• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 23 - The Holy Indifference of the World

Children of my heart, there is not a soul that walks the earth that does not cry at the horrors it sees in the world. You feel those feelings, and all that arises within you. Do not anesthetize your hearts. The soul that longs for the truth cannot help but grieve before the desolate scenarios of heart break which it discovers at every step it takes in human experience. Your walk is painful and sorry. You carry a thorn in your heart. The more painful it is, the more sensitive you are as a soul.

Beloved of God, I want to invite you to honor every feeling that springs from your holy being. If you unite to my Immaculate Heart every beat of your heart, I assure you that all feeling will be transformed into an active force, whose power creates a new reality arising from divine love.

The feelings you experience in your humanity are calls. Go beyond them to the truth they seek to reveal. Learn to recognize their language. They exist for a reason. Do not deny or attack them. Accept them as they are, messengers of the soul. Do not rush to interpret what they want to tell you. Do not act without the due reflection that arises from loving contemplation.

Not everything you experience comes from the inner Christ. If you exercise in the silence of the heart, you can know what love is asking you in each feeling and thought. God calls and answers. Make this truth a rod of gentle discernment for your lives.

If you trust in love to the point of making that trust the engine of your lives, you will know that it cannot call you to something without giving you the perfect answer, and without creating the necessary conditions for the call to be fulfilled. This is what it means, "I am the Alpha and the Omega.".

The wisdom of heaven, whose source is the heart of God, extended to the human spirit in its creation. From that, it expressed in the form of thought and feeling through the mind and heart to create the reality of the human-divine experience. Then it returns to heaven where it has come from having increased its beauty, holiness, and luminosity in its passage through your souls,. Thus a new holy love is created. This is the flow of divine power, the becoming of the truth which travels from the source of eternal life to each created mind spreading in an endless movement. This is the reality to which human nature is called, as established by the original Plan of the Creator.

The power of your spirits is great. It is as great as is everything that comes from God.

I call you to cultivate the capacity for loving reflection which is perfected in silence.

Do not be afraid of what you feel or what you think. Embrace what you call "the energy" of your thinking and feeling and allow your conscience of pure love to do with it what Christ chooses. If wisdom calls you to action it will be communicated with perfect clarity. As it will be if you are called to waiting or contemplation. Do not believe that doing is more important than praying. Nor that the plans arising from a mind separated from love can result in something loving.

There is only one way to create a new world, and it is by remaining within the consciousness of Christ. It is in unity with love where the source of creation is one with you. It is living consciously in that unity that the power of heaven can spread through your souls and create a new reality in God's way.

Only the word of God creates life. Join with the word and a new creation will emerge. God is Lord of the Universe. And while He does nothing without His children, it is He who is responsible for carrying out with them the plan of atonement. All that is needed from you is a holy disposition to open your hearts, and allow love to do what only He can do. Only love can save the world, and it will save it. It is the word of God.

To the extent that you bring your feelings and thoughts to loving contemplation, arising from the silence of the heart, you will learn to recognize the language of love which is beyond every word and thought in the world.

You see only a very small portion of the reality of things. That is why it is important that you accept that pain is a mystery, just as life is. Give me your tears so that I can transform them into diamonds of holiness. Make your hearts an echo of my Immaculate Heart.

I invite you to unite your hearts to Mine more and more. Thus we will be the beating of the heart of God.

Do not immerse yourself in despair, for love always triumphs. The day will come when the new earthly kingdom will be seen and lived in the light of the Glory of the Father. And you, who cry today because of the heartbreak of the world, will live forever in bliss that has no end.

Help me create a new world. Join the beautiful love movement that this Mother is instituting. Remain united to the consciousness of Christ. In this way, let your pain be active. Get moving right now. Come to me, and together we will transform reality from the peace of heaven. Do not leave God out of the solution. Neither your sisters and brothers. Do not exclude yourself. All united in Christ, we create a new heaven and a new earth.

I give you the Grace of the holy indifference of the world. A gift that will lead you not to fall into the trap of the ego, which seeks to convince you that all is lost, or that things can be resolved without God.

I assure you that you are living the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. The darkness is coming to light more and more. A new sun is rising. A new reality has arrived. Go around the world announcing the good news. Christ is here.

I thank you for answering my call.

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