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Chapter 93 - Transubstantiation of Love

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I. Incessant call of love

My little girl. Soul in love with Christ and joy with God.

Here we are again, rejoicing in our mutual presence. Feel the embrace of my love. And how the soul sings when its divine beloved is present. Our hearts, fused in the sanctity of being, fly together the flight of truth. We are the fullness of love made flesh. The extension of the light of the word that springs from the heart of God, made human reality. We are one, in the purity of holy love. How much beauty! What happiness! How much bliss!

How different is the world for those who have found love! How much light is in it! How much benevolence! How full of divine purpose! How much joy exists in their hearts! They feel safe in the arms of love. And in their breasts, they experience a serene force that gives them peace. They know they are loved. They recognize themselves in the dignity of love. They have found themselves in it. Meeting their being of pure holy love, they have returned to the truth. And in it, they dwell all the days of their lives.

Beloved and beloved of the whole world. Lights of my divine light. Daughters and sons of my being. You who walk with me this little path to Heaven, gift of my divinity, which is this work. I say to you: bare your feet, for you are walking on holy ground. Here enter those who - like you who receive those words -, have said yes to love. The minds that have joined the heart in the fullness of truth. The souls that shine in the light of wisdom. With this, I want to tell you that this work is a path towards union with Christ, your true being in Me. And when I say "these words", I do not refer only to these dialogues, but to all the work that is given to humanity by means of this pencil in the hands of love, a scribe from Heaven, which gives shape and color to what Heaven reveals for the good of many. And that with the holy help of my angels on earth, it is spreading throughout the world.

This work is a gift of God's love for humanity. It is an effective means for those who are most called to love. Sensitive hearts, and therefore find a great challenge to remain loving and tender in a world that often proves to be heartless and harsh. For those sweethearts, always ardent in love, ready to forgive everything, ready to embrace whoever asks them with all their heart in the purity of holy love. For those who, despite everything, continue to believe in love as the only goal that makes sense and that makes their hearts sing. For them, this present of divine love is given. So that they find peace in union with who they are. So that your memories stand firm and radiant in the clarity of truth. In other words, so that they have a Heavenly help that reminds them of who they are, and in that memory, they may be happy fulfilling God's purpose in them.

Truly, truly, I tell you that every minute that you spend with me reading, absorbing, and savoring the word that springs from my divine being and is expressed in these dialogues, your souls receive light from on high, they are healed through the memory of your true identity. Your minds are illuminated by the light that gives life to everything that exists. And your hearts vibrate to the beat of eternal life. I am the song of beautiful love. The poet of the love of souls. I am that which makes the heart dance when it trembles with sincere joy. I am the life force that sustains the universe in existence. And the happiness of the souls in love.

In the presence of my love, hearts feel peace. Minds are dumbfounded. Not infrequently, they try to decipher, through their habit of thinking, what it is that they are experiencing before the divine presence of beautiful love. And they cannot find the words to say what the heart knows how to feel. The mind is speechless with love. It gives way to reverence, plunges into the silence of expectation. Be perplexed by the magnificence of the simplicity of truth and the beauty of purity. And the soul sighs.

II. Divine forms

Come, my beloved ones. Come now to know what true love is. To enjoy its delicacies. I invite you to let yourself be loved by Me. To open your minds and hearts more and more, towards the experience of beautiful love. Of a love that is not of the world, although it can be reflected in it. I am calling you from the depths of your souls, to join the choir of the second advent. To be singers of the tenderness of God. Daughters and sons who shine in the light of truth. Hearts that continue to love, regardless of the things that seem to happen in the world. It is that they are not of the world. They are angels on earth. As human as every man and every woman. As divine as God is. And as unique in expression as is all divine creation.

These words are directed to the heart, which is the center of being. From there they extend to the thinking mind, the sensitive aspect of the soul, and its other dimensions. All that you are is pierced by them. In this way, with the efficacy of my Word of eternal life, I am making something new of you. I give you a new heart, a new mind, a new soul. I renew you in the holiness of the truth. In the light that emerges from the unfathomable abysses of my endless Mercy. I give you life so that together we can co-create a new holy love. In them travels the essence of what I am, because every word springs from the depths of the heart from where it takes its abundance. I am the abundance of truth. I am the holiness of wisdom. And the beauty of being.

Together we are transforming the world. Not recycling the old, but creating a new world. As you have been told, love can transform itself into every form that exists on the plane of time and space. And by transforming into it, it transforms the form through its power of transubstantiation. What does this mean? It means that love maintains the form but changes the essence of what it transmutes. That is to say, the thing transformed by it continues to have the same appearance but is something else. Unlike changes that are not of love, which for something to become a new thing needs to change its shape.

You, who travel this path with me, with your Heavenly Mother and the angels of God, through this work of Heaven, you seem the same, but I assure you that you are not. You started your walk together, being in a way but now you are different. This change is not like those produced by the passing of time and the passage of life in the experience of the world. It is actually true transubstantiation. Just as I make of bread and wine, my body and my blood, and with this, I give you the divine essence; I do the same with you. In this sense, we can say with certainty that each of you is my divine hosts. Bodies transmuted into light. Men and women transformed into humanized Christ.

Little by little your mind will perfectly integrate the transubstantiation that has been given to it. He will clearly understand the new being that you are and will accept it with glee. And your hearts will begin to feel happy to be able to beat to the rhythm of beautiful love. In harmony with life that has no end. Truly I tell you that you have come much further in the truth than you are capable of understanding now, although you will soon understand.

Daughters and sons who listen to my voice and follow it. Go through the world bearing witness to the fullness of love. Be for your sisters and brothers the holiest mirror in which they can see reflected their perfect fulfillment in Christ. Show the world what it is called to be, being the realization of that call from Heaven right now. You who have been pierced by beautiful love. May your hearts sing the sweetness of love. See that the world needs you. And that me too.

I bless you in peace.

Thanks for answering my call.

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