Chapter 1 - A Movement of Beautiful Love

My children, I am the heart of Mary. I speak to you from the unity of Christ.

I have come to dwell with you who are looking for love and truth. I have come to tell you that you have already found what you are looking for. The time of seeking is over.

Now is the time to rejoice in the expression of perfect love. This is the same as telling you that the transformation times are over. Now you are living in a new time, the time of unity.

What you will see in your world every day with greater clarity is the manifestation of the consciousness of unity. The systems will adjust to this reality since there will be no space for anything but pure love.

The world will not succumb. It will be integrated into love in a new consciousness and from that integration a new world. What God creates is eternal, as eternal is His love for his creations.

My heart is calling you to express more and more the grace of your holiness, to extend the joy of being alive, the joy of being children of God, the happiness that exists in the depth of your hearts. Sing, dance, and embrace in holiness, feel glad to be as you really are.

Each of you is important. You are like a beautiful link in the chain of Christ’s unity. I invite you to be part of a universal movement, a movement that summons you to serve love, living your lives as the living Christ who lives in you.

As children of God, you are bearers of wisdom.

If you allow silence to show you the truth within your minds and the love in your hearts you will recognize that you know what love is and how to express it.

Paint your reality with bright and soft colors. Create new holy configurations in your ties with the earth, with your brothers and sisters, and with yourself. Do it also for God, to whom we all owe existence.

This work that is given to you is a portal open to the grace of my pious Heart. I want to create between you and this tireless Mother, full of love and kindness for her children, a bond as intimate as it has ever been before on earth. Through this door open to Heaven, a shower of blessings will spill over wounded hearts and heal your lives from so much pain. Evil will be annulled and every error corrected through our union.

I am the Mother of Divine Concord and wholeheartedly desire to fill your lives with blessings and light. I ask you to immerse yourself in the depths of your soul so that you can experience the beauty of our maternal union in the silence of your hearts.

I also ask you to live your lives serving the cause and effect of beautiful love, as God has always wanted for each one of you. In this way you will not only live as the living Christ you are recognizing the inner Christ in your sisters and brothers but you will be able to join mercy, the source of all love and the foundation of every being.

I am opening a new window to Heaven where the light flows from the beauty of my Immaculate Heart towards all my children. I will enlighten the world more and more because of your union with me., your eternal divine Mother, your eternal co-redeemer, your eternal friend of the soul who yearns for God.

This call will lead you to deepen the union with the source of life.

I love you with a love that has no beginning or end.

You are all in the embrace of my harmony and perpetual peace.

This work is a bridge that has been laid between the earth and the sky, an eternal bridge that is a conduit for the flow of truth that springs from the heart of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit flooding the entire universe with more beauty, purity, and holiness.

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