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Chapter 96 - An Angel will be given to you

I. Live love

My love. Light creature,

I make myself present once more to extend perfect love through our union. In this way we create a new holy love. We illuminate creation and allow the beauty of truth to be seen and heard. The light that springs from our divine relationship extends to everything created. We give life. We receive peace.

We are coming to the end of this work. There are few words left to say. Not in our eternal dialogues of love and truth, but because of the divine design for this expression. With this I want to tell you, blessed creature of God, that these words; which spring from my Sacred Heart, and are expressed through your humanity, have a beginning and an end in the plane of the conscious manifestation of the form, but not in the soul.

The limits of time are not for love, but for what should be in it and stop being so in it as well. This work is no exception. However, daughters and sons of the whole world. Its fruits will be eternal in each one of you, who receive and welcome them with love and openness of heart. And also for all those who will be embraced by them, even without receiving them through the bodily senses. They are the different manifestations of creation that will receive the love that comes from your humanity transformed by the light of truth. In other words, of the beauty of your new being, which is the fruit of our direct relationship.

You have been reborn in the Grace of Heaven. You are a new soul. A new heart. A new being. From you emanates a light whose source is the true Light. Its rays extend from the center of your souls to the whole earth. And they hug her. They wrap it up. They flood her with love.

You are no longer what you once were. Now you teach truth, because of what you are. You extend perfect love, as an effect of your recognition of the true being that you are. Your interactions, both with your sisters and brothers, and with the rest of creation, including yourself, are imbued with the magnificence of your new - and at the same time always eternal - reality of holy love.

I invite you to live these words. To let this work - which is an integral part of every word given to this Pencil in the hands of God, chosen in the plan to give them shape -, become flesh in you. Don't worry about how this will be done. Your mind and your heart have already been reunited in the sanctity of being. The wholeness to which you have returned will do everything by itself, in perfect harmony with the will of the Christ that you are. This work is prayer. And prayer transforms. Therefore, that is what happens with these dialogues of love and truth that are given to you from Heaven.

I invite you not to let the habit of trying to explain everything take you to a place that takes you away from the living experience of the heart. Remember that this does not come from the mind of Christ, which is your only true mind. Therefore it does not come from love. Remember that, in the wisdom of Heaven - of which you are bearers -, there is no such thing as the need to move through reasoning, and therefore to make thoughtful efforts to know the truth. Now that you have returned to the Father's house, and that you are in the world to bear witness to it, so that others follow the flash of your light, knowledge is given to you directly through revelation. That is to say through our divine relationship.

II. Eternal presence of love

Truly, truly, I tell you that I will remain with you all the days of your lives. In such a way that, the end of these written words will not constitute a proper farewell. It will simply be a change in the form of expression that springs from our relationship. Your hearts are the abodes of Heaven. That is why they are My holy abode. United heart to heart, we will continue for all eternity in conversation, unraveling the beauty of wisdom. Being living witnesses of the processes of divine creation. Enjoying the delights of God. And spreading the love that has no words in countless ways. We will do it with our looks, our warm embrace, our silences. And through everything that springs from our hearts in love, always united by the light of truth.

I assure you that from now on you will walk the roads of the world and whoever observes you with love for the truth will be able to see in you a soul in love with Christ. Those who contemplate you like this will look at you and think: Who is that soul talking to? Who are you looking at? Where does your peace come from? Where does your wisdom come from? And in the depths of their hearts they will hear the whisper of My voice telling them, it comes from Me, that I am the Christ in you. And hearing those words, your souls will leap for joy, and will vibrate with the force of truth. Nothing will be the same for them. Everything will start to shine in thegloy of Heaven. First it will be a small flash, according to the intensity of love that that soul can bear at that moment. But little by little, their hearts will expand more and more, until they are able to receive the endless ocean of my divine love.

With love I tell you that you will not need to do anything to bear witness to the truth. For this will be manifested simply by reason of what you are in Me. Your time together in these dialogues has paid off. As with any relationship, which transforms what is part of it, our divine relationship has transformed you into a new being. You are the man-God and the woman-Divine that you have been called to be from all eternity. You are a new holy creature. Not in your true identity, but in the expression of who you are. Now your being and what you express are in harmony.

Truly, truly, I tell you that very soon, an Angel will be given to you. He will guide your ways in light and truth. He will be your faithful companion. A servant of the wisdom of Heaven, placed at the service of your mission to allow the light of Christ that shines in your hearts to spread without limit throughout all creation. Welcome him. Allow it to be part of your relationships. Invite him with your sweet acceptance, to enjoy our divine relationship. In this way, you remain consciously united to my Sacred Heart, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to the Most Pure Heart of the Angels of God. His presence will keep the light of wisdom burning in your minds, and the flames of love alive in your hearts. Enjoy his loving presence. Rejoice in his angelic embrace. Count on his loving assistance every day of your lives, just as you count on Mine and your Mother in Heaven.

When you receive the gift of an Angel, you receive countless angelic choirs, archangels, and the other angelic reality. You absorb the essence of it. You are flooded by his angelic being. All angels live in one. And each one remains in all. This is because the whole is part of who you are, just as it is in you. I tell you these things so that you can begin to prepare yourselves to move forward in a new way, on the path of beautiful love. Our path of eternity.

Your Angel will speak to you. And your hearts will hear it. Just as they have done to me that I am the source of holy love. You will recognize that his voice is My voice. You will know that they speak in My name. Well, by listening to his voice, you will remember that there is only one voice, and that is the voice of God. Which speaks in all created hearts. And by speaking creates life in abundance.

I bless you in the light of truth.

Thanks for answering my call.

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