Message 13 - The Hidden Christ

Beloved of My Immaculate Heart, the world is changing at a speed that often prevents you from understanding what is happening. That leads you to live in fear. I invite you not to be aware of the events. The reality of life is much more vast than your thinking minds can understand.

If you remain in Me, you can understand the things that need to be understood. Everything exists and happens in relation to love. The universe is expanding more and more because it is getting closer to its origin and its end. It is on its way to fullness. God is the continent within which life is lived. The life of galaxies, planets and that of humankind occurs within the womb of love. What you call universal space is a manifestation of the body of Christ. Within it and from it emerges the reality of time, space, and matter. Beyond Christ there is nothing because everything was created in Him and for Him. Christ is the source of life because he is the Son of God.

There is no place where there is not love. Sin, illusion, absence of good, and death are not real. They are attempts to create a reality beyond the truth. Therefore, they have no substance. This is the reason why any mistake can be corrected if it is delivered to love. I invite you to trust more and more in My Immaculate Heart. I am the divine reality made woman. I am the feminine aspect of Christ, although in Me the whole resides. I am all that life is. There is no polarization in Me. I am the integrity of being.

That which sustains Me in existence is the same force that gives you life. The spirit that keeps the universes and your bodies moving is the same spirit of wisdom that dwells in Me. Nothing exists outside the vital breath that emanates from the divine Word. Everything is in the hands of love.