Chapter 8 - In the Love of Mary

My sons and daughters, Christ is calling you from every corner of the universe like never before. This Mother summons you to holiness. I invite you to raise your eyes to continue growing inside. Once you have reached the top, we must continue moving towards the highest heights of the sky. You have been created to remain in unity with God. This is a gift and a responsibility to yourself, and the whole world.

Your hearts carry within themselves the impetus of holiness, the power of love. Allow that force to propel you and move you to love more every day. Beautify your reality by giving flowers every day—the flowers of the divine virtues that the creator has placed in your souls. Make the earth a new paradise. Live in the truth.

My dear ones. As the Mother of love, I wish you to support each other with holy tolerance. Everyone has their time. Each has their story. You all come from diverse human realities. That makes you sometimes have a very limited view of reality. That limitation is often the basis of your disputes. None of you know the whole soul of your sisters and brothers. Nor do you know the details of the path of each spirit. Therefore try to understand humanity and have a feeling of pure holy compassion.

How to achieve that? Put everything that mortifies you in the hands of this Mother. In my Immaculate Heart there is space for everyone and everything. Do not act as if you are alone, free of the forces of nature. You are not. Your heavenly Mother is with you always. Stay in me, talk to me, tell me your feats. Share with me your dreams and desires. Express to my heart your frustrations, your fears, your anger, your sorrows, and your joys. Invite me to be part of everything you think constitutes your lives. Everything.

There is no pain that my Immaculate Heart cannot fade forever, nor a wound that cannot heal. I want to be united with you in your human reality. I want to be part of your relationships.

I offer you my divine friendship. I give you the peace of God that lives in my heart. I assure you that fruits of fullness will arise from our holy relationship. You can talk to me, hear me, and see me if you wish. Who calls me receives me. Who looks for me finds me. In each one of you who invokes me, I manifest according to the nature of your heart, just as it happens in the various relationships you have in the world. I want you to be aware of the holiness of your desires. They are the windows of Heaven. In them you will find all that you are.

As you come to me and grow every day in the intimacy of our love, do not worry about what you call your sins, limitations, and disabilities. My love is much bigger than all this. This Mother is not interested in arguing with her children if you wish to travel the path of the thinking mind. As the vessel of wisdom that I am, I can truly create a new intelligence in union with you and God the Father. It is not that I am going to create it, properly speaking, since every miracle comes from the source of life that has given existence to everything that exists. That is the first and last cause of reality, the essence. Only God works miracles and does them in union with our hearts united in holiness.

I want to fill your lives with lasting joy. I want to paint your smiles in beautiful colors. And color your hearts with the luminous realities of the sky. A wonderful world full of love and goodness is here within your souls. Being aware of it is possible as well as to enjoy it forever in your eternal reality. It is there where I wait for you. It is there where your being awaits you every day of your lives and where the truth about what you are, and what life is, resides.

Do not look so much at yourself, or to others. Set your eyes on my love. I give you my face, drawn, painted and sculpted in countless ways throughout the history of mankind, and more abundantly in the last millennia. I do it so that you have a way in which to place your desire for divine union. Humankind needs a way to know the content. Both are a unit. This is why Christ incarnated.

I am not calling you to fulfill a precept, nor to follow a norm. I am calling you to live in love. I am calling you to be part of a movement that was created in heaven and is now manifested on earth—the movement of beautiful love.

The world needs to know the beauty of love. Your sisters and brothers are yearning for the experience of pure love. You are all tired of external and internal contamination. Already the miasma of sin and heartbreak has reached its zenith. It won't happen from here. This is the word of God.

I assure you my children, that your consciences are waking up more and more, in a way that has never before been seen on earth. You are living in the times of awakening consciousness. You are living witnesses of this truth. Have faith in the life that God has created. Do not hesitate for a moment when Jesus and Mary bless you and are at your doorstep knocking. You are asked to enter your inner houses and make holy dwellings in your hearts. Live in the hope that does not disappoint, which comes from the certainty of knowing you are children of God. All the power of God is linked to the power of love, for they are one and the same. Meditate on it.

Just as each of you has the resilience humanity also has it as a whole. You are one and all at once. Nothing is disconnected from the totality, not even the false world of autonomy. I tell you this to reflect on the destiny of life, especially what you call your planet or your world.

It is true that humanity has had a relationship full of heartbreak towards nature. There have been thousands of years of it. But the seeds of divine transformation have been sown. A new earthly kingdom is being born. The laws of the material Universe are much more than we yet know. Humanity will relate more and more with love for everything, including itself, and will until all life is wrapped in the embrace of love. This is because the movement of Christ consciousness is already here. The power of God's love united to the universe of form has already begun. There is no force capable of avoiding its infinite deployment. Love will advance. Nothing and no one can stop it. The Earth will not be destroyed. This is the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Each one of you who feels the call of the spirit to invite others to grow in the consciousness of love for the earth and everything that is part of it and to make your world a world much more loving are also instruments of Christ in the new consciousness. I thank you for your “yes” to love. I invite you to place your call also in My Hands so that, as Mother of life, it rains a flood of blessings on the earth, and in this way heals the earth and human consciences.

I call you to accept the fact that every living being, every aspect of creation, each one of you is as sacred as God Himself. In every element, in every flower, in every drop of water, God lives. In the wind the spirit of life blows. Love the divine diversity. Become one with the unbeatable vastness of the universe so that you can be aware of your unlimited breadth. Open your hearts and you will begin to listen to the song of life, the melodies of creation. All is in me, love everything that exists. This is to love God's way.

I bless you all. Live forever in the love of Mary.

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