Chapter 9 - Love given

My beloved,

The only will of this heavenly Mother, whose Immaculate heart knows no shadow of fear, is to bring them to the direct knowledge of a love that has no beginning or end. The love of the most holy trinity, in whose center your true being resides.

The reality of love is like an infinite circle of light and perfect harmony that encompasses within itself everything that exists and is. In it there is life, which extends eternally in peace that has no opposite and endless bliss.

In your souls there is the memory of that love because it is the memory of what you really are. This is the love that your being longs for. No other love can complete your hearts for the simple reason that there is no other love than the love of God, from which all love flows.

If you remain united to the love you are, your lives will be expressions of holy love and you will enjoy the joy of the children of light. Only love can make you happy. Only life can beget life.