Chapter 94 - Flock of Beautiful Love

Actualizado: 16 de may de 2021

I. The eternal novelty of the truth

My love. Soul born of God.

Today we will sing a new song. Born of the recognition of what we really are. We are the eternal novelty of love. We are reborn at every moment in the waters of eternal life. We are the living expression of God's love. A love that renews the face of the earth. And every thought, every feeling, every part of our being. We are endlessly created and recreated. We are new. We are born now and always in the Grace of Heaven.

A new being. A new soul. A new heart. That we are. And because we are always new, we sing a new hymn of holiness. What joy it is to be reborn at every moment in the light of Christ! What happiness it is to know that the past does not exist, nor does it have consequences in what we really are! How much peace the heart experiences, knowing that the future will be a golden one because it is in the hands of love; our refuge, our perpetual security!