Chapter 3 - Silence of the Heart

My beloved sons and daughters, many times your tiredness is due to the hustle and bustle of the world. Especially in the big cities where it becomes difficult to consciously join my Immaculate Heart and enjoy the beauty of peace. The excesses are always disharmonious. The soul loves harmony as much as it loves balance.

The mind suffers when it is over stimulated because it exceeds its capacity for understanding. Everything has its time and process. That also includes the mind and heart. So many stimuli prevent your senses from processing everything calmly and your functions are altered.

I want to invite you to know a new state, new and eternal at the same time. It is the state of the absence of anxiety. Excessive cravings are an unequivocal symptom of an imbalance. Returning to the state of equanimity will make you feel free, happy, and above all fully yourself.

It is true that these are the times of the feminine. For that reason I manifest myself in multiple ways in a flow of thanks as never before seen in the history of humankind that is already evident. Wherever you go you can observe this movement of the tenderness of God's love, increasingly visible expressions of the feminine aspect of being. These are the times of unity and inclusion, times of swee