Chapter 59 - Celebration

My little children, today I want you participate in a particular way in my joy as Mother of God. My Immaculate Heart sings, vibrates, and dances to the beat of the contemplation of those daughters and sons who have responded to the call of love. God's offsprings are becoming more visible. Green shoots are growing all over the earth. The voices of the second advent choir are being heard everywhere. A new song is being sung throughout the world. It is the song of Mary, the hymn to the love of love.

The ringing of the bells of the Lord sound in harmony singing the Mother of life. The angels dance in the sky. The hearts of men and women are glad on earth. Creatures praise love. The waters dance a new dance, the dance of eternal resurrection. Pure spirits rejoice in God. The minds that have chosen only love rejoice in the recognized truth. Holy hearts are increasingly immersed in the depths of divine mercy. A new creation is being born every moment. A new earthly kingdom is being established. In the middle of the old, the new is born. In the midst of fear, love radiates. Hate gives way to unity. The light shines where there was darkness.

The light of Christ shines in the hearts that have returned to love, and in that shining of purity and holiness, the heart of Mary rejoices. It is a joy that will never end. It is the joy of the Mother to her daughters and sons who are raising their sweet voices to extend love to the world. Songs of Heaven are heard on earth through the hearts that have said yes to the truth. The earth is populated by living Christs. It is filled with the love of Mary. It is being renewed in truth. A flood of blessings is falling on her in these times of Grace and Holiness.

I thank you for having responded to the call of my divine Son Jesus. You have done it in various ways. Some of you don’t even realize that it is Him to whom you have said yes. Each one of you who have felt the stab that the living Christ has caused in your soul leading your lives to be lived for God, have said yes to Jesus. Follow that call that you feel in your hearts. Pay attention to the inspirations. They will take you to where your soul yearns to be. In them you will find the strength and knowledge necessary to carry out your mission within this movement of beautiful love.

I extend my gratitude. I give you my peace. You who have chosen to live for Christ are the voices of Heaven that are heard on earth. You are the chosen ones in the Father's plan to give a perfect human face to love. You are the bearers of light, saints of the new times, disciples of Mother Mary.

In truth I tell you that you will see more and more of your sisters and brothers singing the hymn of eternal life. They are those who, everywhere, share what is revealed in their consciences through the wisdom of Heaven, spirits that have opened to give and receive. They give light and receive truth. They are those who in various ways fill the earth with spirit. They show the truth about the being of pure love created by God. They teach that life is love because only love is real. They show the way for the understanding of the truth about the essence of things. They know that God is love and they shout it to the four winds. Their hearts can no longer be drowned. Wherever they go, they flash the luminescence that comes from the Holy Spirit that dwells in their souls. They are no longer fireflies of love, they are stars that illuminate minds and hearts. They are Christ on earth.

How much joy exists in your Mother's heart! I am glad that you give me your love, my holy sprouts. Celebrate life on this day. Rejoice in your unity with God. May your hearts rejoice in the certainty of the truth. Give yourself the joy that comes from the acceptance that, in the depths of your being, you have chosen the truth forever and it will not be taken away from you.

Thank you for your yes to love. Thank you for lending me your voices, your hands, and your time, to extend love together to the world. Go on the paths of life sowing the truth. Invite everyone to come join the movement of beautiful love, a place on earth where there is love for the truth and the sincere desire to give others what you have received from the heights of love. Let no one be excluded. Call everyone.

How much joy you give to the Mother of God with your existence! To see you united in the holy desire to bring the light of Christ to the world in your unique way is the contemplation of Heaven on Earth. You do not realize how much light emerges from your spirits. Perhaps you cannot yet see the beauty of the colors that spring from your souls every time you immerse yourself in the prayer of truth united with Christ and the reality of beautiful love. When you remain in the presence of love a halo of holiness flows from you that covers the earth. It cleans everything in its path. It creates a new light healing wounds and gathering what was scattered. It creates a new love. It is the light of the Christ in you that extends endlessly. Light that illuminates the nations. Light that never goes out. Light that gives peace to souls.

I invite you to join together, you who have said yes to love, so that you may form a new holy nation. A new world, a new kingdom where only Christ is sovereign. A new Jerusalem where all live in holiness and where only unity reigns and harmony is put first. Here everyone is called to be as they really are. In this kingdom union in diversity is enjoyed and the uniqueness of the children of God is respected and loved for what it really is.

Open your hearts to receive more and more from God. Heaven has opened wide as never before and wishes to fulfill the desires of my daughters and sons beyond what you can even imagine. Do not exclude yourself from this time of Grace. Invite everyone to come and drink from the source of beautiful love. You know how to do it. The truth is within you. You are the children of light. Manifest in the world the love that you really are.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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