Chapter 3.2 - The New Heaven is Here

Son of the highest. Beloved soul of God.

The path that we are traveling is the path of the heart. An eternal path, whose origin, journey, and destination is love. I come full of joy and gratitude to dwell with you, in unity with what you feel you feel, and think you think. I am at your side and in you, so that we embrace each feeling and thought, each sensation, each inner reality that is emerging and moving in your present experience. We embrace everything that you are being together. In this way we bring love to every aspect of your being. And with it to Christ.

There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing that is out of step with the holiness that you truly are. Every feeling that is born in your heart, as well as every thought that is generated in your mind, are extensions of who you are. Therefore, they are expressions of your holiness. Judging them, considering some of them as more appropriate than others, healthier, or positive, with whatever kind of assessment it may be, is something that does not make sense. Doing something like this not only leads to discouragement and inner disharmony, but it also plunges you into a state alien to the truth. We will explain this.

It has been said that you do not judge, so as not to be judged. That lesson, or loving reminder, given to the entire world two thousand years ago, remains the foundation of the path of peace. Love cannot exist where judgments dwell. This is because, when you decide to judge, you begin to create a reality where there must be culprits and victims.

Victimization and attachment to guilt go hand in hand. This is because if you judge something about yourself as wrong, you have to conceive something about yourself as its opposite, in order for it to be eliminated or subdued. The same is true if you judge something as correct in yourself. In a divided mind, the idea of ​​good is always linked to that of evil. Thinking of one leads to thinking of its opposite. Thus, when judging, a struggle begins, which seeks to establish one of the parties as the winner, and the other as the victim. Remember that judging is a central aspect of the egoic mind and not of the mind of Christ. Carry the memory of this sweet truth, held high during this dialogue.

In judging, the mind separates into two camps. Which creates the perfect conditions for the contest. Thus begins, to play a game in which there must be a winner. A tie is not possible in this type of game, the mind separated from love tells itself. Thus, a hand-to-hand fight between two opposing parties develops, which seek to establish their supremacy. What is the cause of that? Because you know that you cannot be two contrary things at the same time. Either you are bad, or you are holy. You cannot be both simultaneously. Either you are an ego, or you are Christ. There is no third option. You know this well, and it cannot be changed, because it is part of who you are. Be glad that it is so.

Loving yourself is the source of peace and the condition for living in truth. It has been said that when you judge - or attack - whatever you are feeling, or thinking, you immerse yourself in a state alien to the truth. This is because, the feelings and thoughts are neutral in themselves. They do not produce any proper effect. They are simply an expression of being. What is not neutral is your union with them. Remember that all effect comes from the union. Therefore, to establish for them a condition of goodness or evil, holiness or sinfulness, or any other, is to assign them attributes that they do not have. All of that is simply untrue.

Let's say it clearly. Feelings, feelings are. Thoughts are just thoughts. To pretend that they are something else is to get away from the truth. Both are different forms of the expression of the being that gives them existence. In a sense, they are like ripples on a beautiful lake. Or if you prefer, to be more exact, like the different colors of the rainbow. Each one of them expresses the beauty of your soul. Your life. What you are. Your ineffable reality, which is not only vast and unfathomable, but is a perfect expression of the magnificence of Christ.

Beloved soul full of light. The secret is not in what you feel or think, but in what you do with it. In other words, whether you relate to it with love, or with fear. Truly, truly I tell you that Heaven begins with loving yourself, just as God loves you, has loved and will love for all eternity. I invite you to live in that love, now and forever. Because of this, we will be living in the new Heaven and the new earth. We will be the living expression of the divine will.

I bless you in the sanctity of being.

Thank you for answering the call of love.

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