Chapter 35 - Refuge of Holy Love

I. Always by your side

Holy creature. Born from the bowels of my divinity. If you knew the totality of love that you are, you would only know one reality: the gratitude of the soul towards the Creator for having been called into existence. What else can love arouse but happiness and security? What else can the heart long for that is loved with a love that has no beginning and no end, a love that embraces everything in the sanctity of being, that heals everything, cleanses everything, sanctifies everything in the light of truth?

It is true that many seem to live in the world without spreading love with their works. Still, its essence is pure love. They, like what has happened to them or happens to all who walk the earth, do not know what they are. Not knowing it, they cannot recognize or accept the sweet voice of truth that calmly calls them saying: see holiness personified. Come and immerse yourself in the reality of who you really are. And you will see great wonders. You will see Heaven that is given to you by birthright, and the purity of the power to eternally create new extensions of holy love.

My son. Consecrating your life to the truth is a decision that can be made. A path that is available to everyone, at all times, places and circumstances. When you choose to travel this path, conflicts cease and peace stands lush in your heart. Nothing that is not holy is human. This statement is of vital importance for those who want to live in the truth. Truly, truly I tell you all. Man is never more man than when he lives in love.

God has created souls. He has created them to perpetually enjoy the wonders He created for all eternity. Each soul has been gifted a mansion in Heaven of truth. A house where you can live forever with your creator and forever enjoy the delights of holy love. My sons. What does not come from divine love is unnatural to your humanity. Do not be confused by the voices that tell you in multiple ways that the profane is something that may be in harmony with who you are because this is simply not true.

The world is living a great test. And new ones will come. Many will be weak before them, they will not be prepared. Confusion will seize them and they will lose their sense of the holy. They will consider that everything is the same, thus losing the ability to discern between what is different and what is similar. In the midst of that confusion, your actions will be confusing, creating more confusion, and ultimately more pain for yourself and others. This is inevitable when you have been living a life without God for so long.

Not because they are punished, but because what is unnatural to what you are can create no other effect than something of such quality. This is the law of creation, everything arises from what the creative power has joined in order to create. And since you are creative by nature, you are always co-creating either pain or holy delights.

Even if the world is submerged in a great test and new tests come, there is a way out. Do not be intimidated by the times of darkness that are lived and are coming. Those who belong to the heart of Mary, belong to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And those who belong to me live in the light. My heart, always united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is the sacred temple of God. The safe house where souls can rest in peace and know that they will never suffer even the slightest scratch. I assure you that in my Sacred Heart there is no darkness or any possibility of the ability to harm to enter. In him there is only the holiness in which you were created together with everything, and that you are in truth.

II. Christ, the ark of truth

Today I come to invite you to reflect on a new perspective in relation to a story that my spirit of Wisdom has given centuries ago, that of the universal flood. Its purpose was not, nor is it, to relate a historical fact. Rather, elements of a fact were taken and put together in such a way that a prophecy could be given to the world. The prophetic character of the worldwide flood account is something that has been overlooked many times. Today it will be revealed to you out of love.

The universal flood refers to the time of the great test that every person goes through in their private and collective life. It refers to the great test of humanity and of the person. No to the regular challenges of life. But at a moment in the soul's path when everything seems to be collapsing around it or to be being subdued by forces that seem to shake her from one side to the other with a force that seems to greatly exceed her own capabilities. Regardless of what form this takes universally or personally, in the face of it the same is always experienced; a deep sense that the threat looming over the soul far outweighs its strength and capabilities to face it. This raises the degree of fear experienced. You can do this even to the level where fear turns into panic. This stage of the journey has its purpose. It is to allow the awareness of fear to be such that its denial is no longer possible. When that happens, there aren't many options for the human heart. We can actually say that there is only one. The return to its creator.

Deep in your hearts there is the wisdom of love. That is to say of Christ. In it you know that your perfect security resides in God, in your source and center of all existence. Your minds may at times have forgotten or strayed to some degree from this truth, but it does not make the reality of who you are nullified. The union of your being with Christ is eternal. Being aware of this is what every spiritual path that is grounded in truth is about. Once you return to the truth of who you are, you meet with Heaven.

My beloved. I am inviting you to experience a love that creates new life in you, and through you. The love of my Sacred Heart, always united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I assure you that if you allow yourself to be set ablaze by the flames of my divine love, the fire in your hearts will be kindled in such a way that you will burn in love. You will vibrate with my being and your heartbeat will be one with mine. I am Jesus of Nazareth, the joy of pure souls. Living united to me is the goal of your being holy. Allow your humanity to be embraced by this truth. Do not take away your freedom. Come to me and you will find what your hearts long for deep down.

Whoever remains in me should not fear any evil because it will not reach him. With my divine humanity I remain with each of my brothers and sisters. I hug and take care of them with special affection. And I do this with everyone. But you, who open your hearts to my love, receive not only the immanent embrace of my love, and the life that springs from my divinity, but you also become part of God's creative processes. In other words, of the full life of his divinity. And with this, the distances between Heaven and earth, the human and the divine, are abolished. You merge in Heaven of my holy love. This is an invitation to return right now to the chorus of creation and stay in it, so that you are truly happy.

Do not be afraid. Jesus is present every day of life in your existence. There has not been a single moment when I am not with you and in you. I am the risen one and nothing can prevent me from remaining in perfect union with everything and everyone.

Feel how your hearts leap when you hear my voice. Become one with the truth of who you are. Make your life project be to live united to beautiful love, together with my Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your eternal mother. If you do that, I assure you that the fear will dissipate. This is not something that can be done from the intellect, that is, from the thinking mind. Rather, it is something that is done from the heart. That is why I tell you once again, give me your hearts and I will do great things in your lives. Make the throb of your existence one with mine and together we will extend eternity.

III. The truth is now

Let my voice reach you. Allow my embrace to fill your lives with tenderness. Live with me a love that is not of the world. And you will forever sing a hymn of gratitude to life for having called you into existence. You will be a spring of living water with me. I invite you not to distract yourself with philosophical or theological reasoning that sometimes makes you lose your way. Rather live in love.

Remain in the union of mind and heart in the living Christ that you truly are. In that reality is where you are as you were created to be. And from it you can live a life in harmony with your true human and divine nature at the same time.

It is not necessary to make any effort to remain united to love. It only requires letting yourself fall in love with Christ. When you do that, you begin to experience the delights of beautiful love. Life begins to flow through your humanity and all that you are. There is not a single aspect of your reality that is not reached by the power of divine love, when you allow it to flood you with its light of wisdom and truth.

Do not seek to be similar to others. Nor do you forge your personalities your way. Rather, I tell you to give your mind, body and heart to me. My presence will transform your lives in such a way that everything in you will be a pure extension of divine love. Let yourself be absorbed by me. Merge into me. Be silent and come to my presence at any moment of the day. No preparation is necessary. Only the willingness to do so is required, for everyone has full access to my divinity. The door of my heart is as wide as my being is infinitely wide. There is no place where I am not. There is no time where I do not reside with all my divinity. I am the foundation of life and of all being. I am the source of creation, and in it you can find me too.

In our direct relationship you will always discover new delights of beautiful love. This is a discovery that is eternal novelty. That is why I repeat it often. Even to you who receive these words, and have already entered deep into the heart of God, I will say it again; so that you do not fall into the error of believing that nothing new will exist in your lives touched by love. I assure you that life is renewed at every moment, just as my love for you is renewed. There is not a single moment of existence that is the same as the other. New life is given to you from the source of eternal life with every heartbeat of the spirit.

Renew yourselves in my love. Make yourself new in the heart of God. Let my spirit make you reborn to grace every day of your lives. Be new men and women, born of beautiful love. Sing, vibrate and dance the dance of true charity. Live joyfully in the certainty that our union is indissoluble, for no one can separate on earth what God has united in Heaven. We are a holy unit. Well beloved children, in this truth resides the joy of your hearts. Become one with it. And remain forever in true happiness, which comes from the certainty that united we are Heaven of the world. And that our union is eternal, as my love for you is eternal. Our union is the ark where your hearts remain safe and every living being is called to life.

I bless you in the unity of being.

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