Chapter 22 - Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

My little children, the world is submerged in great darkness. It is up to you to realize the light. Christ is as close to your being as is the air you breathe. Even closer still. This Mother always accompanies you and becomes one with the one who wishes to receive my messages and give them life by making them your own.

A new time in universal consciousness has begun. The time of the end of duality. The time when darkness comes to light to be illuminated by love. You, who have chosen only love, are those who are part of the movement that makes the light of Christ shine on the new humanity that is being born.

Do not despair due to the calamities of the world. Stand firm in confidence in my Immaculate Heart. God always triumphs. This truth must be the basis of your security and perfect certainty. You are my helpers of love. For that I call you, to serve the cause and effect of beautiful love.

Remember that in unity we are one body. In the holiness of being we are one soul. In the light of love we are one heart. United in the beauty of Christ, we remain as the reality of the love that God has created, and of which you are a part.

You have been brought to union with Christ your being. Now you will be carried sweetly on the wings of love, to the source of eternal life, if you are so disposed. Beyond our union there is what cannot be put into words.

There is no possible salvation without you because God does nothing without His children. I invite you to meditate on this message so that you can recognize how important your soul is. The whole world depends on your loving consciousness. The whole earth is transformed because of the holiness that you express with your loving thoughts and your pure feelings.

You are in the world to save your soul and those of others. One thing is linked to the other because they are part of the totality that you really are. In Christ we are one mind, one holy being, one pure love.

I am calling you to share with others and with the entire world the revelations you receive. Everyone receives inspiration from Heaven. Some are more aware than others. Even so, no one who lives in the world is fully aware of all the love he receives from God. Divine love floods you in an incomparable way. As it is received, your being widens to receive more in an endless receiving and extending.

Each of you is aware of the love you receive from God to the extent that it is given you to be known, according to the wisdom of the Creator. Make that measure grow by sharing until you become so expansive that there is no distance between the heart of God and yours. Let yourself be embraced by a love that has no beginning or end. Absorb the mystery. Broaden your hearts to fill with the fullness of the infinite.

In truth I tell you that the more you give of your true being, the more you receive. The more spirit you give to your works, omissions, and thoughts, the more spirit you receive. That is why I tell you today: Ask for spirit. As you receive more spirit, you will joyfully experience the unfathonable breadth of your heart.

The world needs your light, your holiness. You have come to Earth in these times by the will of the Father to be beacons that illuminate the nations, to be perfect reminders of holy love. In the middle of the dark night that humanity is going through, you are prophets of light. With your presence alone you dispel the darkness. With your works, together with my Immaculate heart, you bring hearts to Christ and help collective and individual consciousness heal the memory. You are loving instruments of perfect healing.

Put love in everything you do regardless of whether your works seem great in the eyes of the world or insignificant. Remember that there is the hour of truth. In that moment of universal expectation, only one thing will be taken into account, the love given.

I tell you these things so that you are attentive to give love, every day of your lives, without interruption of time, place, or circumstance. There are endless ways to express the love that lives in your heart. Do it according to your nature. Every expression of love is perfect because of the reality from which it comes. Do not stop on your mission of extending love.

Sow love in your homes, in your work, or in prayer groups. Bring pure love to your loneliness—a blessed opportunity to extend holy love to yourself and be alone with your Creator. Make your lives temples dedicated to harmony. You will not lack help from Heaven for the mission you have been given. Do not worry about what you will eat or wear tomorrow. I, the Mother of the living, watch over all Her children, and provide what is needed to those who listen and follow my voice.

Do not seek to be right. None of that will be taken into account in the hour of the hours. Rather, work diligently, and with serenity of spirit, in filling your coffers of love so that when you face the truth you can rejoice with me, your holy Mother,, because of so much love given. Love the creatures of the earth. All are of the highest. They all are walking on their way. Be a balm for them in their journey.

Transform into saddlebags of pure water for your sisters and brothers thirsty for love and truth. They also have their struggles, and many times they do not know what is happening to them. You, on the other hand, have received the revelation. Make that blessed gift from heaven an instrument to make the world happier so that your sisters and brothers can rest in peace in your presence. And they join more and more to the love of love. Blessed presence that dwells in souls, most holy guest who murmurs in the silence of the hearts that long for the truth.

Go around the world sowing peace. I will go with you.

I thank you for answering my call.

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