• Sebastián Blaksley

How it originated

Today, September 23, 2019, seven days after the transcription of the messages received and compiled in the work Choose Only Love, I received the glorious visit of the holy Virgin Mary. Immense joy and tenderness enveloped my heart in a serenity that has no comparison. She sweetly told me:

My beloved, I want to open the floodgates of my heart. I will do it in this particular way, through you, loving hand, scribe from heaven that has chosen to live in the truth. I do it for my love of humanity, for my love of you, who receive these words.

Drop by drop, my messages will pierce the stone, softening the hearts hardened because of the despair of the world.

My messages, each of them, will be like a drop of morning dew that descends from the sky and waters the earth with love. They will be blessed flowers that will beautify the minds and hearts of my children. They will beautify the world. They will descend to earth like roses scattered for my love of humanity and the entire world.

My sons and daughters, the world has wanted to show you that you are what you are not. But now you are in the perfect condition to live in the truth. You are holiness personified. You are the beauty of God's love come true. Do not be fooled by the ideas that tell you that your worth is below God. Your reality and that of the Creator of everything that exists, moves and is, are one and the same. To live in harmony with this truth is to live in freedom. It is to express yourself in the beauty of your being.

The benevolence, goodness, and beauty of your hearts are waiting to be expressed. Live in the holiness of love. Remain in my heart. In it you will find the refuge of your souls and the grace to love more. Your hearts will be filled with thanks and blessings. You will live forever a life in fullness. You will attract to you, your loved ones, and the whole world all the good, the holy, the perfect from the very heart of God. We are a unit. Together we are the union of love.

I thank you for answering my call. I fill you with blessings. I love you with perfect love.

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