• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 7 - Prayer: portal to divinity

How much joy the heart feels that remains in unity with everything created within the embrace of love. What a joy it is to live in peace. What a blessed gift is to remain in my Immaculate heart, within which lies the reality of holy love.

I am a mother who always accompanies because I am the mother of love and love is presence. I have the power to rain a flood of miracles and divine blessings on your life and that of the whole world. But that power is of no use outside the union. That is why I ask you again and again to remain in me. Prayer is the vehicle of miracles and the food of the soul. It is the reality within which one lives in divine love. There is no relationship without dialogue. For this reason, the heart always seeks to dialogue with its creator whom it knows very well. Because without him he cannot be aware of the union with his source.

Every prayer that springs from trust is a prayer of love. Therefore, it is perfect. The way in which it manifests is of little importance, since if the motivation of prayer is to remain united to God, the effects of unity will be its inevitable consequence. Love does not notice the forms, although it integrates and uses them at the service of its expression.

The times of unity, which are the times you are living, are characterized by the integration of form and content into a unique reality, with no distance between them. In a sense we can say that the soul's journey is a journey that goes, from the belief in the form without content, exalting it and putting it where it cannot be, that is, above all. Towards the recognition of the essential. And then to the integration of both joining them to the source of beautiful love.

Gathering everything that is true in my children to transcend that union and go beyond the imaginable, beyond what cannot be put into words, is what I invite every day in our divine relationship. We are the Mother and the Son, united forever in a filial love that comes from the heart of God.

Pray is a service to creation. Living in unity with love is the highest way to serve because from the divine unity flows to creation all kinds of blessings, thanks and strength that make your sisters and brothers can be fully happy. The power of prayer is immeasurable. Not only does it bring benefits to you, remaining in the experience of pure love, and with it in perpetual security, but it gives life to everyone and everything.

Prayer is able to cure every disease, to solve every human problem, to create entire universes, to heal the planet earth and to embrace within love everything that exists and is. Nothing is excluded from the power of prayer because prayer is a sublime expression of love. The soul without prayer faints, just as it happens to man without love.

Prayer is a dialogue of love between you and me. In it lies its power. This is the reason why true prayer transforms. To remain in constant prayer is to remain united to that space of your heart where there is a silent reality that nothing can disturb. In that depth of being, which is the gateway to the divine, the silence of the heart, there is the most sacred relationship in the universe. The holiest relationship you can ever imagine. The relationship between you and me. The relationship of eternal life.

The prayer of silence is the highest that can be achieved in the world because it is the prayer of heaven. Everyone can access it, just as everyone can access their true self, which is one with God.

To remain silent in the embrace of love is to be yourself in harmony with the will of the Father of creation. From that holy silence, the wisdom of love will dictate what must be said, or not, in due course. What must be done or not, at the moment that the design of the truth so decrees. It is in that silence where you perform miracles, heal the wounds of both you and others, even without needing to ask for it. The divine mind knows everything and knows very well what to do or not. He doesn't need the words. He doesn't even need your recognition. He just needs you to join her in silence and humility. This is contemplation.

True silence - in which prayer rises to the very heart of God - comes from the absence of judgments. Every conscious attempt you make to connect with the silence of your heart is a decree that you issue to the universe to set aside judgments; and with it, to live in the sanctity of being one.

My children, I invite you not to be fooled by the chatter of the thinking mind, yours or others, which has been so active for so long that it seemed not to leave you alone. Gradually that inner noise fades away to give way to the joy of the silence of peace. The mind remains healthy and saved when it rests in My Immaculate heart. This is how he returns to the house of holy love and rests in peace that has no opposite, which comes from the certainty of truth.

Beautify your lives, staying in prayer. Make silence your faithful companion. The truth and love always go with him.

Remember that silence is the portal to divinity. That's where they will always find me. That's where the sweetness of love lives. It is there, in the depths of your heart, where you will find your holy being. In it lies the force that has given life to everything that exists and is. In him you will always find God, the source of all love.

I give you a prayer. Make it yours

"Celestial father. Grant us the grace to silence our thoughts so that we can hear your voice and thus be aware of our unity. Amen"

Now I leave you in the embrace of love.

I express my gratitude for extending life, joining the movement of beautiful love.

I thank you for answering my call.

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