Chapter 1.27 - I am Very Holy

Actualizado: 15 de may de 2021

Soul of true light. Beating heart of holy love. Here we are. Reunited you and I, by the grace of heaven and our loving will. We come together in a dialogue of love and truth. The wisdom of Christ brings us together. Unity summons us with all that is holy, perfect, beautiful. We are the living expression of the divine relationship. In our existence the goodness of our eternal creator becomes manifest. We are his daughters and sons. The creatures of him. And we are happy about it. We do not need to create any other identity as we have received the revelation of the truth. We live in the certainty of being what we have always been and will be; the well-loved children of the divine Mother. From the One from which all that is real arises as a perfect extension of its reality of purity and holiness.

What joy it is to stay with you! How much sincere joy there is here! You and I. Reunited in love. Recreating a new holy love, because we are the eternal novelty of God spreading without limits. The light shines from the heart of holiness to us, giving us life. And from our center, it extends into all creation, in an endless movement. Full of light. Full of truth. Full of perfect wisdom. We know that everything that is part of us remains in us forever, just as you and I have never been separated.

I've known you since before you were conceived in your mother's womb. Before. Long before time begins to tick. There was not a time, nor a space, nor a reality in which you and I were not forever united in the truth. Because where Christ is, you have always been. An