• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 9 - Love given

My beloved,

The only will of this heavenly Mother, whose Immaculate heart knows no shadow of fear, is to bring them to the direct knowledge of a love that has no beginning or end. The love of the most holy trinity, in whose center your true being resides.

The reality of love is like an infinite circle of light and perfect harmony that encompasses within itself everything that exists and is. In it there is life, which extends eternally in peace that has no opposite and endless bliss.

In your souls there is the memory of that love because it is the memory of what you really are. This is the love that your being longs for. No other love can complete your hearts for the simple reason that there is no other love than the love of God, from which all love flows.

If you remain united to the love you are, your lives will be expressions of holy love and you will enjoy the joy of the children of light. Only love can make you happy. Only life can beget life.

In your human reality many times you are distressed by things that make no sense. Only one thing is important, the love given.

To the extent that you open to giving love, to that extent your hearts remain healthy and the world is enlightened. I assure you that all fear has its origin in a love that has not been given. To skimp on the force of love that drives the heart is to block the flow of life.

Children of God. Do not look for love. Be love

In human reality, everyone has the experience of heartbreak. There is no heart in the world that has not been hurt. It matters little if that wound was perceived in relation to your parents, relatives, friends or by whom you call enemies. The heart does not know about those distinctions.

The love wound only demonstrates how essential love is for your lives. Do not be distressed if you feel you were abandoned. Real love can never leave you. You immerse us in sadness because of the misunderstanding of what you love. They also have their Golitat. Rather diligently engage in keeping your hearts clean of all feelings that are contrary to love.

Cultivate in your souls the beauty of virtues and conceive in your hearts the purity of noble feelings. Make your hearts a holy temple where Christ can dwell happily. Be open to feeling the love that comes from a flower, the flow of a river, the melodies of the wind and the majesty of life. At every step you take you are being embraced by a love that has no words. A reality that is beyond imagination. A peace that encompasses everything and from which everything created has emerged.

Do not worry about anything. Rather live your lives together with this Mother. I assure you that the power of my Immaculate heart, together with the Heart of my divine son Jesus, can work miracles and make all that your bodies, minds and spirit need be given to you in holiness.

I invite you to be strong in beautiful love. To remain in the purity of the heart. This will cause you to raise your lives to the highest peaks of the kingdom of heaven, and may your hearts joyfully sing the song of eternal life.

Let us never be discouraged. This Mother protects you with special dilection.

You cannot give what you do not receive. This is why I call you again and again to live in perfect love. So you can give it to yourself. I assure you that at the end of the road, the only thing that counts is the love given. In the same way I tell you in spirit and truth that giving and receiving are one and the same. So that every time you open to receive My love and that of others, you are giving love to all.

Love acts for itself. It does not require attention. As happens the functions of the body and the mind. The planets continue to spin in their orbits regardless of whether you notice it or not. The tintinar of the elements when dancing the dance of life will continue to exist in the joy of creation, even without the need for you to be aware of it or not. In the same way it happens with your being of pure love. It extends through the cause of your souls, just as the water that flows through the cause of a river does.

Let your hearts be filled with love and you will see what the miracle of life means. Allow your minds to be filled with joy and holiness. Thus, your eyes will reflect the sweetness of God. Thank the Father of all for the gift of tears. They are the visible manifestation of the flow of the water of eternal life that is poured into your souls and whose source is divine love.

Love your children. Love your parents. Love your sisters and brothers. Love the land in which you have the transitory experience of human life. Love god. Love yourselves. Love who you think has done you some harm. Love Me so that you could experience the purity of holy love. Love every aspect of your reality.

Love everything in the love that Christ is. In this way you will always be a song of joy. A beautiful flower planted in the reality of the spirit. You will be what you are called to be: the perfect expression of love that has no beginning or end.

I bless you all and thank you for answering my call.

Thank you for being the light of the world.

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