• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 65 - Call of the Divine Mother

My beloved sons and daughters, today I want to fill your life with blessings. I have come with open hands full of treasures from Heaven. I want to invite you to share with me the joy of God wherever you look and in everything that is heard around you. In the silence of love the songs of creation arise. The Creator rejoices in creating. The son rejoices in the presence of the Mother. And the angels sing in union with everyone, new lights, eternal lights. Hearts dance with Mary, minds rest in the peace of truth and souls immerse themselves in the infinite ocean of pure consciousness. Let all the earth be glad. Christ has arrived. A new light shines in the world. A new holy creation is born, merging from the union of our enamored spirits. The beautiful love movement creates a new holy love that springs from the very bowels of endless Mercy. Take advantage of this call of the Father's merciful love. It is jubilee time. Take from him what he wants to give you. Do not expect too much in time. Keep in mind that the forgiveness of Christ was created for time. And when this is over, it will return to the eternal amorphous nature of God from where it has arisen.

In this time of grace and blessings everything you give to the heart of Jesus will be sanctified because of his holiness. Everything you ask will be granted as long as it is in harmony with the will of God and your true being. There is nothing you ask in the name of divine Mercy that is not granted to you. Even the most difficult situation will be transformed into divine light when you put it in the hands of merciful Love. Every knot will be untied. I am giving you the greatest grace that can be received, the power to join Mercy. Do it with a confident heart. Ask her what you consider necessary. Pour into the unfathomable abyss everything that afflicts your hearts. Join her with your joys and sorrows. Let everything that happens in your lives be submerged in the infinite ocean of God's love, a love that is pure mercy that heals wounds. A love that responds to who invokes it and that is always faithful. Do not be afraid of pain or sin. Let yourself be embraced in the love of this divine Mother. Say at every moment of your days: Mary, Divine Mother, I trust in you. With these words you link your heart with mine and I take you to the depths of my Mercy. In it your souls return to their original state washed of all stains. You are reborn in the beauty of Christ and are whiter and purer than a snowflake. In truth I tell you that there is nothing that cannot be restored by the power of the Father's merciful love. That love without beginning or end is where I can take you if you trust me. I ask with all my heart that you do not live life as if you did not have a heavenly Mother. You have one. I am here speaking to each of you whether you receive these words or not. The mysterious power of the voice of God manifests itself in all ways that you cannot yet understand. These words bring life. They are given by the one mind in which all minds reside. They are expressed in the union of hearts. Do not forget that in Christ you are one mind, one holy love, one being. In the Immaculate Heart of Mary you are the concord of love. Live your joyful lives in union with Christ. In it lies the creative power of the universe. You can not yet imagine how many wonderful things God has to give to His children. I invite you to take the test and corroborate what you are being told. This is not to test your level of trust. It is a gift from Heaven. Sometimes, little children of my Immaculate Heart, you need to see a little in order to believe a lot. The urgency to have full trust in the love of my word makes it necessary to give you the experience of God's acting love in your lives in a particular way. That is why I invite you to ask abundantly, not as a sign of fear or a belief in lack but as an act of unlimited trust. Do not breastfeeding children ask their mother without any hesitation that they will be fed? I give you the gift of full confidence in love. I call you to make it the source of your certainty, the way forward and the way to live your lives. Grow in it. Deliver yourself without limits to Mercy. Seek to unravel its divine mysteries. I assure you that you can never ask enough. For therein lies the infinite treasures of the Kingdom. It is an inexhaustible source of goodness. It is a perpetual sun that illuminates everything in the beauty of love. It is a light that never goes out and a soft wind that always blows, cooling souls and making hearts vibrate. From it life arises. In it everything that has movement moves. From this everything has been created, even your being. You are the answer that love has given to love. You were born of a holy dialogue between the three people of the divine essence. In the Trinitarian reality of love is where you will die. To make you aware of this is to return to the truth. To live life because of the love you are is to live as the Christ you are. I give you my blessing.

Thank you for listening to my voice and following it.

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