• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 6 - Eternal life

My children. Do not venture into ideas that make no sense. You have been gifted with reason. The truth dwells in your minds as a blessed gift from the Father. Yes. There is a truth that is always true. You know it. You can distinguish it in your hearts. Your minds feel safe in the truth, and your souls are happy in pure love.

You let yourselves be seduced with ideas that are meaningless, trying to make you believe what can never be is true. You are children of God. You cannot be anything else, since He is your creator. You have been created—and still today you are sustained—by the love that comes from the Father. Love is your source,your reality. Everything else is pure illusion.

Let go of all intrigue. Set aside complex thoughts that only make you confused. The truth is simple. Love is pure. Holiness is eternal.

Those who say that everything is relative and therefore ideas about good and evil are simply mental constructs that have nothing to do with reality are wrong. Good exists and proceeds from Love. Evil exists and was never created by God. This is the simple truth. You know well what is evil, because your hearts do not sing with joy in it. Also, you know very well what makes you happy. You all have the ability to recognize love.

Unite your hearts to reason, your perfect guide. What does not make sense in the light of truth discard as you do diligently with other things you do not like. Harmony, peace, joy; in short, love in all its forms is the natural state of being. That is why the call to happiness cannot be banished from your hearts.

I am inviting you to remain in the purity of holiness. In it is where your minds are free and where you can feel the freshness of the wind of the spirit.

What is living in the purity of holiness? It is thinking true thoughts and feeling loving feelings. Christ is love and truth. To live in purity is to live in unity consciously with the inner Christ and to transcend that unity by going to the source of eternal life.

God's creations are eternal as His love for them is eternal. I tell you this one more time to reflect on the things of your so-called "planet earth" and its supposed extinction. I assure you that the world will not be destroyed. Again I remind you the world will not succumb. Everything exists within the embrace of love. There will be no such thing as a great conflagration. I cannot tell you how it is that the end of time will be, because you are not yet ready for it, nor is it necessary. But I assure you that nothing is beyond the reach of God. Truly, I tell you that you have a loving Father and Mother whose power exceeds all measure. Life will not be extinguished. Nothing that is true can cease to exist.

The only thing that will be corrected will be the illusion of separation. Everything else will remain as it is for all eternity. This includes you. In the kingdom of God there is no death, therefore it does not exist at all. Only eternal life is real. In other words, God is the only reality, because only He is eternal truth.

When you are told that you project your fears on the blank slate of the world, it is not being said that you create your body, or the stars and the sun. What is meant is that you project your feelings, beliefs, and interpretations on what you perceive with the bodily senses. This is how you give meaning to things. If you do it for yourself, without being in union with the inner Christ, it will be from fear, and fearful projections will be inevitable. If you do it from the truth that Christ lives in you, there will be no such thing as a fearful world that you need to attack to defend your mental integrity.

Only the lack of inner peace is what can constitute a threat to the integrity of the mind.

Observe that I have used the word threat because in truth nothing can attack your true mind, which is the divine mind. Even so, the fear of the loss of psychic integrity is a basic fear. You leave that fear when you remain in the truth of who you are and you do that when you remain in Me. To remain in Me is to remain in the sanctity of being and in the purity of love. In other words, it is to remain in the truth of your being, within which there is only the security and fullness of love.

In the past you have felt fear of violence because you perceived that you were vulnerable and helpless in the face of it. That fear sought to protect you from danger and in a sense it has succeeded. It is not that kind of fear that clouds the truth in your consciousness. That fear is actually a survival mechanism that has the virtue of preserving life on the physical plane. It is necessary. There's nothing wrong with it. It is a movement of the heart that knows what peace is, and rejects everything that is contrary to harmony, beauty and love. It comes from the impulse to live, which has its origin in eternal life.

When children are exposed to violence and anger it is usually a very traumatic experience. No child should be exposed to it. They are not able to preserve their mental and emotional integrity in the face of that force that is perceived as disintegrating. In the face of violence, they feel that their interior is disharmonized and crumbled, and they suffer greatly. This does not happen only in children. Along the path of consciousness many reach the point of freeing themselves from the fear of violence by recognizing that nothing external can cause them to lose their sanity. They are the ones who have found the truth and live in peace within themselves. They are those who live in the embrace of love.

When you feel that you have come into contact with anger, I simply ask you to recognize that it is alien to you. Remember that coming into contact with something does not mean you have to join it. What is asked of you is that you remain in inner silence, without judging anything while holding the following truth high in your consciousness:

“The past has passed. When you were a child and suffered acts of violence of all kinds, you responded with fear to protect yourself. That fear was the fear of the loss of mental and emotional integrity, the fear of being overwhelmed. You can relax thatfear in your remembrance of the true embrace of the love of your Mother..

Then you will be able to respond in a different way. You will respond with holy indifference to the world. You will recognize that everything external to you is neutral and that you cannot lose your equanimity for the things of the world. You will accept that nothing can separate you from love. This recognition will allow you not to respond to anger with fear, but to take refuge in the truth of your holy being. You will substitute fear for the holy indifference of the world. ”

My sons and daughters. You can no longer lose inner peace because you have reached the truth. Eternal life is your heritage, love is your only reality. Accept this truth right now and release the fear of violence forever. I remain in you, every day of your life. United we are in the reality of love.

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