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Introduction - Blog "Breath of Living Love"

Actualizado: 14 sept 2021

The present blog - called Breath of Living Love - aims to share some of the messages recently received by Sebastián Blaksley. They are part of the work called "Trilogy of the heart", which is in the process of editing and publication. In this way, as requested by some readers of the first published work - "Choose only love" -, it will not be necessary to wait until the process of publication is concluded.

Writings on this blog have not been edited, so we apologize if there are errors.

TxT Ediciones de Argentina and Take Heart Publications of the United States are the official publishers, responsible for the publication and commercialization of the works received by Sebastián Blaksley, which are property of the Fundación Amor vivo. At the time of the creation of this blog, in April 2021, 5 books of the series called "Choose only love" have been published.

The three books of "Trilogy of the heart" are:

From the heart of Mary
From the heart of Jesus
From the heart of an Angel

We hope this blog serves the purpose of a greater knowledge of God's love.

For more information go to or

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