Chapter 77 - God in you

My little children,

I bless you in the light of the Glory that comes from my divine Son Jesus and is the source of eternal life.

I have come to invite you to enlighten the world through the formation of prayer groups, as provided by the will of the Father for all that is holy, the beautiful, the perfect. The groups will be diverse, according to the forms of the beliefs that each one has. However, its purpose will be the same; Share the truth in Christ. They will be inspired by the Holy Spirit in you. In them, my divine Son Jesus will be present. And there where He is the Mother.

The Father wants to prepare the second coming of Christ, to a large extent, through these grassroots groups. For this reason, I am calling you. Open the doors of your houses to those who seek the truth. Open your minds to what is beyond every word. And your hearts to divine love.

Remaining in prayer, the virtues will return to the souls that still live far from them, and will grow more robust in those who are already living on the path of holiness. Do not forget that knowledge comes from Christ. In Him, you will find peace. You will obtain the necessary strength and light to go through these times of great challenges for humanity. You will pass them serenely, with your eyes on the sky and your feet on the ground. You will get lost in the immensity of events.

As in the course of time, God has incarnated in various ways in the universe, and in all the universes that exist, until he reaches the sublime incarnation in human flesh with the birth of Jesus, so he now disposes to incarnate in each yours. There are no longer barriers between Heaven and Earth. Being the human Christ is what you are called to be since the virginal conception of the God-made-man was carried out perfectly. Rejoice in this truth. They are times of great revelations. They are times of light.

Truly, truly, I say to you, that my divine Son Jesus will shine in the light of His Glory a new earthly kingdom, where He and only He will be the sovereign. It will be a kingdom of peace and beauty. A fully human kingdom, just as God conceived human nature from all eternity. And as divine, as love is. Minds will live enlightened and duality will be fully transcended. Everything that is not of the truth will be left behind forever. Only holiness will be the imperishable food of each being. This new consciousness will be embodied in the plane of the universe, just as one day dual consciousness was embodied in it.

The universe is, in a way, a reflection of what happens in the mind. I tell you in a way because in truth God has created a benevolent universe where only harmony, beauty, and holiness reign. However, what the mind thinks can be projected onto it. Not only in the form of interpretation but also in misrepresenting its reality. The mind can deny the truth or accept it. He can conceive unreal worlds, using the imagination as a creative source instead of God's way of creating. In one way to create fantasies arise, from the other the extension of the reality of love. The experience of duality occurs as a result of the denial of love as the only reality of your being and every being, that is, of separation. And of the desire that this be true.

I have come to accompany you in these times of Grace without equal. I assure you that there was never a time when the Mother had not been watching over the entire world, even before human beings stepped on the earth, just as they do today. I am the eternal co-redeemer of God. I am the power of love come true in your existence, and in all dimensions of creation. I come to give water to the thirsty. To give light to those who still live in darkness. To give love to those who feel alone. To fill the emptiness of God, in souls that have not yet recognized holiness as the source of life.

I come to give you divine love. I come by the Father's design, to walk with you in the times of the second advent. Just as the plan of God wanted the Mother to be the protagonist of the last phase of the redemptive incarnation of her divine essence, so she has also arranged for this stage in which she will be Christified in her creatures.

God in you is the appropriate term to define the reality of the times you are living. They are times of a new humanity; born two thousand years ago in Nazareth by the hand of the Archangel, as happens in every divine creation. And brought to the fullest in the resurrection of Jesus.

The triumph of God's plan is always assured. He has promised the restoration of his kingdom on earth and in all dimensions of creation and so it will be. Inside you can experience the divine reality. Heaven is not something alien to you, but it is what you really are. Bringing souls to full knowledge of it is what constitutes salvation. Do not seek the kingdom outside of you, but let it be revealed to you by the wisdom of Christ.

The truth can only be known in union and relationship. This is because it can only be revealed as what it is, an eternal dialogue of light and truth. Within the dialogue, you will meet love, your true being. The union of sisters and brothers under the light of truth creates a force that sweeps gently but firmly what must be swept. This is how the house of truth is cleansed to allow the divine guest of hearts to dwell freely in it.

Stay in peace. Trust in love.

I thank you for receiving my messages.

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