• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 66 - The Risen Son

Dear children of heaven, God lives in your hearts. In the center of your souls Christ resides. Unite with Him. To live in unity with the inner Christ is to live in the integrity of being. Each of the created beings possesses within themselves creative love.

Today I want to ask you not to fall into the trap of thinking that listening to my voice makes you special. You are all my children. And your Mother speaks to everyone equally. It is true that not everyone responds with the same dedication and fidelity. Still my voice is active in all times and places in all of creation. The voice that flows from my being is the voice of God, since in me there is nothing that is not of Him. The same happens when you join with your true Christ identity.

Become one with the inner voice. In it you will hear great things. As you get ready to listen, you will hear. And you will become more and more capable of living from that voice that lives in you but belongs to God.

To believe that the voice of love can only be heard and followed by some is to believe that God is unfair. I invite you to contemplate this message. In this is a great revelation for the whole world. Mother has come! Mother is here! Listen to me. Every day I will manifest more. You are in a perfect condition to hear my voice, and with it the voice of Heaven. Everywhere in the world I am talking to my daughters and sons. Some of these manifestations have become widely known in various parts of the world. However, most are not so visible. Nor do they need to be. The miracles are necessary sometimes. That is why on certain occasions God uses them for the good of humanity. Nevertheless, the celebrity appeal of the miracle is not something of Heaven. Love only cares about love. The one who can understand this understands my love.

A child needs time to start talking, and then more time to display the full capacity of his spoken language through words and symbols. So too it is the case with the soul that, having been disconnected from the voice of truth for so long, needs time to return to love. At first we cannot distinguish clearly that divine voice that speaks within. But little by little we get used to it. We accept that it is a voice that does not belong to us and yet it is still spoken inside. We begin to remember that it is the mind of God that thinks in the mind of His child and it is the heart of God that loves in the heart of His child.

When the soul returns to love, its mystical abilities awaken and are set in motion again. The mind focuses on the truth and is not pleased with anything other than that. The heart widens, going through a period of sensitivity uniting in its consciousness feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Memory begins to move towards union with a remembrance that is beyond the capacity of cognitive memories. It is an ancient memory. It is the memory of God that emerges in the mind of the risen son or daughter of love.

It is one thing to begin to accept that God lives in oneself and another thing to make that eternal truth the only reality of your lives. Once you hear the voice of truth expressing in you it is necessary to take the next natural step and to follow what that voice says. It is foolish not to live in union with the truth when you have reached it. It is meaningless to live a life immersed in fear when you have found love.

Little children of Mary, you who have the privilege of receiving these words from Heaven, I have come to remind you once again that you have already been found. There is no need to keep looking. Your sins have been forgiven. There are not even traces of them in the mind of Christ. Your stains have been washed away and your souls shine in the whiteness of holiness. You are the resurrected children of love. I invite you to live as such. Go around the world with a smile. Live serene in the certainty that you are doing the will of the Father of Heaven. Be assured that this divine Mother goes with you wherever you want to go.

When God calls you, which He constantly does, He does so that you may live in lasting happiness. In the docile and joyful response to His call lies the fullness of the desires of your hearts. When you dedicate yourself to live for love according to the call that lives within you, your truest dreams come true and your deepest desires are fulfilled. The life you experience is happier than you can even imagine. It is a rest for the soul that knows that it has arrived, that its goals have been achieved, and that its realization is true. For this reason, my voice constantly calls you to peace so that in the stillness of the soul you can hear the voice of divine love. And listening to it, follow it without any hesitation.

When you join Christ and remain in Him your lives not only gain transcendent meaning but you are led to live in the joyful adventure of the divine. Miracles arise at every step. The reality of God's plan unfolds before your eyes. You start to play the game of beautiful love, a game in which astonishment is its seal and novelty is constant.

With Christ, the new is created in every moment. In Him there is no repetition. There is no room for boredom or apathy. God is eternal creation. It is a mystery that is unveiling at every step and recreating at every moment. As a little piece of it is unraveled, a new unfathomable universe of eternal wonders becomes present in the mind that wants to know with the knowledge of heaven.

My sons and daughters, I am calling you to the true happiness of the children of love. I summon you to live joyful in Christ, to walk your paths holding the hand of your divine Mother and the hands of your sisters and brothers in holiness. Release all thoughts that want to stop you. You do not need them. Move safely into the eternal heavenly joy. Live in it. Come walk with me. Together we will create a new Heaven and a new Earth at every moment. We will extend the bliss of holiness. And hearts will sing joyfully the hymn of life.

I bless you in endless bliss.

Thank you for receiving my messages.

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