Chapter 5 - The Moment of Truth

My sons and daughters, today I want to talk to you about one of the ways of my love as your heavenly Mother. I refer with sweetness and dilection to the love that is expressed through my admonitions. It is important that you remember that this Mother of pure love loves with responsible love, just as God the Father does.

A love that does not admonish when needed is an incomplete love tainted by fear. It is not a perfect love.

I invite you to reflect on this message. You live in a world that seeks to liquify the truth and minimize the radicality of my call. In the kingdom of love there can be nothing but the purity of truth, shining in the glory of divine perfection.

Do you think that the truth will do nothing with what is its opposite? If so then you are wrong my children. I assure you that everything that is the opposite to the purity of love will be vomited from its belly and removed from the book of life, just as the earth does with what is unhealthy, or as the body does. This sets in motion the necessary mechanisms to eliminate a toxic element when it arises. In the same way, the naked truth will make all contaminated water that wants to return to heaven be purified and flow again as crystalline as everything that is of Christ. That way you will be in a position to join what is similar to you.

Little children of my heart. There is a kingdom where there is only purity, a reality in which there is only holiness. There is a universe of infinite universes where there is only goodness. In this kingdom no crazy thought of death or destruction can even be thought of. Greed is inconceivable because fear does not exist there. Within this realm of pure divine light every feeling is one of nobility, beauty, and perfect harmony. Everyone is aware of the eternal unity in which they remain within love. The flow of life moves freely to the rhythm of truth. And everyone rejoices in it. There minds love the truth because they are free. They live forever in love.

Soul born of the Father! Remember that you are not in the world to adhere to the world’s values, but by the disposition of divine wisdom, in accordance with your will united with the Father. Remember that there is an atonement plan. Let the world spin. It is none of your business.

Do not intermingle with the values of the world. Just watch, listen, and wait. Take some distance from what you observe. The world is not your home nor do you belong to it. You belong to me. You are in the world because together we have decreed outside of the time that it be so for the salvation of human nature and to return it to pure truth. Again, you are not in the world to ascribe to its values. Let those who are of the world, those who commune in their own way with their thought system follow their path. The Father, who sees in secret, will know what to do with them. Let everyone think what they want. You remain in me. I am your home, your kingdom, and your everything.

I am the reality of your being. It remains elevated above the baseness of the world. Creeping on your belly is not in harmony with your nature. The birds fly. The reptiles slither. To each its nature. Because an eagle sees others crawl does not mean that it has to also crawl in the dust.

Let me show you what has to be shown, according to my design. Not everyone sees everything. When you can see clearly and without trembling the thousand faces and facets of falsehood, distinguishing what is holy from what is not without judging, then you can truly say that you have reached the truth.

Do not worry about what you call the misery of the world. Just watch, listen, and wait. Let the world spin in its madness. It is none of your business. Do not want to fix or transform it. Release everything. Stay in me. Let each child of God arrange their affairs with their Father.

The truth exists. And the day will come when I will be present in all consciousness.

The time of truth will come to all. At that time, the truth will no longer be hidden or denied. It will be a terrible hour—an encounter with pure truth. My sons and daughters, that time will come for each to see. Be glad that when that time comes you will rejoice in the truth and sing happily.

Pray for those who, when the time of truth comes, are not properly prepared. Great will be their pain. Terrible will be that time for them. But for those who have prepared themselves—because they have already embraced the truth by choosing love as their reality—that hour will be the hour of glory. It will be the hour of your full salvation, the hour of your resurrection. But for those who have not, painful will be their cries and gnashing of teeth. They will see the sun and will be blinded by its light.

The moment of truth exists. And even though this knowledge may arouse more pain or fear, you must communicate it to the entire world. Not to scare others, but to warn them lovingly. Remember that the truth must be told with love and presented together with the sweetness of the heart. If you do that, you allow the truth to adopt the forms of prudence and humility, which are very dear virtues for God.

Each person will arrive at a time when truth can no longer be veiled. What is holy cannot be called by another name. All hypocrisy will be useless, because before the truth it has no power to deceive. There can be no costumes, because their brightness will disintegrate them. Naked truth will come to light from the hand of love. Consciousness will be seen in its resplendent reality. That hour will come. It is the hour of pure truth.

It will be a terrible hour. The entire universe will remain silent—a silence of terrible expectation. It will be time for the naked truth. Everything hidden will come to light. Nothing can be disguised. Once again my children, that time exists. It's the time for the truth. Think about it. Keep this knowledge in your heart. Prepare yourself for that hour from this moment so that, when it arrives, it will find you in union with love. And it shall be for you the hour of the light of glory.

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