• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 3 - Silence of the Heart

My beloved sons and daughters, many times your tiredness is due to the hustle and bustle of the world. Especially in the big cities where it becomes difficult to consciously join my Immaculate Heart and enjoy the beauty of peace. The excesses are always disharmonious. The soul loves harmony as much as it loves balance.

The mind suffers when it is over stimulated because it exceeds its capacity for understanding. Everything has its time and process. That also includes the mind and heart. So many stimuli prevent your senses from processing everything calmly and your functions are altered.

I want to invite you to know a new state, new and eternal at the same time. It is the state of the absence of anxiety. Excessive cravings are an unequivocal symptom of an imbalance. Returning to the state of equanimity will make you feel free, happy, and above all fully yourself.

It is true that these are the times of the feminine. For that reason I manifest myself in multiple ways in a flow of thanks as never before seen in the history of humankind that is already evident. Wherever you go you can observe this movement of the tenderness of God's love, increasingly visible expressions of the feminine aspect of being. These are the times of unity and inclusion, times of sweetness and truth. These are the times of Mary. All this is true, but so is the fact that they are the times of spiritual youth.

I speak especially to the child in each of you, This work is dedicated to that innocence and openness, as well as to make you more aware of the sweetness of love and the need for motherly love.

Children, and the child in you are not only the future of the world, but the present and the eternal, since they are holy sprouts of love. Heaven is a kingdom of souls in touch with their childlike nature., That is why I have insisted, in union with my divine son Jesus, that you become like children in the arms of the Mother.

All are part of this work because those who are called children, whether or not they are young in body, often need to be guided by wise elders who know what love and truth are. Guiding does not mean teaching or exercising a type of authority, it simply means showing a known path. And above all, showing it with love.

No one can be excluded from my call because I am divine love made manifest as motherhood which is inclusive.

Young people look for role models, just as everyone does. This is a matter of identity. Your identity is a shared identity. Indeed, there can be no identity without identification and for this it is necessary to "identify with".

The joy that young people naturally express and their desire to dance and embrace life is characteristic of the soul in love with Christ, although it may be a force that is misrepresented.

Young at heart from all corners of the world, you are the hope of your heavenly Mother. In you I have set my predilection. I assure you, you will not succumb. Return to love. Find it in the silence of your hearts. There you will know the purity that you certainly crave. Do not identify with what is temporary, because your value is eternal. You are holy, as holy as the source from which the life that has been given to you springs. Respect and honor this. Love yourself with an honest, pure, and helpful love. Do not contaminate yourself with anything of the world. And if you feel that you have already done so, do not despair. Here is your other with open arms and a longing heart to have you back in your home of endless bliss. Many times your falls, like those of the whole world, come from a universal struggle on the spiritual plane. You are shaken by them just like a small flower is blown by the wind.

Do not worry about the future because the future is me. You who receive these words know that your life is in my loving hands. You will not succumb. The win is guaranteed. Do you think that something can stop this Mother who remains forever united to the power of Christ's love?

Do not believe that the forces you experience within you dominate you. You may think so for now, but the day will come when you will be lords of yourselves. You will live your lives as if it were a tree planted on dry land, whose roots are so well developed and absorb food from a soil full of healthy nutrients. You will consciously be the expression of God's love.

My sons and daughters, I have not come to criticize but to serve. I have come to tell you to express yourselves freely in the truth of who you are. You are beautiful as you are. And much more when you remain united to love in prayer and contemplation. There is silence in your hearts where you are full. You who have the sense of the search for challenges, I invite you to a new one, the challenge of God's tenderness. This will be a real revolution for the world, the love revolution. You are called to lead it with tenderness and holiness and authenticity, loving everyone equally, without excluding anyone or anything. And showing the world what it means to love and be truly loved, not with words or abuses, but with softness and kindness.

Listen to me. Young is not just a certain chronological age, but everyone who has a burning and free heart. Therefore, these messages are addressed to the young at heart, spirits who have come to earth to sow the love of the second coming of Christ. These messages are for you whom I have called to join the peaceful revolution of love that is being manifested.

Join our spirit movement. It remains in me, as I remain in me. This Mother is calling you. It needs you to make the light of life shine brighter in the world. My heart will heal your wounds. My love will erase from your memory all pain experienced. I will be hugging you in such a way that you will never shed a tear again. I am the hug of beautiful love, the embrace of a Mother like no other, the embrace of the sanctity of being.

Stay silent in me, and feel the tenderness of love.

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