Chapter 44 - New Knowledge

Little children, once again I have come to dwell with you in this particular way. These messages are written for each of my sons and daughters around the world. Share it among those around you if you feel the call to do so. That impulse of the heart comes from heaven. But above all, I invite you to take them into the chamber of your inner silence. Make them alive in you. They are given to you to be lived.

The world is walking towards the moment of truth. It does it more and more quickly. Not in time, but in the way of perceiving the mind. The life of consciousness is not subject to the limitations of time, space, and matter.

What is happening with the apparent acceleration of world events is that you have become aware of the direction humanity is taking. You are aware that there is a time for everything, and that everything that is of time comes to an end in time. You are also more aware of the need to live in the unity of love. That knowledge leads you to recognize and express the sense of urgency of the call from heaven. That urgency does not have any relation with time but with the importance that it entails.

God is never in a hurry because He has all eternity. The soul can be in a hurry or not depending on whether it believes that time is the only reality or not. The false belief in the reality of time is where all anxiety comes from. However, beyond what the mind can believe, there is the truth. The love of God is greater than all doubt, than all human thoughts, and all imaginable realities. Therefore, nothing can make the being feel anxious. Anxiety is always the result of a pattern of ego thinking born from the false belief that deficiencies are real and that they must be satisfied by the mind.

To live without anxiety is to live a life of peace in which love can shine freely. The desire to be there, when you are here, is what causes the anxious states. This, in turn, comes from desire.

I invite you to live without anxieties, without falling into the excess of craving things too much. Nothing in the world is important enough to put your desire at your mercy. When you cling to ideas or relationships, making them essential for your happiness, you fall into a state of fear. In fact, only fear is able to create such an idea and try to make it happen.

Honor the present. Live the now in the love of Christ. Stay tuned for the thoughts of your mind and heart. Don't be so fond of their wanderings. By looking at, observing, and releasing what is happening inside you, without judging, you free yourself from the thought patterns and emotional responses that the habits created, which hinder mental peace.

I have been called correctly Queen of Peace. That name is not just a way to call me. It is the perfect denomination of what being is. You are invited to be sovereigns of peace,.kings and queens of harmony. You can be because you have been given a kingdom to rule, the kingdom of your soul. In it you can make reign the beauty of holiness, peace that has no opposite, and perfect love, if you are willing to do so. To do this, you have a simple path that everyone can travel, a simple but effective means. You but need to join my Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In our union you allow divine Grace to flow into your hearts, and from there to the entire world.

Set aside the past after first recognizing the wounding. Give it to God. Do not hold on to it. It's over and will never come back. Do not try to anticipate the future to try to control events. That creates meaningless worries. Your Divine Mother watches over Her daughters and sons. She takes care of everything, if She is allowed to intervene in all the events of human life. The more you give me, the more I can help. The more you trust me, the more I can do for you, and for the whole world.

There is nothing that perfect love cannot solve. Make this truth the rod that governs your hearts and you will not lose your way. Love disarms the structures that need to be disarmed and unleashes what is tied that prevents the spirit from flying freely. Love heals wounds, illuminates the minds that have been immersed in ignorance, and embraces within itself the sanctity of being.

I want to take you to a knowledge that is not of the world to the knowledge of the love of God to a degree hitherto never achieved by humankind In that knowledge that is offered here, through revelation, you can recognize the love you really are and live in union with it. Thus you will be able to walk the earth as true men and women and true divine Christs.

Don't try to deprogram your minds and hearts in your own way. Let it be the Spirit of wisdom that does that within you. Simply be attentive to the movements of your soul and give me your will, your mind, your heart and your life. I assure you that you will enjoy more and more the transformation that you will be experiencing. Everything will be done calmly and without the need for effort or shocks. Everything will be done for love.

I also invite you not to judge the way in which Christ is transforming your lives. I assure you that the transformation you have already experienced is much deeper than what you are capable of imagining. The soul works by itself in union with the spirit and with God. In its inner workings, grace reaches the deepest confines of the mind and heart. It transmutes everything into light. Who grace touches with his loving hand is reborn. A new being is born as the soul receives divine grace when it joins with love.

In the knowledge I want to take you to see great things. You will see the miracles of love in your lives. You will witness the benevolence of the truth and the beauty of Christ. You will know a love that has no beginning or end. You can experience the sanctity of your being to a degree that you have not yet experienced in the world. You will shine with more light.

I give you my peace.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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