• Sebastián Blaksley

Message 20 - Dialogue

My sons and daughters, again I invite you to pray for true union. Not infrequently you seek to unite in ways that have nothing to do with unity. Those of you who have lost the ability to recognize love need to constantly grow in the knowledge that comes from above. This is the reason why I manifest myself more and more every day—to bring you to a greater understanding of God's love.

Those who have not yet shed their fixation on their own interpretations, giving exaggerated importance to their ways of thinking, experience difficulty in accepting the changes that life presents to them out of love.

Do not forget that God loves you with an unstructured love. Do not cling to systems that simply come from a mental construct designed to create a sense of security in a world that is perceived as insecure. Only perfect love is a refuge for your heart. Only truth can bring security to the mind.

Unions based on imposing on others a criterion of thought, whatever it may be, do not come from love because love is incapable of being arrogant. Forcing others to submit and to conform to what one thinks, however holy that desire may seem, is something alien to true charity. I cordially invite you to abandon all attempts to impose your will on others. Do not be afraid of freedom. Do not seek to subdue anyone, for in doing so you will lose sight of love.

Unity resides in the realm of freedom and nowhere else. When life gives you the opportunity to release structures in order to expand the experience of freedom, allow it to do so. Love will free you from the bonds you built to feel safe, and in return will give you the certainty of truth, in which you will remain safe forever.

Dialogue is unity and unity is dialogue. When you pray for union, you are praying for the construction of a world where dialogue and harmony are its foundation. After so long having lived in a way so alien to the will of God you need to grow in the ability to dialogue. You cannot do that without receiving Heaven's Grace.

“Ask and it will be given to you,” as my divine son Jesus told you. Today, this Mother says to you, “Ask for the Grace of union.” Ask with faith and a sincere desire to live in peace. Do not define what unity is. Allow the Most High to flood you with His love and the wisdom of heaven will be the source of your knowledge and action. In it you will know what it is to live in the harmony of harmony.

When you think you have a plan that seems good and adequate for God's purpose, pray and ask me to enlighten you within the union. Then let go of your ideas about how things should be. Always live in love. You know what creates harmony and what creates disharmony. Do not cling to your plans. There is the Plan of God; and only He can make it a reality in each of his children, and in the whole of creation.

Blaming others for the world's or for your alleged problems is one way to attack and only leads to more separation. Staying united in love is the way of creation. Being responsible for something does not mean being guilty, but your lives are a response to what is happening. Respond with love to everything, and you will see how your reality is submerged in the beauty of peace. Let yourself be filled with wisdom by the One who is its source and you will know how to distinguish between perfect love and the imperfect love.

If what you say and do comes from love, you will know by what you feel in your heart.

The difficulty in dialoguing and creating a kingdom of union and harmony comes from the desire to impose your criteria. This is caused by the belief that your truth must be followed by other truths which is only possible if you believe that the truth is weak and needs to be imposed.

Children of God, none of that comes from love. That road has never brought peace.

I am calling you to walk the path of fraternal dialogue. If the others don't listen to you, don't try to attack them. Give up the belief that you can change what is and what will be through attack. Perhaps you will achieve something by this means, but I assure you that it will be at the expense of your peace. Do not seek conquests, nor treasure victories. Rather, seek to create a world of peace and harmony.

May your homes be temples erected to harmony and your lives be expressions of God's love so that wherever you are you can breathe a climate of spiritual purity.

I bless you all.

Thanks for receiving my messages. Make them yours. Live them. Embody true charity.

Be the face of Christ on earth.

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