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Chapter 94 - Flock of Beautiful Love

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I. The eternal novelty of the truth

My love. Soul born of God.

Today we will sing a new song. Born of the recognition of what we really are. We are the eternal novelty of love. We are reborn at every moment in the waters of eternal life. We are the living expression of God's love. A love that renews the face of the earth. And every thought, every feeling, every part of our being. We are endlessly created and recreated. We are new. We are born now and always in the Grace of Heaven.

A new being. A new soul. A new heart. That we are. And because we are always new, we sing a new hymn of holiness. What joy it is to be reborn at every moment in the light of Christ! What happiness it is to know that the past does not exist, nor does it have consequences in what we really are! How much peace the heart experiences, knowing that the future will be a golden one because it is in the hands of love; our refuge, our perpetual security!

My daughters and sons of the whole world. Today I come to remind you that every blow you have received from the world, every attack to which you have been exposed, has not been against you but against Me. The thought system contrary to love, which manifests itself through egoic identity, is intended to nurture an exalted and false sense of grandiosity. Satisfying the desire to be special is its only goal. Because of this, it does the only thing it can do - to sustain that illusion and continue being -, try to diminish others and others. Make them less, to feel more. Naturally, that egoic identity, which lacks love, and therefore the ability to love, tries to cancel out the light that is in that where it sees it. Not only in those he perceives as his fellow men, but in all of creation.

There is no doubt that the light of Christ in you, whose radiance is greater than the sun, is something that the self-centered being perceives. And what it is afraid of. It is afraid of it because it interprets your light as a threat to its darkness. And in a way, it is right, since in the light all darkness disappears. But it is wrong in not wanting to accept that the light is there so that he can leave the darkness, and launch itself to live in it. By not accepting it, tries to turn it off so that everything is submerged in the shadows of the absence of truth.

As it has already been revealed to you - and as you know from your experience - darkness cannot stand before light. Truly, truly, I tell you that darkness does not fight against the darkness but against the light, while light does not fight against anything. It just shines in all its beauty. This is as true for matters of matter as it is for consciousness. This being the case, it is important that you remember that as long as the world of duality exists, there will be lights and shadows. And the need to choose between one and the other. It is part of what it is. But that does not mean that you should harbor darkness in your minds and hearts. If not the opposite.

Relating to what is true is essential in order to live in holy relationship. This is why you are invited to stay in the light. So you can see everything as it is. The path of shadows, which is the one that seeks as a central goal to satisfy the desire to be special, is a path that is completely opposite to the path of light. The distance between one and the other is so great that there is no possible union between the two. Water and oil cannot join.

The same is true between loving thoughts and feelings and those that are not. That is why you are called to harbor noble feelings, and to cultivate the virtues that come from love. So that your thoughts may be holy, just as your feelings are holy. In this way, you keep the light of your beauty burning. An ever new light. Always growing. Always full of joy and peace.

II. Only the truth is true

Beloved of Heaven. Listen carefully. Love respects everyone and everything. And accept the different ways of thinking, feeling and being. But he cannot accept as true what is not true. This criterion of discernment is essential to this path of light. This is due to the fact that, when the soul that has said yes to love perceives that it must misrepresent the truth, for whatever reason this seems necessary, a state of dissociation is created in it, which causes great stress. interior, which has nothing to do with its nature. In other words, harmony and peace are lost. The reason for this is simple. Beings of light can only be happy in light.

The mind knows what truth is. As much as the heart knows what the sanctity of love is. Neither of you can be fooled. I tell you that your mission is not to fight against anything or anyone. Nor try to seek out proselytes or make things change. No. Your only function is to shine in the light of who you are. And allow that light to grow more each day, because of what it is.

Sisters and brothers of mine. I tell you these things so that you become aware that everything that has happened in your lives has helped you to become aware of the light that is in you. Of the beauty of your sensitive hearts, and of the greatness of your holiness. Even the attacks of darkness have witnessed the light. That in you the light of Christ shines is something that is beyond any doubt. What other reason can there be for you to be here with Me, listening to My voice, which reminds you of the truth of who you are; but because you know who He is who speaks to your heart?

You have been reborn in the waters of eternal life. This is not a metaphor, it is the plain truth. You are the ones who have crossed the threshold towards the full recognition of the love that you are. This is the reason why the only thing that can be in harmony with your nature is light, holiness, peace. And with it, all the treasures of beautiful love. That is the reason why I call you to ensure that only that is what nourishes your lives. Feed yourselves with sincere joy. Of what makes your hearts sing. Put aside everything that does not belong to who you are. There is no need for it.

Truly I tell you that it is perfectly possible to live in the world without being of the world. That is, to shine in the light of who you are, even on earth. Indeed, the world is crying out for you to do that. He awaits you with inflamed anxieties. He pleads with you in a thousand ways, saying:

Brothers and sisters who have crossed the threshold into eternal light. Extend your light to the whole world. Let its beauty flood the whole earth. Let it become visible in the eyes of humanity. So that, following its flash, we can walk towards Heaven of holy truth. For its radiance will be a sweet reminder of the light in which we were all created. And a sure guide to the truth.

Souls who, from now on, live in the light. Your humanity is the bearer of Christ. In it resides the perfect love with which you have been created. That is why only in him are you happy. There is not much else to discern except what is expressed here. There is love. There is peace. There is purity. Because of this, there is also the joy and joy of being. Live in it and you will be living in the truth of who you are. And in this way, you will be extending the Christ that you really are. More precisely, you will be allowing Christ to spread through you, because of who he is.

I tell you these things because we are coming to the end of these dialogues of love and wisdom. At the end of a journey together, full of the sanctity of being. And because it is My divine will - which is one with yours - that you go through the world like little sheep, which together form a flock whose shepherd is love.

I send you, not to fight against the darkness, but to bear witness to the light, shining in what you are. So that your hearts manifest the treasures of the kingdom, in the way of each one of you. That is, in the beauty of your holy uniqueness. I send you as singers of God's tenderness. And poets of beautiful love. I call you to shine in the light of the Christ that you truly are. In other words, I invite you together to be the light of the world.

I bless you in love.

Thanks for answering my call.

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