Chapter 6 - Eternal life

My children. Do not venture into ideas that make no sense. You have been gifted with reason. The truth dwells in your minds as a blessed gift from the Father. Yes. There is a truth that is always true. You know it. You can distinguish it in your hearts. Your minds feel safe in the truth, and your souls are happy in pure love.

You let yourselves be seduced with ideas that are meaningless, trying to make you believe what can never be is true. You are children of God. You cannot be anything else, since He is your creator. You have been created—and still today you are sustained—by the love that comes from the Father. Love is your source,your reality. Everything else is pure illusion.

Let go of all intrigue. Set aside complex thoughts that only make you confused. The truth is simple. Love is pure. Holiness is eternal.

Those who say that everything is relative and therefore ideas about good and evil are simply mental constructs that have nothing to do with reality are wrong. Good exists and proceeds from Love. Evil exists and was never created by God. This is the simple truth. You know well what is evil, because your hearts do not sing with joy in it. Also, you know very well what makes you happy. You all have the ability to recognize love.