Chapter 93 - Transubstantiation of Love

Actualizado: 18 de may de 2021

I. Incessant call of love

My little girl. Soul in love with Christ and joy with God.

Here we are again, rejoicing in our mutual presence. Feel the embrace of my love. And how the soul sings when its divine beloved is present. Our hearts, fused in the sanctity of being, fly together the flight of truth. We are the fullness of love made flesh. The extension of the light of the word that springs from the heart of God, made human reality. We are one, in the purity of holy love. How much beauty! What happiness! How much bliss!

How different is the world for those who have found love! How much light is in it! How much benevolence! How full of divine purpose! How much joy exists in their hearts! They feel safe in the arms of love. And in their breasts, they experience a serene force that gives them peace. They know they are loved. They recognize themselves in the dignity of love. They have found themselves in it. Meeting their being of pure holy love, they have returned to the truth. And in it, they dwell all the days of their lives.