Chapter 98 - Seeds of Heaven

I. The joy of creating

Let the hearts that have come this far sing! Let the souls who have said yes to love rejoice! Their lives will be a new song to the eternal reality of holy love. Their minds will be like stars that illuminate and beautify the nights. And like suns, whose rays of light will extend to where they have to extend, with the difference that their heat embraces but does not burn. Their hearts extend sweetness and softness, joy and contention because they are eternal singers of the tenderness of Mary. They will touch other hearts. They will awaken the consciences to holy love. That is its function. That is why they have come into the world. And they serve their purpose. This holy and sacred task has been given to you from all eternity. For that reason, they are in the world, despite not being his, since they only belong to the love of loves. Its light makes humanity not stagnant because of the mental fog in which it was submerged.

Rejoice my beloved ones. You who are here receiving these words! I continue to invite you to remain in the presence of love. To know the delights of my Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in whose unity reside the treasures of the kingdom, which belong to you by birthright. Come to know the beauty of perfect love. Lay hold of the inexhaustible treasure of the beauty of Christ. Encourage us to know a love that is not of the world, although it can be manifested in it. A love that has no beginning or end and that constitutes the essence of everything created. Remember that to know it it is necessary to extend it, in such a way that its expression leads you to the knowledge of the love that you really are. It is by giving that it is received.

What joy it is to have found the purpose of your existence! What serenity the spirit experiences! How joyful the soul that has come this far feels, to fully recognize itself in the love that it is! Now it knows for a fact, not according to the reasoning of the thinking mind, but through revelation, that love is its only reason for being. In it, it knows itself worthy. Pure Innocent. Always a child. Full of life. It has recognized that the fullness of it is the fullness of love. How could it be otherwise, if it was always Love, and it will continue to be eternal since it was created this way by the One who is the source of beautiful love and of all life?