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Chapter 55 - Pure Relationships

My little children, I bless you in the holiness of Christ. I have come once again to dwell with you for the simple reason of charity. Love moves me. Love feeds me. Love is my being. I want to continually invite you to surrender to the Mother of love. Your wounded self will be healed and embraced by the tenderness of my Immaculate Heart. The pain experienced will be transformed into a greater knowledge of God's love, and thereby erased from your memory through the waters of Christ's forgiveness. Your tears will be transmuted into laughter and revelry, just as one day the water was changed into wine for the wedding party.

You all carry in your hearts a wound. You all have your crosses. Some are heavier than others. Some are larger and others are smaller in appearance. Do not carry them alone. Give them to me. I will give them to my divine son Jesus and he will carry them for you. That way you will free yourself from the weight that it entails.

Living in the truth is also recognizing that there are things that do not come from love. Therefore, they cause pain. The wound that is not recognized and delivered to the love of Christ cannot be healed. You don't need to know the details of that wound, nor understand it. It is enough to be aware of any painful feelings you feel or any disharmony that you experience in your life. Embrace it in your consciousness and bring it to the source of the beautiful love that lives in your being.

You will know them by their fruits. Therefore, discern in light of the effects. What comes from love creates effects of peace and harmony. What comes from a lack of love causes fear, dissension, and loss of serenity, among other things. The heart will always be the perfect guide in your path of light. When you feel exalted, or prey to anxiety and restlessness, simply return to the center of your inner temple. Bring love to that wounded part of your soul. Love yourself with purity.

To love with purity is to love unconditionally. It is to bring love to the wounds. It is to embrace the child who cries inside your heart. It is caressing the soul that suffers in silence. It is to have compassion for everyone, starting with yourself. Who does not love cannot give true love. The soul gives what it gives itself. As it is on the inside, so it is on the outside.

Those who have lived for so long without the experience of pure love, those who have not been well loved, will find in me the love that has been lacking. My heart can fill with light all the spaces in your hearts that have been empty of love. There is no pain that does not heal in me. There is no twist that is not straightened by my Immaculate Heart. There is no harm that is not transformed into good, when it is delivered to Mary.

The force of love that comes from my heart, and from the sacred heart of Jesus, belongs to you by birthright. It is the same power that comes from God, in whom we are one. I call you in the name of love to remain in the union of the three hearts. To take the hand of the Mother and the Son. In our unity of perfect love you will live within the refuge of divine love.

Everything that comes from God enjoys perfect certainty. Your being is no exception. I invite you to live in the knowledge that there is a love that has no beginning or end, which is available at all times, places and circumstances within your hearts. You can feel it. You can share it. You can give it and receive it.

When you join the source of your being, you experience the healing that has already been given to you and that is eternal. With love and holiness I tell you that what you really are has never been damaged. Remain eternally in the harmony of Heaven. There is no need to leave the holy abode.

Little children well loved, relationships are sacred. God has created them so that you can live in the truth. If they are established from the spirit of love, they will be divine relationships because of their source. And since all that comes from God is bliss and elevation, you will grow in the awareness of the consciousness of love. All selves establish relationships, whatever they may be. You can't live without them. The only thing that can be done is to prepare to live the holy relationship, or to remain trapped in the labyrinth of the special relationships where the ego resides.

Once the heart has healed, pure, innocent, and divine bonds begin to be established. This is because the relational energy radiated by the soul has gone from being toxic to being pure. Souls generate a force of attraction to what is similar to their emotional vibration. That is, they have the ability to attract themselves, which is capable of joining their way of feeling in the present. If you feel envious, you will attract greed. If you feel compassion, you will attract love. I urge you lovingly to keep your hearts clean of any feeling other than love. Having the soul ordered makes harmony join her. And with that, the happiness that always exists where concord reigns.

Put in my hands any experience of special relationships that you feel you have had, and that in one way or another diverted you from the purpose of love. I will take them and bring the miracle of the resurrection, not because of my power, but because of the love of God that lives in me.

Let wisdom take you where you know you should be taken. The universal Christ, where your personal Christ comes from, watches over all lighting the way, removing the obstacles, taking the soul through meadows full of greenery.

Once you have given me any concerns that have nested in your hearts, or any pain experienced, I ask you to trust in the power of my love. I ask you to release everything in me and then don't think about it anymore. I, your Mother, will take care of everything you allow me to in your life. I invite you to live happily in my love. I give you eternal life. I give you my peace.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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