Chapter 42 - Love Without Opposite

Little children of my heart without spot, again I call you to the practice of conscious emptiness. This is an exercise that as you carry it out will become a habit and part of what you are.

To empty oneself to be filled by Christ is to renounce your way of thinking so that in that emptiness the truth can be revealed. Remember that not even God can fill a space that is full. Emptying the mind and heart is the way to give space to love so that it embeds you. For every crevice of conscious emptiness that you open, the light of heaven penetrates you and grows in your soul.

Emptying oneself does not mean making efforts to leave your mind blank or stop feeling things. It means not clinging to your thoughts or emotions. Do not identify with the thinking mind, or with the emotional body that is nothing but an extension of the mind. Remember that emotions are thoughts reflected in the body.

Do not try to silence your mind for yourself. To do something like that is to continue judging. Do you know what the nature of thought is?

Letting go of attachments to your beliefs, humbly acknowledging that the thinking mind knows nothing and that Christ's consciousness is the source of wisdom, which can be revealed to you at every moment, is what we are talking about.

Many times the restlessness of the human soul comes from a desire of the mind to be the architect of its own destiny. Thinking like that leaves no room for the union of love. It only allows one type of relationship based on convenience for its survival, which is really for its self-pride. Such a mind only rewards others, since it has reified itself. It only looks like a means used to achieve an end.

The thinking mind cannot conceive a true purpose because that is characteristic of being. You can only conceive goals. Believing in goals has been the great folly and the great substitution of humanity. Leaving them all is the great success to which you are called now.

Do not set goals. Just abandon yourself to love.

Growing up in abandonment to the truth is the only thing that makes sense in this world because finally those who decide to live in eternal life have to recognize that there is nothing outside of love. In the realm of truth there is no such thing as options or choices. Among what things could you choose if there is only love? Love has no opposite.

But in the world you have to choose. I call you with love to always choose love and only love. That way you will begin to live heaven on earth. It will be a foretaste of eternal life; but it will be loving and will make life on earth happier. Not only for you, but for those who will come to choose again.

This is the world of duality, a world of choice. Those who choose the truth will live eternally in the bliss of certainty and freedom. This is because only the truth sets you free. Only the truth is able to give certainty. Outside the truth there is only illusion, and there can be nothing but fear, because of the absence of certainty that it entails.

Release the goals of your minds, whatever they may be. Allow the spirit that dwells in your being to fill you with purpose. It knows how to do it. Let yourself be carried away by the wind of love. Follow the inspirations of your souls. Be aware of your intuitions, of the certainties of the heart. They will take you on safe roads. You will not get lost if you follow their designs. The heart knows where love dwells. And with its wisdom, the heart carries the mind with it to dwell in the abode of truth and enjoy the beauty of holiness.

Don't worry so much about spiritual techniques. Rather, take care to empty yourself, so that the self of sepration takes a step back and allows the self of the Christ in you, which is the self of union and purity, to step forward. You do that every time you allow loving thoughts to nest in your mind. Feelings that come from love keep your hearts clean.

Loving oneself is as essential as loving others, for they are the same. If you do not respect yourself in your holiness, in your divine being, you cannot respect your sisters and brothers. It is important that you love yourself so that love can spread through you.

Many times you are the most merciless towards your wounded self and your mistakes. Learn to be meek and humble of heart, also with yourself. Have patience. The Spirit is not in a hurry. It knows how to lead you on the path of wisdom. It knows the way of love. It knows very well that you have already chosen love as your life.

Live inspired so that your existence in the world is full of meaning. Trust in divine intelligence. You are never alone. When it seems that in your life nothing happens that makes sense, it is because the mind does not understand. Those who have made the choice for love cannot live without a transcendent purpose. Your single existence illuminates the world and increases the light of heaven.

I invite you to become aware that you are God's elect to be part of the beautiful movement of love. A movement of the consciousness of Christ that will allow love’s extension to all corners of the universe, as part of His second coming. If you were chosen for this call, the Spirit knows why and how. The opportunities that are needed, the events that are required, and even the thoughts, words, feelings, and beings that are necessary for this call will be given to you. Everything comes from love in this flow from heaven.

I give you the Grace of purity of heart.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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