love, tenderness, and peace, as is yours and that of all that is true.

This manifestation has the purpose of opening the doors for a greater awareness of harmony, a love reality of creation. To live in unity is to live in harmony with the truth, to live in perfect union with the reality of pure love that God has created. It is also to live in peace with oneself and with everything.

Creation is benevolent. The universe blesses you every moment and waits with its open arms, to allow you within the embrace of love. You and life are a unit. Being aware of this is what the awakening of consciousness is about.

Life is an endless dialogue. To be aware of unity, which is the knowledge of the union of hearts within the calm and peace of love, is to remain in life. Everything that has been created lives in harmony within the heart of the Father, refuge of truth. Becoming aware of it is the purpose of our union in this particular work.

Live in peace. Travel the paths of love together with the serenity of the spirit. Flow in the ocean of mercy. Be one with everything in the truth. That is the will of God for you who are his beloved sons and daughters.

Knowing more and more deeply the source of being is the joy of the soul. Towards this greater knowledge we are traveling together. The times of disagreement have been left behind. The times of harmony are here. Times of union. Times of awareness that it is possible to leave behind everything lived and immerse yourself in a new and eternal reality.

The unity that exists between you and life is rarely recognized. Accepting this truth is being the owner of oneself, which is the condition of the children of divine love. With all my heart, as your divine Mother, I wish to bring you all to that knowledge as the foundation of truth.

Whether you are in a waking or sleeping state, the dialogue between you and the universe is not interrupted. You are constantly sending a flow of spiritual energy that arises from within you. In that flow of vital force the universe receives and brings back what is given to it. Ask God to show you the truth and it will be shown to you. Ask God to hide it and it will be done. This is because the universe is the expression of your consciousness. Everything is consciousness.

It is not that the truth disappears when you ask the world to show you an illusion, but that the window of your consciousness is closed to the contemplation of life with all its wonders. The dark night becomes present and you live within a place without light. But as soon as you ask life to show the love, truth, and peace in which everything exists, it will be shown to you.

Life awaits you with open arms to receive your blessing and return your love in ways that are beyond the desires of your heart and that fulfill your most intimate wishes.

All my children have the right to be happy. Everyone has the right to live in peace. Concord is the force of love that gives harmony to everything. It is the union in the truth of all things. It is the reality of unity. All beauty comes from the harmony of being.

Expressing beauty, joy, and holiness is what makes the world a paradise. To manifest the truth of the heart is to make known the treasures that exist within our union. When you remain in me, the beauty of our noble feelings and the diversity of the treasures of our spirit become present and call everyone to unity.

Everyone is given the beauty of the sun. Everyone has been gifted with spiritual beauty. God gives everyone the same. No distinction of any kind are made. Give the same love to all your creations.

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