Chapter 96 - An Angel will be given to you

I. Live love

My love. Light creature,

I make myself present once more to extend perfect love through our union. In this way we create a new holy love. We illuminate creation and allow the beauty of truth to be seen and heard. The light that springs from our divine relationship extends to everything created. We give life. We receive peace.

We are coming to the end of this work. There are few words left to say. Not in our eternal dialogues of love and truth, but because of the divine design for this expression. With this I want to tell you, blessed creature of God, that these words; which spring from my Sacred Heart, and are expressed through your humanity, have a beginning and an end in the plane of the conscious manifestation of the form, but not in the soul.

The limits of time are not for love, but for what should be in it and stop being so in it as well. This work is no exception. However, daughters and sons of the whole world. Its fruits will be eternal in each one of you, who receive and welcome them with love and openness of heart. And also for all those who will be embraced by them, even without receiving them through the bodily senses. They are the different manifestations of creation that w