Chapter 5 - The Moment of Truth

My sons and daughters, today I want to talk to you about one of the ways of my love as your heavenly Mother. I refer with sweetness and dilection to the love that is expressed through my admonitions. It is important that you remember that this Mother of pure love loves with responsible love, just as God the Father does.

A love that does not admonish when needed is an incomplete love tainted by fear. It is not a perfect love.

I invite you to reflect on this message. You live in a world that seeks to liquify the truth and minimize the radicality of my call. In the kingdom of love there can be nothing but the purity of truth, shining in the glory of divine perfection.

Do you think that the truth will do nothing with what is its opposite? If so then you are wrong my children. I assure you that everything that is the opposite to the purity of love will be vomited from its belly and removed from the book of life, just as the earth does with what is unhealthy, or as the body does. This sets in motion the necessary mechanisms to eliminate a toxic element when it arises. In the same way, the naked truth will make all contaminated water that wants to return to heaven be purified and flow again as crystalline as everything that is of Christ. That way you will be in a position to join what is similar to you.

Little children of my heart. There is a kingd