• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 51 - Ocean of Infinite Love

My little children, once again I come to dwell with you in the unity that Christ is, the unity of love. Some of you wonder why the Mother is manifesting so much across the earth. It is because the world needs the presence of heavenly love more than ever. A new humanity is being born. The mother is vigilant with her newborn. She shares her wisdom and her care as she leads her redeemed little children.

Today I have come to remind you that once the soul has been healed by the spirit of my divine son Jesus, it is necessary that this healing be accepted. The soul was living as a patient for a long time, and then healing was achieved, the patient was discharged, and now must get used to living a new life. This is the life of the resurrected soul healed by the waters of the Lamb of Christ.

The times of illness create a particular mental state to which the soul often adheres beyond its reality. This means that the self can create a false identification with the suffering self, even beyond the disease. This is how it happens with attachment to emotions in general and particularly with attachment to suffering. In these cases, the self tries to obtain a kind of pain identity.

When the self identifies itself with suffering, it seeks to create a victim identity that allows it to obtain something in return for its pain. This exchange of "benefits" is something foreign to love. Any transaction that seeks to transfer benefits from one party to another is something that is based on use. In the realm of truth there is no such thing as use. These types of situations are abusive by nature. Abusing a condition, whatever it is, is the method of the ego. Living in the freedom of being is the reality of love.

I call you to live like the resurrected one that you really are. You have gone through moments of suffering. The pain experienced has existed, although it has been in the past. However, the time has come to accept that what happened does not have to continue creating pain in the present. The past cannot have real power over the present. Rather the strength it has comes from a way of thinking and feeling of the soul.

In order to release the illusion that the past is real and has the power to determine your present moods it is necessary to accept the fact that you have already been released from it. Clinging to the past stagnates your spiritual development and keeps active the energy that keeps it alive over and over again. Not in reality but in the illusion that is created in the mind that does not live anchored in the truth.

I invite you to put your pains in my Immaculate Hands. I will take you with all the love of my heart as a Divine Mother and I will sweetly take you to the center of the circle of infinite love that comes from the Father of Creation. In Him your pains will be transformed into unimaginable graces.

In truth I tell you that divine love has the power to transform everything into more love. The pain experienced can be a source of light for you and the whole world. It can create sources of eternal life, born from the union of your trust in love with the living Christ.

Love is not indifferent to the pain of my daughters and sons so how could I be? If you remain in peace, and let the truth envelop you, you can see that He who gave you life constantly does things to heal his children, to help them return to their eternal home, and restore their dignity and identity. Love can do much more for you than you can imagine. That is why I insistently ask you to give everything to Christ. Do not leave a single aspect of your lives out of His embrace.

Give me your bodies. I know how to transform them into perfect messengers of the spirit of love. Entrust your minds to me. My grace can descend upon them as if it were a rain of fresh water, and wash them of all thoughts that cloud the understanding and do not come from the divine mind. Give me your will and I will reunite it with the will of God. Put your hearts in my hands and I will make them sing, dance and vibrate to the beat of eternal life.

You can constantly join more and more to your source. This path of growth in union, which is constantly leading you to immerse yourself in greater depth, within the merciful waters of the Father's love, constitutes the reason for the existence of your being.

I am revealing the essence of life. The being that you really are, which is the perfect extension of God, is a being of pure love. As such, it is a being endowed with free will. Take this that has been given to you and freely decide how united you want to be to love. Herein lies the reality of what you are, how united you are to your source of endless life.

God is pure consciousness of infinite potentiality. Nothing exists outside of Him. In a sense, it is like a vast ocean of crystalline water in which all that created nothing freely. In the depths of that ocean there is your heart, the essence of love. You can swim far from it or near it. And you can also swim within. How far, near, or inside your heart you are is a matter of free will.

You who have chosen love, do not stop moving more and more in the direction of the unfathomable depths of the waters of eternal life. I truly tell you that if you want to unite with the center of the divine being you can do it. Remain in me and let me find you in love.

Blessings my children.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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