• Sebastián Blaksley

Chapter 1.23 - The Wheel of Destiny

Beloved heart of Christ made humanity. I have come in the joy of holiness that we are, to remain with you in this dialogue of love and truth. From the sky of your reality, there where everything pure, the perfect, the ineffable of God, resides eternally in the light of glory. Where the Beam of true light passes through each living being and gives life in abundance. There, where you and I remain forever within the embrace of beautiful love. United in the beauty of Christ. Living in the harmonies of the divine realm.

Today I come to bring peace to your heart. To tell you that I have known you forever, because I live in divine knowledge. And He who is your source and your true reality knows you from all eternity, just as he knows all his creatures.

Son of light. How else could a world without love be transformed, but by bringing into it those who, by being love and living consciously in what they are, replace the dehumanized, with the humanized, the ruthless with the loving, for the simple reason to be what they are?

Beloved sensitive soul. You who shudder even with the slightest blade of wind. You, whose heart rejoices at the song of birds, and leaps for joy at the presence of the beauty of a flower, or the affable smile of a brother or sister. You who know that; Despite appearances, everything will be fine, always. And that you know it because you have come with a knowledge that is not of the world. You, whose heart is capable of listening to the voice of heaven and recognizing when the truth makes an appearance, because you know how to recognize it and follow it. You have come into the world at the perfect time, according to the design of the Creator. You knew it wouldn't be easy on a certain level. How could it be, if the function is to bring love to a world without love, so that it can be transformed by it into the sanctity of being? And at the same time, you knew that success would be guaranteed.

You know that we cannot fail. The wheel of eternal destiny has started rolling, and nothing can stop it. It is the wheel of holy love, which turns and turns in endless motion. Movement that gives life to everything. That recreates things in truth and everlasting bliss. And that, just as a first movement created the Universe, this second movement recreates things in the eternal novelty of love. It has been rolling for two thousand years. And now it reaches its zenith. Its maximum in the merriment of the Mercy of God.

Son of holiness. Truly, truly, I tell you that there are souls in the world who are the pure embodiment of beautiful love. These words are addressed to them, among whom you find yourself. They find them, wherever they are. There is no need for you to approach this work since she will go and give you these Words of eternal life. Created forever to accompany your walk on earth, during the time of the Great transition towards the fullness of love.

When the plan of atonement was designed, God knew that there would be daughters and sons who, having said yes to love for all eternity, would descend - so to speak - into the kingdom of Adam's forgetfulness. To later take the form and reality of a physical body, in order to promote the second coming of Christ. That is, the co-creation of the new earthly kingdom. And with it, of a new heaven.

Well-loved son of God. All the work that you receive and transform into words with the help of heaven, which will be extended to all corners of the world - in union with those that divine design has always arranged to be part of this collaborative undertaking - fulfills the function of helping them to remember the truth about who they are, and with it the purpose of their blessed transit in the earthly kingdom.

Daughters and sons of holy love. So that there is no doubt, I tell you. The world needs your love. The earth needs your holiness, joy of being and purity of heart. Without it, how can you believe that something would change? Oh, blessed truth, how simple is your reality! How simple is your voice! How much transformative power!

Here you have the truth about what is happening in the world, as part of what is happening in the entire physical Universe. Fear is giving in to love. Falsehood before holiness. And the lie before the truth. And as an effect of this, the second creation, stands ever more radiant in the light of the Glory of the Father. And you, prophets of the second advent, co-creators of the new creation, will soon joyfully sing the colossal hymn of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A joyous song to love that has no beginning and no end. That is to say, to the love that you really are.

Now I remind you of this knowledge so that you can take it to the top of your consciousness:

Joy is the fruit of love.

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