Chapter 7 - Prayer: portal to divinity

How much joy the heart feels that remains in unity with everything created within the embrace of love. What a joy it is to live in peace. What a blessed gift is to remain in my Immaculate heart, within which lies the reality of holy love.

I am a mother who always accompanies because I am the mother of love and love is presence. I have the power to rain a flood of miracles and divine blessings on your life and that of the whole world. But that power is of no use outside the union. That is why I ask you again and again to remain in me. Prayer is the vehicle of miracles and the food of the soul. It is the reality within which one lives in divine love. There is no relationship without dialogue. For this reason, the heart always seeks to dialogue with its creator whom it knows very well. Because without him he cannot be aware of the union with his source.

Every prayer that springs from trust is a prayer of love. Therefore, it is perfect. The way in which it manifests is of little importance, since if the motivation of prayer is to remain united to God, the effects of unity will be its inevitable consequence. Love does not notice the forms, although it integrates and uses them at the service of its expression.

The times of unity, which are the times you are living, are characterized by the integration of form and content into a unique reality, with no distance between them. In a sense we can say that the soul's journey is a journey that goes, from the belief in the form without co